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Report of Wednesday August 31st 1994 APSL league game at Etobicoke
Centennial Stadium between Toronto Rockets and Vancouver 86ers.

                Vancouver 86ers (red socks, shirts, black shorts and
white numbers)
                        29 Paul Dolan
5 Steve MacDonald  19 Todd Rattee  12 Scott Macey  16 Doug McGinty
14 Dale Mitchell  13 David Norman  11 Ivor Evans  7 Marcos Tremarco
                4 Mike Dodd  10 Dominic Mobilio

                Toronto Rockets (blue socks, shorts, shirts, white
                        1 Pat Onstad
4 Peter Sarantopoulos  5 Jens Kraemer  6 Dino Lopez  13 Patrick Sullivan
8 Lucio Ianiero  14 Joseph Majcher  10 Tony Nocita  17 Velimir Crljen
                9 Ivica Raguz  20 Gino DiFlorio

ref Les Wilcox, linesmen Comacho? and Russ Hepworth 4th Bainbridge

cool night wet field as it had rained most of the day and it caused some
slip ups especially for Ivor Evans.

1st half
2 1/2 mins Toronto GOAL Ianiero takes 20 yard shot that catches inside
of far post.  Assists to Crljen and Raguz.  Shot taken between two
17 min  Vancouver Yellow Evans for punch up with Kraemer who'd brought
him down.  Appears he got it for back talking with ref.
20 min sub Vancouver  8 Jim Easton replaces Scott Macey (I couldn't
understand that one).
26 min  Vancouver Yellow Tremarco
        Toronto Yellow Majcher  Majcher actually picked up the ball
while Tremarco was waiting to take freekick and threw it at his head.
Tremarco flinched but the ball glanced off his face.  That started a
dust up.
Rockets have three great scoring chances in about three minutes.
34 min Toronto Yellow  Raguz looks like he was clipped on the
far sideline but he drew the card.  He then limped around the sideline
out of play with the trainer favouring his leg.  He made his way to the
Rocket bench in about five minutes.
38 min  Vancouver GOAL  Mobilio takes lightning header redirecting shot
while 7 yards out.  World class!
41 min  Toronto sub  11 Robert Marcucci replaces the injured Raguz at
last.  To be fair, Marcucci needed some time to warm up.

2nd half
74 min  Toronto GOAL  Marcucci takes pass from Sullivan about 25
yards from net and instead of racing ahead, freezes; letting many
players get back, but crosses to Crljen streaking in who takes a shot
that catches far corner.
75 min  subs Vancouver  20 Guido Titotto replaces Tremarco
             Toronto    22 Ralph Golen replaces Majcher
75 min  Toronto GOAL  Sullivan scores on header that catches underside
of crossbar after pass from Ianiero.
76 min  Vancouver Yellow MacDonald for pulling down Marcucci.
83 min  Vancouver Yellow Evans for sideswipe of Crljen. Came in like a

The final score  Toronto Rockets  3  (good for 9 points: 6 to win 1 per
goal)            Vancouver 86ers  1  (good for 1 point)

Stars of the game were the two `11's  Evans and Marcucci who were
interviewed for the `This Week in the APSL' show.  Too bad we can't see
it in Toronto.

Attendance estimated by me....600.  Midweek game in wet weather why
there were only half as usual.  The PA system usually play 60's TV theme
music when the ball is knocked out of play but tonight as well as
that they kept this "jungle" music going most of the game.  It sounded
like one of those National Geographic soundtracks of African bongos.  I
got to like it but maybe that was helped by it being an exciting game.

A Star is Born.  Robert Marcucci made his debut with the Rockets.  While
the few commentators who cover the Rockets ie Rogers cable and The FAN
1430am have been wondering if the team would buy a goal scorer, the team
brings him up from their Under 19 team!  He debuts after Raguz's injury
dressed in the Number 11 sweater.  Since the team has the player names
on their shoulders, his was taped over with cloth or bandages to block
over the name of departed Alekxandre Choulaev.  The bandage is flopping
around with 15 minutes to go and off by the end of the game.
This kid looked great!  While some of this could be explained by the
fact that the 86ers had to press for goals near the end, he earned a lot
of respect for his dangerous passes and shots.  MacDonald lined him up
and connected with a great hockey hip check but he seemed to bounce
about three feet to his left and not break his stride!
His assist was brilliant on the Crljen goal as if he'd have kept running
he no doubt would have been cut off by the defender but to stop and pass
pinpoint to Crljen streaking in alone wow!
The crowd was into this game..actually cheering instead of heckling.  I
think every fan likes those "local lad makes good stories".  Too bad the
media coverage is so poor.

I haven't typed a game report since the last home game but Rocket owner
Antonio Fontano was on The FAN 1430am two weeks ago and exploded that he
was fed up with soccer and would not run a team next year!  I wonder how
that would gnaw away at a team's confidence?

Remaining home games are: Friday September 9th vs Colorado Foxes
                     and  Friday September 23rd vs Fort Lauderdale
                     playoffs  doubtful for the Rockets would be held
between September 30th and October 2nd.

PS Thanks for those E-mails of acknowledgement from around the world!
I read them but couldn't find them when I signed on to reply the next
day.  The Toronto Falcons were before my time, I don't know much about
the Women's tournament.  Sorry I can't remember your other questions.

I'm off to send a flame to some guy complaining that he'd be interested
in the Rockets if they didn't play at Varsity Stadium and then rampages
against it.  Of course regular readers know that the Rockets play at the
Etobicoke Centennial Stadium  (near the Airport!).

Only celebrity at the game was TSN commentator Dick Howard watching as
a spectator.  Couldn't find him when I thought to ask him what the
Soccer Saturday format would be this year.

Rocket Robin

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