Originally posted to the Voyageurs Soccer forum. CPSL Playoff Final (spoiler as this game will be on tv tape delay)
by Rocket Robin

Results of the CPSL Playoff Final between Toronto Olympians and Toronto Croatia played at tournament site Oshawa Civic Stadium at 5:00pm.

The game was played in the rain only varying by how hard it rained which cut attendance down to 100 persons.

This game was broadcast for later playback by Durham Cable with an 'A+' broadcast crew of Alf Diblasis, London City coach Tony Laferrara and the voice of the Oshawa Generals (Jr A hockey team Phil Cardey?). Having this third guy on the crew is the reason I heard the game was played Saturday not Sunday so not to conflict with his obligations for the Generals season opener.

55 min...TorOly GOAL Elvis Thomas...Thomas has 20 yard shot point blank shot deflect of defender's foot into right corner of net.

73 min...TorOly GOAL Chris Handsor...Handsor crosses from right side of box for second time having got back rebound soon after first shot, and defender slides to right post but squeezes ball into own net.

Final Score....Toronto Olympians.....2....Toronto Croatia.....0....

The weather played the great equalizer on a slippery field. An exhibition game between Oshawa Flames and a Oshawa area all star team was called off because of the weather but at least they didn't trample the field before the game.

Toronto Croatia had chances to win but did without forward Andy Medeiros who earned a Red card on Friday night's semi-final game.

The Olympians goals were not classics but the point is they scored them. Eddy Berdusco and Gus Kouzmanis were starters.

Toronto Olympians win all three trophies this season. The Playoff trophy goes with their League Championship and League Cup victories and avenges last year's Playoff final loss.

Rocket Robin

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