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2nd Half:...starts 9:08pm.
halftime sub:...Astros Perry replaces Collazo.
48 min...TO Mancini pushes ball on right wing up to TO Marshall and he crosses wide left of Astros net.
49 min...Astros Nardi long throw-in from right is flicked headed by Astros Zorbas but shot blocked.
52 min...TO Ramsey ends play by popping 20 yard shot high wide right.
54 min...TO Granic 15 yard blast of short cross blocked by sliding Astros goalie.
55 min...Astros Lecky slips 20 yard shot wide left left with only goalie to beat.
57 min...Astros Aniekwe rolls 30 yard shot to goalie while running straight right across right 30 yard line.
58 min...TO Giummarra cornerkick from left is caught by Astros goalie.
62 min...TO Berdusco blasts 15 yard shot off top of bar after cross from left is headed into box.
63 min...TO Granic 20 yard shot saved by sliding goalie.
63 min...Astros sub...Bizera replaces D'Angelo.
64 min...Astros Aniekwe 15 yard shot is deflected by defender but just over bar.
64 min...Astros YELLOW card...Gelt for spinning TO Matas in center circle.
67 min...Astros Marcelo Garcia 40 yard freekick deflected to TO goalie.
68 min...TO Matas quick 25 yard shot just wide left of post.
70 min...TO Giummarra cornerkick from left, TO Tommy Kouzmanis knocks down on right side of box and TO Berdusco sends 12 yard roller wide left.
72 min...TO Giummarra cornerkick from right is headed by leaping TO player but deflects wide right out of box by Astros defender's foot on right post.
75 min...TO GOAL Tommy Granic...Granic gets a good 25 yard run through middle of Astros defenders and breaks free of shirt tugger as he dribbles around. He rolls a 10 yarder to right corner of net beyond diving Astros goalie.
77 min...TO YELLOW card...Granic for forearm into Astros Gelt at TO 40 yard line.
78 min...Astros Bizera 40 yard freekick blast is caught by TO goalie.
78 min...TO sub...Dennis replaces Giummarra. Dennis plays in midfield and Sanna backs into defense.
79 min...TO sub...Marasovic replaces Granic.
80 min...TO Berdusco 25 yard shot deflected off player and goalie picks up wide right of net.
83 min...TO goalie waits for through ball on edge of box as Astros Aniekwe charges in.
84 min...Astros YELLOW card...Ramsey for hard tackle retaliating for TO Matas head thump.
85 min...Astros Aniekwe cross from 15 yards on left is headed out by diving TO Holmes.
86 min...TO goalie catches 45 yard shot into box in crowd of players.
87 min...TO Berdusco pushes ball ahead but Astros goalie grabs ball off feet of TO Matas 15 yards out.
88 min...TO YELLOW card...Holmes for tackle on Aniekwe at TO 40 yard line.
89 min...TO YELLOW card...Marasovic for tackle in almost the same spot of field as one minute earlier.
90 min...TO goalie punches out 40 yard shot into box.
91 min...TO defender concedes cornerkick twice in a row.
92 min...Astros second cornerkick from right with Astros goalie in TO box is heade just over bar.
92 min...game ends 9:55pm.

Final Score:............Toronto Olympians.........1.........North York Astros........0.......

Attendance was about 40 for the second Wednesday in a row. This was considered a Cup game and Olympians have six points for winning both games they've played. (York Region Shooters are the other team in their threesome).

Tommy Kouzmanis now wears the #11 on the Olympians now that his brother Gus plays for Glen Shields. I asked Olympians manager David Gee after the game why Gus left. Gus wanted to play 90 minutes a game and Gee said he wouldn't guarantee that and Gus hadn't scored so far this year.

In this game Eddy Berdusco almost scored three times on sitters but he must have been wearing his slippery shoes because he fell in the box before the ball got to him. Astros goalie Luciano Miranda made some good saves and is a first stringer as well as Eddy Kehoe who shares the goaltending duties. Olympians goalie Brian Bowes must be able to throw the ball accurately 65 yards because he can initate a breakaway with a long throw.

Once again, the Olympians used a striker (Willie Giummarra) in a defender's spot. Great idea to play like a 'Bobby Orr' sweeper able to join the midfield, get away long shots and passes into the opposing team's box and still take freekicks and cornerkicks. They did with (Willie) against Toronto Supra and I've seen Tommy Granic used in this way earlier this year.

Rocket Robin

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