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Subj: Toronto Rockets team dead
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As mentioned by others last week, the A-League team Toronto Rockets have

Today on Soccer Canada radio show, Tony Fontana the former owner was on
and explained the reasons he folded the team.  Fontana took aboard
four partners over the winter as he'd lost millions over the years.  The
50% partner got nervous when news of a possible MLS team was mentioned
in February so the others scrambled when he bailed out.  Fontana was
down to 10% ownership but he still had enough influence to kill the team
when A-League president Richard Groff started direct negotiation
over his head with marketing manager Chris Bellamy.

The Rockets had to come up with $80,000 last year to support the Houston
franchise which only played one game last year before folding.  This
year they had to chip in to support league run Atlanta for starters.
Show host Dale Barnes was a former commissioner of the Canadian Soccer
League and was quite sympathetic.

One class thing about the Rockets operation is they didn't bill my
credit card for season's tickets this year.  I was known by my first
name at their office as the only subscriber who used a Mastercard.

I don't know what I'll do now.  I supported North York Rockets from
their 2nd year in the CSL with only one sidestep, that was when Toronto
Blizzard played in the APSL for one year (then they folded).  Renamed
Toronto Rockets also only lasted one year in the APSL.

I'd be interested in the two new local leagues starting up so you may
hear from me again.  I've got tickets to the Canada-Turkey international
at Varsity in June and also plan to see the Canada-Jamaica-Trinidad &
Tobago games in August.  I saw the Canada vs Denmark, Portugal games but
gave away my Denmark-Portugal ticket (vacation in Guadeloupe FWI!).
I'll try to continue the first person 'I was there' reports this year.

Bye for now

Rocket Robin

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