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Subj: APSL Toronto vs Colorado 
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Results of APSL game between Toronto Rockets and Colorado Foxes on
Friday September 9th, 1994 at Etobicoke Centennial Stadium.

                Colorado Foxes (yellow socks, shirts, black shorts and
                          1 Mark Dodd
4 Robin Fraser  3 Robert Lipp  6 Tom Soehn  12 Mark Santel
19 Anthony McCreath  16 Chad Ashton  17 Iain Fraser  13 Bryan Haynes
                14 Ted Eck  11 Walter Boyd

                Toronto Rockets (white socks, shorts, shirts, blue
numbers with 3 slashes of blue across right shoulder/left thigh ie like
the Cdn Nat team and Liverpool)
                        1 Pat Onstad
4 Peter Sarantopoulos  6 Dino Lopez  5 Jens Kraemer
14 Joseph Majcher 8 Lucio Ianiero 2 Carl Fletcher 13 Patrick Sullivan 10
Tony Nocita
                20 Gino DiFlorio  15 Eddy Berdusco

ref Russ Hepworth  linesmen ??????, ???????  4th Steve Mantle
No I'm not cutting down my reports, the ref gave absolutely no cards

1st half
Toronto must have lost the toss because they got the south goal to start
and had to face a STRONG north wind.  If they survived the first half, I
thought their chances were good.  The Canadian flag flies in the north
end but whenever a US team comes in, they fly an American flag at the
centre pole across from midfield. (makes an interesting about turn by
the players and fans between recordings of the anthems) Let's say Old
Glory was really flapping and snapping out there.

Foxes hit the post twice in first 20 minutes Haynes had some real blasts
from left wing.  Onstad had to make many point blank saves.  Toronto had
a flurry of action around the Colorado net at the 36 minute mark.  The
wind really hurt Onstad's goal kicks and clearance attempts.

37 min  Colorado GOAL  Rockets defense had control of the ball at about
their 30 yard line but the Foxes forwards were holding them in check
when defender Robin Fraser came running in from the 55 yard line like a
sprinter through the middle and takes the ball from them on the run and
runs through to the 10 yard line and beats Onstad with low shot to left
post. Wow.  Real take charge, if he'd have missed I'm sure he'd have
been ten yards past the defenders before he could have stopped leaving
himself well offside and the Foxes thin in the back.

2nd half

57.29 min  Toronto GOAL  Berdusco scores from close shot from header
pass after corner kick.  One, two, three, set play.  I didn't catch who
else was involved in that play.
61 min  Berdusco gets sideswiped and is down for a long time.
67.30 min  Colorado GOAL  Eck steps behind Onstad after he can only get
one hand on diving save.
70 min Toronto sub  Forward 11 Robert Marcucci replaces Majcher.  The
Rocket white jerseys don't have names on their shoulders so no tape job
necessary.  At halftime they announced that the Rockets Under 19's had
just won the Ontario Soccer Cup over Niagara Falls so I didn't expect to
see young Marcucci.
72.25 min  Colorado GOAL  Ashton blasts shot from 20 yards through
81 min Colorado sub  defender 20 Chris Martinez replaces Bryan Haynes

Well Colorado did quite well running into the wind!

Final score
        Colorado Foxes  3  (good for 9 points, six to win, one per goal)
        Toronto Rockets 1  (good for 1 point)

Well that should make the playoff chances vanish.  They already had to
win their last games and get some help.  With two of their last three
games against Fort Lauderdale Strikers, both teams can duel for sixth
and seventh (ie last) place.

Nice to see Canadian National Eddy Berdusco (scored tying goal in the
exhibition game in June against future World Cup winners Brazil) in the
lineup although I hope he didn't fail in his hope of catching on with a
European team.

Battle of the Fast food chains  Colorado `Dairy Queens' vs Toronto
`Coffee Time Donuts'.

Stars of the game for the APSL show were Rockets Lucio Ianiero and Foxes
Ted Eck.

After the interview Ted Eck jumped into the stands to talk to some fans.
He's always played well against Toronto teams.  He seems to stand around
or be offside or blast a shot wide but then POW score a goal at an
opportune moment.  Foxes vs Toronto Blizzard last year and vs North York
Rockets in his days with the Ottawa Intrepid.  Yes he was an American
playing in the old CSL back then.  Geez, I still he think he looks like
(the ghost) of singer Andy Gibb, younger brother of the BeeGees.

Next league game:  Friday September 23rd  vs Fort Lauderdale Strikers
                        last game of the season   7:30pm

There is an exhibition game though this Wednesday September 14th against
the `Croatian Stars'.  It's a charity game (for what cause?).  I don't
know if the Stars will be from local Croatian teams like Toronto
Croatia, Montreal Croatia and Hamilton(?) Croatia from the CNSL league
but that's what I expect.  Kickoff will be at 8pm.

Rocket Robin

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