CNSL League game Sunday June 2nd, 1996

Here are the details of the CNSL game played Sunday June 2nd, 1996 between the North York Talons and the Oakville Canadian Westerns at North York Esther Shiner Stadium at 3:00pm. This was considered a League game.

North York Talons (white socks, shorts and numbers, black shirts with green sleeves, black and white striped 'bibs')

.......................................22 Roydel Porter
5 Donovan Thomas 4 Justin Valentine 6 Colin Peters 2 Patrick Osunduba
10 Hugh Foster 9 Pernell Mason 8 Michael Fairclough 12 Ian Bryan
.......................16 Vaughan Ward 11 Lincoln Williams

subs 1 Hollis Fyfe 15 Mark McKenzie 17 Evoy Robinson 14 Garfield Joiles 7 Fitzroy Bailey

Oakville Canadian Westerns (red shirts and socks, white shorts and numbers)

........................................1 Geoff Currie
................3 Mark Basciano 5 Jens Kraemer 6 Darryl Mackereth
10 Mike Mazza 16 Mark Purdy 8 Mike Palmeota 4 Michael Fedoruk 11 Dana Peoples
............................9 Huntley Madeley 7 Rafal Golan

subs 12 Anthony Morrison 13 Rob Servedio 14 Benny Chiavetti

Referee: Andrew Drazinski (sp?)
game starts in drizzle and at about 3:30 pm because the kiddy game lasted longer than planned.

12 min Oakville corner is headed over net
13min Oakville GOAL Madeley squeezes through defense and lobs ball from seven yards into top right corner of net.
17 min Talons sub Fairclough with Joiles
18 min Talons sub Bryan for Bailey
23 min Talons Williams shoots wide as angle cut down from 15 yards to left.
28 min Talons Williams tries bicycle after goalie shanks pass back and defender misses it.
30 min Oakville GOAL Fedoruk blasts shot in from 15 yards to left side.
37 min Oakville GOAL Madley turns and fires along ground under goalie sliding too late.
38 min Oakville header over bar.
39 min Oakville breakaway 2 on 0, goalie stops Madeley as Peoples wide open waiting for pass.
41 min Rain changes from drizzle to pouring.

Halftime score: Talons 0 Oakville 3

Halftime subs: Oakville Morrison replaces Basciano, Fedoruk drops back to defense.
Talons appears Bryan is back in game and takes Foster's place.
57 min Oakville goalie fists away corner.
61 min Talons Williams takes 30 yard crossing shot that goalie stops.
65 min last of three corners in a row for Talons in two minutes results in Mason heading it over net.
66 min fourth corner for Talons results in goalie punching out ball.
68 min injury to Talons Valentine who is clipped near sidelines.
71 min Talons GOAL Ward gets pass in alone and he blasts it in from 7 yards.
72 min Oakville GOAL Morrison gets through ball takes low shot that beats goalie.
74 min Oakville Palmeota blasts shot from 25 yards through crowd that goalie tips over bar.
75 min Oakville Morrison shakes off injury caused by trying to jump over sliding goalie.
75 min Oakville sub Chiavetti for Purdy.
76 min Oakville GOAL Chiavetti shoots from 20 yards, an Oakville forward decoys goalie by doing a jumping jack and ball goes through his legs low to left corner to score.
85 min Talons Peoples spins free kick through Oakville wall but ball cleared.

Final Score: North York Talons 1 Oakville Canadian Westerns 5

Attendance was only about forty people. There were actually more people for the kiddies game because of all the parents in the stands but they left because of the drizzle.

Talons are a new franchise who have an ethnic link with Jamaica. It's an all 'black' team but then Oakville was an all 'white' team except for Tony Morrison. Oakville is also a new franchise but has some CNSL veterans in its lineup.

Someone who saw the Talons lose to 4-1 to London City on Friday night said they used their other goalie. This goalie didn't look sharp but the whole defense was shaky.

Esther Shiner stadium is where the Toronto Jets played last year (that team merged with Toronto Italia). The Parks and Recreation run concession stand wasn't open but there was a table set up with homemade Caribbean food. Also some giant speakers set up to play reggae music between halfs.

Rocket Robin

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