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1st Overtime (Golden Goal rule)...TO defends north end.
92 min...TO Matas pushes ball through defender's legs but ball rolls to StC goalie.
93 min...TO goalie swipes at ball labelled for top right corner from shot by StC Joe Carbonara freekick from left of box. A great save!
94 min...StC blast from 20 yards is wide left of goal.
97 min...TO Kouzmanis gets bouncing ball and blasts from 18 yards just over bar.
100 min...TO Gong takes three corner kicks in a row as StC team pinned in own end. 3rd try, this time from left has StC goalie drifting right to catch cross.
101 min...TO goalie pushes forward cross from StC Arghittu across box from left.
102 min...StC YELLOW card...McNeil for obstruction at midfield.
103 min...TO Matas rebounder is saved by StC goalie after TO good run.
103 min...TO goalie picks up through ball in box.
104 min...TO Holmes point blank save made by StC goalie from 12 yards.
period ends 10:32pm.

2nd Overtime (Golden Goal rule)...TO defend south end. starts 10:35pm.
107 min...TO Ziannis 30 yard shot through crowd rolls through box.
108 min...StC forward taps forward ball from 15 yards to TO goalie.
109 min...TO Matas 50 yard run after StC freekick into 2 man wall in TO end, StC goalie makes point blank save on edge of box.
111 min...TO goalie scoops up through ball.
112 min...TO goalie punches out cross from left through box.
116 min...TO Gong 30 yard freekick is shot wide left of net.
119 min...TO Berdusco pass in box to TO Holmes is offside.
120 min...TO Kouzmanis brought down on edge of box.
120 min...TO Kouzmanis freekick blast into wall knocks down StC McGuchan and rolls to corner. McGuchan took this shot in the head and the cold ball probably felt like a brick. He was down for a few minutes.
124 min...StC goalie charges out to edge of box to catch cross.
period ends 124 minutes, 10:54pm.

Penalty Shootout...starts 10:58 min...north goal is used.
1. StC GOAL...Moore blast to low left corner, goalie slides right.
1. TO GOAL...Kouzmanis blast low left, momentum spins ball off goalie's fingers into net.
2. StC save...Joe Carbonara shoots right, goalie slides right and punches out shot.
2. TO GOAL...Berdusco slots shot low left inside post beyond diving goalie.
3. StC GOAL...Arghittu takes right side chip shot beyond goalie who slides right.
3. TO miss...Lopez blasts ball well over bar!
4. StC GOAL...McGuchan hits lower side of crossbar in center of goal so ball deflects down and in.
4. TO save...Cardey blast to middle of net, goalie stops it.
5. StC GOAL...Ianiero shoots low to right of net. (I miss my only goal of the year as I'm writing down details of the last shot).
It's all over at 11:05pm.

Final Score:......Toronto Olympians......2........St Catharines Roma Wolves.....2....
St Catharines wins 4-2 on penalty kicks.

St Catharines Roma Wolves win the CPSL Playoff Championship. Goalie/Coach Dino Perri was awarded the playoff trophy and the team posed for press photos. The music was already cued for Queen's "We Are The Champions".

Attendance was about 80 persons about 50/50 split for this game at 'neutral' site Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke (regular home of Toronto Croatia). A good game that should have been settled by penalties as endless golden goal action was taking a toll on players cramping up from the 2nd half onward in the extreme cold weather.

This was a rough game for these teams meeting for the seventh time this season during league and cup games. Referee Gord Arrowsmith kept this game in check but there were some cheap shots.

During the penalty shootout, StC goalie Dino Perri paced the goalline before he'd signal to be ready for the shot. Also he'd pound the ground for those goals that eluded him.

Olympians Gus Kouzmanis was held scoreless and couldn't improve on his league leading 36 goals. The Olympians were denied the sweep of League, Cup and Playoff championships.

Joe and Tony Carbonara are cousins, not brothers.

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