Press Release August 8, 2000

Wednesday night showdown in the CPSL
With each team having one game to play in the CPSL League Cup, the top position in the two groups are still open.

On Friday night London City failed to clinch top spot in Group A as they fell 2-0 to the Glen Shields Sun Devils.  The win kept the Devils in second place.  Scoring for Glen Shields was Mike Glasgow at the 75th minute and Courtney Dennis at the 83rd minute.  Glen Shields hosts the Oshawa Flames on Wednesday night at Dufferin/Clark.

In other CPSL League Cup action, the Toronto Olympians, with there three players back from Greece downed the Sun Devils 4-1.  The victory of the Olympians eliminated the Flames from the Cup competition and allowed them to take a shot at first place when they play London City Wednesday night at Birchmount Stadium.

Kouzmanis goes on goal scoring spree
Gus Kouzmanis scored a hat trick on the weekend against the Sun Devils.  Glen Shields scored first at the 4 minute mark on a goal by Canute Mylton but it wasn't until the 35 minute mark that the Olympians got on the score sheet with Kouzmanis scoring his first.  Olympians lead 2-1 at the half with Danny Ziannis scoring their second at the 45th minute.  Kouzmanis potted in two more in the second half at the 58th and 67th minutes.  In the last two games Kouzmanis has scored seven goals and is in first place in the CPSL goal scoring department.

In Group B current leaders York Region Shooters travel to Club Roma to take on St. Catharines and Toronto Croatia hosts the North York Astros at Centennial Stadium.

Press Release August 3, 2000

Shooters keep on shooting, Toronto Croatia upsets Roma in St. Catharines
York Region Shooters made it three wins in a row in CPSL League Cup action last night and moved into first place in Group B.  But first place is still up for grabs!  The top three teams: Shooters, St. Catharines and Toronto Croatia all have one game to play in the Cup and that automatic berth to the semi-finals is still undetermined.

Shooters eliminated the Astros with a convincing 4-1 win at Richmond Green, although the Astros lost last night the man of the match was Astros goalkeeper Petre Libicz.  Libicz made several brilliant saves and was worth the price of admission to see him play.  The first save came at the 10 minute mark when Willy Guimmarra broke in from the right wing.  Libicz came off his line quickly to challenge and turned aside a rocket of a shot for a corner.  Two minutes later John Bottineau got his first of two goals on a nice give and go with Mike Kim that split the Astros defence leaving Libicz no chance no save.  Bing Gao made it 2-0 at the 34 minute mark and the Shooters lead 2-0 at half time.

Astros opened quickly in the second half with Gaston Bizera scoring at the 49th minute.  Bottineau got his second of the night at the 67 minute mark, but it was Willy Guimmarra who did all the work.  Guimmarra showed great speed as he raced through the Astros defence.  HIs first shot was save by Libicz, Guimmarra got the rebound and again Libicz made the save only to see his second save go straight to Bottineau who tapped the ball into an open net.  Bottineau's second goal moved him into 5th place in the scoring title Shooters made it 4-1 on a goal at the 72nd minute by substitute Joe Montagnese.

Not to be outdone by the show that Libicz put on in goal for the Astros, Shooters goalkeeper Luciano Miranda was put to the test at the 84th minute with a penalty awarded to the Astros.  Miranda made the first save off of Astros' Bizera, but the Referee ordered the kick to be retaken.  This time Felip Perria took the shot for the Astros and again Miranda made a great save to keep the final score 4-1.

Shooters new coach Bijan Azizi was very pleased with his teams performance and stated, "The team is finally playing up to its potential.  We have improved 60% over the last three games.  The players have worked very hard and our fitness level may be the best in the League.  We like to play one touch soccer and keep possession of the ball.  It was the teams objective to make one of the post season Cup competitions and it looks like we have accomplished that.  The boys are more than capable of winning next Wednesday in St. Catharines.  A victory there gives us a bye to the semi-finals and that allows us to concentrate on our standings in the regular League play."

In other League Cup action, Toronto Croatia kept their sights on first place with a 1-0 win over St. Catharines at Club Roma.  Paul Moore's goal at the 17th minute held up and gave Croatia the much needed 3 points.

Next weeks action in Group B has the Shooters traveling to St. Catharines and North York Astros can act the part of the spoiler as they play Toronto Croatia at Centennial.

In Group A, things are just as exciting.  Friday night City hosts Glen Shields.  City will be looking for a victory or tie to secure first place in that group.  A win by Glen Shields on Friday will put them right in the thick of things as they could also challenge for first place.  On Sunday the Sun Devils travel to Birchmount to take on the Olympians who will be looking for their second win in the CPSL League Cup and they also still have a mathematical chance of finishing first.

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