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CPSL Playoff Final Toronto Olympians vs St Catharines Roma Wolves
by Rocket Robin

Final game of the CPSL season was played Wednesday October 14th in cold weather at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke between Toronto Olympians and St Catharines Roma Wolves.

Regular time ended in a 2-2 tie with Wolves scoring at 3 minutes (Keith Moore) and 88 minutes (Gary McGuchan) and Olympians at 58 and 84 (both by Eddy Berdusco).

2 extra halves of golden goal for 30 minutes total didn't settle it.

Penalty shoot out.
1. Wolves Keith Moore scores.
1. Olympians Gus Kouzmanis scores.
2. Wolves Joe Carbonara has shot stopped by Brian Bowes.
2. Olympians Eddy Berdusco scores.
3. Wolves Carlo Arghittu scores.
3. Olympians Dino Lopez blasts ball over bar.
4. Wolves Gary McGuchan scores.
4. Olympians Ian Cardey has ball stopped by Dino Perri.
5. Wolves Lucio Ianiero scores.

The Wolves win!! Toronto Olympians lose their first game of the year before about 80 cold fans.

Olympians were favoured having won the League Championship and Cup Final.

More details to follow on my web page in a few weeks.

Rocket Robin

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