Date: 07-28-94 (21:18)              Number: 24923 of 24923 (Refer# NONE)
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Well....there was a game at Centennial Stadium Wednesday night but it
wasn't the Houston Force, it was the Montreal Impact...again!!  The
Force had their franchise revoked by the league after only playing one
The Rockets will be very familier with Montreal as they've already
played them away July 1st, home on July 15th, home on July 27th (instead
of Houston), away on July 29th (to make up for a road game in Houston)
and back home July 31st (regular game).  Only seven games played and
they'll have played Montreal five times!

                Montreal Impact (blue socks, black shorts, black&blue
striped shirts, white numbers)
                        1 Pat Harrington
8 John Limniatis  12 Patrick Diotte  16 Jason Devos  7 Nick Dasovic
19 Abdel Sahrane  17 Kevin Holness  4 Nick DeSantis  3 Patrice Ferri
                11 Lloyd Barker  10 Jean Harbor

                Toronto Rockets (white socks, shorts, shirts, blue
stripes on right shoulder and left leg, blue numbers ie looked like the
Liverpool or Canadian Nats uniforms but in blue)

                                1 Pat Onstad
13 Patrick Sullivan  6 Dino Lopez  2 Carl Fletcher 4 PeterSarantoupoulos
20 Gino DiFlorio  8 Lucio Ianiero  10 Tony Nocita  3 Jack Copetti
                7 Billy Dalombo  9 Ivica Raguz

captains were Ferri and Sarantopoulos
Raguz was a new player to the lineup.  He had some runs but was tripped
and fell too easily.  Ref didn't buy any of it.

Ref Steve Mortimer linesmen Bainbridge and Chacho, 4th Lecardo

1st Half
21 min Toronto yellow card to DiFlorio for bodycheck on defender going
for a header
Summary Montreal 4 corners, Toronto 0
        Fairly even with not many opportunities for either team.

2nd Half
50 min Toronto GOAL Nochita scores on a penalty shot (goalie dived to
his left, Nochita shot to his left).  I missed the penalty shot and the
trip that set it up as I was still out in the barbecue/beer tent. Damn,
have to time that better!
68 min Montreal sub midfielder 20 Mauro Biello replaces Sahrane.
70 min Montreal yellow card Devos for a 15 yard spikes up charge on
Dalombo.  Both players "injured" but Devos looked like he clutched his
face after he saw the ref come running.  It was not more than 5 yards
from the Rockets players bench and also got the biggest reaction of the
night from the fans.  It started a shoving match with the onfield
74 min Montreal sub forward 15 Gustavo Etchevarria replaces Diotte
?? min Toronto yellow card Sarantopoulos for tripping a player 30 yards
from goal.
80 min Toronto sub midfielder 14 Joseph Majcher replaces Ianiero
81 min Toronto sub midfielder 11 Alekxandre Choulaev replaces Dalombo
2nd half summary:  the game opens up in the second half with good
chances by both clubs.  Both Toronto subs played the forward position.
That was smart as the 'perfect' score for max points in this league is
to win 3-0.

Final score  Toronto Rockets 1  (good for 7 points; 6 to win, 1 for
             Montreal Impact 0  (no points at all).

Toronto is 6th, Montreal 7th in the 7 team league.  Toronto pulls closer
to the rest pack as none of the other teams are pulling away.  Of course
the only teams either Toronto or Montreal have beaten are each other so
its difficult to say how good/bad they are.

Talked to the DJ in the press box and Alekxandre Choulaev while we were
waiting for the public bus to fill in that missing 5 minutes of the 2nd
half.  Hey what other pro league would you get a chance to ride with a
player!  He is from Russia and is English is ok.
Attendance bad!  Maybe only 700 people.

Rocket Robin

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