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Subj: APSL Toronto vs Ft Lauderd
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Results of the APSL game on Friday September 23. 1994 at 7:35pm
Etobicoke Centennial Stadium between Toronto Rockets and Fort
Lauderdale Strikers.

                Fort Lauderdale Strikers (black socks and shorts, yellow
shirts with three red hoops, 3rd hoop runs along shoulder, hoops also
continue down sides of shorts so when the player stands sideways he
looks like a `construction ahead' warning sign.)

                        00 Jim St Andre
5 Darrin Karuzas  3 John Doyle  16 Tim Martin  2 Brian Bates
8 Ivan McKinley  6 Renato Corsi  4 Steve Trittschuh  7 Dominic Kinnear
                9 Patrick Tardieu  14 Kenny Santos

                Toronto Rockets (blue socks, shorts, shirts, white
                        1 Pat Onstad
        6 Dino Lopez  5 Jens Kraemer  4 Peter Sarantopoulos
13 Patrick Sullivan  10 Tony Nocita  22 Ralph Golen  8 Lucio Ianiero
        14 Joseph Majcher  21 Eddy Berdusco  9 Ivan Raguz

ref Tony Comacho, linesmen Wilcox and Mcandro, 4th Cantelli

1st half

40 sec! Rocket bounces shot that hits crossbar, Majcher taps rebound
24 min  Ft Laud Yellow Corsi(?) for dissent after being cautioned for
28 min  Ft Laud forward sends diving header wide.
29 min  Ft Laud Yellow Kinnear for cleats up tackle.
29 min  ref `books' Striker coach Emilio Romero for dissent after he
continually harasses the fourth official with shouts of `call it both
ways'.  Another small crowd so we could hear the ref come over to the
sideline and say `Consider yourself booked, if I hear one more word from
you, I'll throw you out' gestering to dressing room.  That cooled Romero
32 min  Toronto's Majcher chips shot that goalie tips off crossbar.
33 min  Toronto Yellow Majcher clips Corsi but ref gives card 90 seconds
later after Rockets kick ball out of play when they see Corsi not
getting up!
38:02  Toronto GOAL.  Strikers slow to pick up in defense so Berdusco
steps up and takes shot from 25 yards which bounces over sprawling
goalie to far left corner of net.
41 min Majcher after run down left side freezes goalie and transfers
ball to his left foot and defenders catch up to him to prevent his
42 min Majcher runs down left side tries pass to net but goalie makes a
diving catch to prevent tap in.
43 min Majcher breaks away but passes into a crowd in front of net on
his cross.
43.30min Majcher clear again on left side tries to deke goalie but
goalie cuts him off and he hits side of net.
45 min Berdusco's in alone shot from 30 yards, goalie out 15, tips ball
wide of net.

Summary:  Wow four consecutive breaks down left wing for Majcher and
when would Strikers plug that huge gap?

Halftime subs:  Strikers 15 Paul Holocher replaces Corsi
                Rockets  17 Velimir Crjlen replaces Majcher (about five
minutes into half, the PA announced that this was Majcher's last game.
Life begins at 34!  He hasn't played a full 90 minutes in games I can
remember this year.  He's been always with Rockets since their 2nd
year as a CSL franchise, the year I started following them).  1 goal
this year.

46 min Yellows Toronto Crljen(?) for trip of McKinley
               Fort Lauderdale McKinley for dissent just after ref pulls
out card.
?? min Yellow Fort Lauderdale Bates for shirt grabbing then for patting
Rocket on head.
64 min Fort Lauderdale GOAL Doyle chips in from four yards after
cross/header combo by teammates.
74.37min Fort Lauderdale GOAL Trittschuh from 10 yards as ball spins
over jumping Onstad.

final score Fort Lauderdale Strikers 2  (good for 8 points, 6 to win, 2
for the goals)
            Toronto Rockets 1  (good for 1 point)

Rockets last game of the year played before approx 500 people.

Survey handed out asked fans when they would like games to be played ie
day of week and time.  Program also pushes the rivalry of the APSL and
with new teams the Detroit Wheels and Atlanta Magic in 1995.  I won't
rush out and get my season's tickets as I don't know where the team
will play next year and if there'll be a team.  Honestly, I'd advise
the owner to pack it up and cut his losses with crowds like this for
the APSL Blizzard and Rockets.  Rockets did better in the CNSL
(ethnic/Southern Ontario and Montreal area league).

I may come back with an editorial next week so back to the game.
The loudspeakers weren't working too well as the anthems were barely
audible and so no jungle music nor 60's TV themes were played.

celebs in crowd were TSNs Dick Howard and the `APSL This Week' crew.  I
confirmed with Dick Howard that TSN would be broadcasting the APSL
final live and that was planned at World Cup time NOT because of the
Baseball Strike which has the network scrambling to fill the airtime!!

First league game where they didn't have the Labatt's Beer Tent just
outside the grounds.  No barbecue boohoo!  costcutting?

Rocket Robin

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