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2nd Half:...starts 9:38pm.
47 min...BH defender heads away GS cross from right into box from right.
49 min...BH goalie catches popped up header from 25 yards on bounce.
50 min...GS sub...Casalnuova replaces Powell.
54 min...BH Mella tips ball behind him for 12 yard deflection caught by GS goalie.
56 min...BH Flores receives quick freekick from 30 yards and all alone blasts 20 yard shot batted down by goalie near left post.
58 min...BH Ionadi 20 yard chips wide right and BH Sousa heads from 20 yards that's caught by goalie.
59 min...BH sub...Jawando replaces Jurisic.
...............GS Glasgow replaces Pena.
60 min...BH Ionadi 40 yard freekick from left is caught by goalie wide right.
61 min...BH freekick rebound after partial clearance is shanked high over net over net from 35 yards by BH Malone.
62 min...BH Mella 40 yard shot from right is caught by goalie.
63 min...BH Mella is tapped a freekick and curls low shot from 35 yards around wall and wide right of net.
64 min...BH goalie slides out left of goal to beat GS Kouzmanis to through ball.
65 min...GS sub...Antonucci replaces Garzon.
69 min...GS GOAL Gus Kouzmanis...GS Casalnuova takes ball off BH player who'd made sliding stop to keep ball in play in GS end. He passes forward to GS Glasgow on right and Glasgow makes long run and cross into BH box to Kouzmanis on left who cuts around BH Okosun and 15 yard shot over goalie into right corner of net.
73 min...After GS rush downfield, GS Antonucci blasts 20 yard shot from left that's blocked by flying goalie.
74 min...BH Flores 25 yard chip shot is well wide left.
75 min...GS sub...Stefanazzi replaces Vaglica.
76 min...BH Malone for saying "f*ckin' hell" when GS player awarded throw-in.
77 min...GS Antonucci rolls 25 yard freekick that goalie picks up on right post.
78 min...BH Smith injured at GS 40 yard line.
79 min...BH Flores lofts 40 yard freekick that GS McDonald clears wide left.
81 min...BH Flores three cornerkicks don't amount to much as all short.
82 min...BH Sousa ends pressure by quick 20 yard shot to goalie.
83 min...GS Glasgow soft 25 yard shot to BH goalie from right.
84 min...GS McDonald called for shirt tugging in box and referee orders Penalty kick.
85 min...BH Ionadi's penalty kick is so softly rolled that it hits prone goalie who'd already fallen for shot but gets his foot on it!
86 min...GS sub...Robertson replaces Turner.
86 min...BH Sousa 15 yard header caught by flying goalie.
87 min...BH goalie slides to pick up grounder breaking up through ball pass to GS Antonucci.
91 min...GS Kouzmanis rolls 30 yarder but so slow that goalie playing up gets back into net.
93 min...BH Flores 30 yard shot from right is lofted high over net.
93 min...game ends 10:26pm.

Final Score:.........Brampton Hitmen.........1.........Glen Shields Sun Devils........2.......

Brampton still is looking for their first win in franchise history. Sun Devils keep their slim chances of winning their Cup division alive pulling to a 1-1 record but trail St Catharines Roma Wolves 3-0 record in these three team pools.

Attendance was about 250 people. The game was taped by Rogers for rebroadcast at various times in their cable domain. An exciting game with end to end action that should be worth watching.

Hitmen had dismissed coach Paul Kitson who was involved in the NPSL franchise he's coaching and five players were dropped including Adolfo Mella and Francisco Dos Santos. They had no bench strength when some second half subs may have caught them up and won the game.

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