details of 1st half of game

2nd half:...starts 7:12pm.
Halftime MT sub...Horvath replaces Magee.
50 min...MT goalie catches Lynx Bartolomeu cross from left.
52 min...Lynx YELLOW card...Serioux for scissor kick take down from behind on MT Lacos on left edge of box.
54 min...Lynx goalie runs out to catch through ball in traffic.
55 min...Lynx Munguia ends a play with cross from left well wide left.
56 min...Lynx Ashton dekes through three guys and cross to left headed backwards on bungle by Lynx Pozniak.
58 min...Lynx Buzali scissor kick in MT box is blocked.
59 min...MT Stanici 35 yard freekick over bar.
60 min...Lynx Buzali injured 30 yards out in MT end, a hand in the face?
62 min...MT goalie rushes to clear through ball before Lynx Arghittu can get to it.
65 min...Lynx sub...Precci replaces Arghittu.
67 min...Lynx Ashton freekick from 30 yards caught by leaping goalie just under bar.
68 min...Lynx Buzali hard shot from 25 yards spins off defender almost eludes goalie.
69 min...MT sub...Zeba replaces Sylvester.
70 min...MT sub...Gerard Lagos replaces Saunders.
71 min...Lynx YELLOW card...Munguia for 'excessive force'. (we couldn't see the infraction in the press box).
73 min...Lynx sub...Diplacido replaces Buzali.
79 min...Lynx Pozniak breaks through but shot blocked by defender.
80 min...Lynx Ashton blast cleared corner from 18 yards well over bar.
82 min...MT goalie runs out to edge of box to catch Lynx throw in from left.
83 min...MT defender clears cross from right of box.
84 min...MT YELLOW card...Horvath for elbowing Lynx Bartolomeu at midfield when Horvath had ball trying to break out.
87 min...Lynx Munguia fakes freekick from 20 yards then Lynx Gaucho takes kick and ball is pushed wide right by diving goalie on post.
88 min...Lynx Kojic gets head to ball while sliding after corner from right but ball rolls wide left.
90 minutes half ends at 7:57pm.

Overtime (15 minute Golden Goal rules).
starts at 8:01pm. Lynx defend North goal.
94 min...MT sub...Raines replaces Abboud.
95 min...Lynx Bartolomeu kick from left edge of box after MT defender missed clearance is caught by MT goalie.
98 min...Lynx Pozniak attempts bash through defenders.
100 min...Lynx Pozniak body check from 25 yards by MT defender prevents his cross on 2 on 2 break.
101 min...Lynx tap/blast freekick goes off MT defender's head in wall.
102 min...MT Stanici 35 yard freekick blasted well over bar.
103 min...Lynx Reda point blank shot after corner from left is blocked by MT defender.
104 min...Lynx Ashton corner from right, Lynx shot with MT defender head/hand on line causes penalty.
105 min...LYNX PENALTY KICK...Munguia blasts ball off top of bar, the ball spins up and back into play but controlled by MT defender. The game is out of time.
105 min...MT YELLOW card...Stanici for complaining to the referee about that penalty call.

Shootout:...(most goals scored in 5 rounds, then 1 round each until there's a winner)...Shooters start on the 35 yard spot and have five seconds to score, no rebounds allowed.
both goalies defend the South goal and the sun is down as it's rapidly getting dark.

1. MT Gramenz runs to 20 yard line and slides ball to left corner of net as Larkin slides forward.
1. Lynx Diplacido runs to 20 yards and rolls shot into right corner of net.
2. MT Stanici runs in but Larkin steers him wide left and he shoots wide left of post.
2. Lynx Gaucho runs to 20 yards and rolls shot to right corner of net.
3. MT Manuel Lacos runs into 20 yards and rolls ball to center of net.
3. Lynx Kojic runs into 20 yards and slides ball into center of net.
4. MT Zeba runs to 20 yards and slides ball under goalie into net.
4. Lynx Ashton runs to 20 yards and blasts shot to left corner of net beyond diving goalie.
5. MT Gerard Lagos runs to 20 yards and lobs ball over sprawling Larkin into net.
5. Lynx Munguia walks to 20 yards and shot batted out by Swallen.
6. MT Leventhal walks to 20 yards and sliding Larkin forces shot wide right.
6. Lynx Pozniak walks to 20 yards and shot is blocked by sliding goalie, rebound shot goes into net but there are no rebounds allowed.
7. MT Raines dekes Larkin on left and puts goal in but he is beyond the 5 seconds so the goal doesn't count. The referee's assistant is supposed to wave his flag when the time is up but he doesn't react.
7. Lynx Bartolomeu runs to 20 yards but goalie pushes ball wide left.
8. MT Wood walks in to 18 yards and shot rolls into left goalpost.
8. Lynx Reda runs to 20 yards and rolls ball wide left of post.
9. MT Horvath to 20 yards and blast shot wide right.
9. Lynx Serioux to 20 yards and rolls softy shot right to sprawling Swallen.
10. MT Coughlin to 20 yards and blast pushed wide by Larkin.
10. Lynx Precci to 20 yards and hard low shot to right corner of net.
game ends at 8:37pm.

Final Score:.....Toronto Lynx.......1.........Minnesota Thunder........0.....
...........Lynx win 5-4 in shootout.

Lynx earn 2 points for winning the shootout, Thunder earn 1 point for losing the shootout. Lynx could have had 4 points and Thunder 0 if Munguia had scored on the penalty shot in the 105th minute.

Attendance was announced as 1183. Admission prices were half the price of the games at Varsity Stadium in Toronto. The stadium authorities and Lynx staff couldn't get the scoreboard to work. The loud speakers weren't working properly either. There was no hint that the stadium lights would be turned on as it got dark.

Minnesota had played 1998 defending A-League champions Rochester Raging Rhinos the night before and won 1-0 to gain revenge for last year's championship game. They looked a little tired for this game.

Lynx were missing two of the three Brazilians from their lineup as Jefferson was injured and Edu did not have his CSA clearance to play.

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