July 8, 1999

The League Cup competition started on Wednesday night and St. Catharines Roma Wolves made up for a poor start in the regular league with a promising start in the League Cup. They were entertaining Glen Shields Sun Devils and took a 1 - 0 lead in the first half with a goal from Tony Carbonara in the 26th. minute. St. Catharines increased their lead to 2 - 0 in the second half when Patrick Kelman scored in the 62nd. minute before Glen Shields pulled one back with a goal from Eric Ranaldo in the 68th. minute. With Glen Shields pushing for an equaliser, St. Catharines clinched the game with a goal from Gerry Cipriani in the 77th. minute for a 3 - 1 win and the lead in Group B.

In the other Group B game, Toronto Croatia were hosting London City at Etobicoke Centennial Stadium. After a scoreless first half, Jurek Gebczynski opened the scoring for London City at the 60th. minute mark with a beautiful goal direct from a free kick some 25 yards out. However, Toronto Croatia tied the score just four minutes later when Ivica Sola headed the ball home from a corner kick. Croatia then pushed forward looking for a go-ahead goal but both Tom Granic and Alan Majstorovic narrowly missed their chances and the game ended in a 1 - 1 tie.

In Group A action, North York Astros were visiting York Region Shooters at Richmond Green. Again there was a scoreless first half although both teams had good chances to score. In the second half, John Bottineau opened the scoring with a goal for York Region Shooters as he headed home from a corner in the 63rd. minute. However, Astros came back to tie the score in the 73rd. minute with a goal from close in by Alex Nardi. The Shooters had several good chances to win the game in the final 15 minutes but couldn't convert any of their chances and the game ended tied a 1 - 1.

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