May 29, 2010 CSL--CSL summary of Friday and Saturday games (from CSL website)

ASTROS, MONTREAL PLAY TO 1-1 TIE SATURDAY.......London, Milltown FC, Montreal win Friday, while Hamilton Croatia and Shooters tie 1-1

Hussein Awada, a 20 year-old midfielder who last season played in Lebanon, scored his second goal in 24 hours to give Montreal Impact Academy a 1-1 tie with North York Astros Saturday. The Academy, London City and Milltown FC all celebrated victories Friday.

Following a scoreless first half at Esther Shiner Stadium, Awada struck for Montreal with a penalty after he was brought down inside the 18 yard line and referee Gianni Facchini had no hesitation is pointing to the spot.

North York's Roozeeh Houdaji tied the game at 81 minutes, scoring from 15 yards with a drive that beat the Academy goalkeeper Maxime Crepeh.

The Astros' Peter Dimitrakopoulos came close to winning the game at 91 minutes when his shot from 35 yards struck the upright. Final score 1-1 to give the visiting Montreal team a win and tie in a back-to-back two-game swing into southern Ontario.

On Friday, a London City home opener 'Tribute to Harry Night' ended with a victory for the home club, while new teams Milltown FC and Montreal Impact Academy both secured early season victories and Hamilton Croatia home opener against York Region Shooters ended in a 1-1 tie.

London City paid tribute to its long-standing former GM Harry Paul Gauss at a well-attended Cove home opener and while celebrating his life the home fans also enjoyed an emphatic 3-1 victory over an always lively TFC Academy.

Harry Gauss became one of the Canadian soccer community's best known after launching the London City club with his father Max in February 1973 and the club today holds the distinction of being the longest running professional soccer club in North America. Harry died last October at the age of 57 following a three-year battle with brain cancer.

Midfielder Brennan McNicoll opened the scoring for TFC Academy at the 23rd minute for a 1-0 lead at the interval, London's Tom Beattie tied it 1-1 at 51 minutes and forward Gentian Buzali headed in for London five minutes later to make it 2-1 for the home side. Anasse Brouk scored a third for London City at 90 minutes.

Montreal Academy overcame an early 2-0 deficit at Lamport Stadium to win their game against Portugal FC and the opening goal came from the penalty spot by Ramon Bailey after just six minutes. It was just six minutes later when Adrian Pena gave Portugal FC a 2-0 lead.

It was the Academy team's Guillaume Heroux who started the come-back for the Quebec team with a goal at 15 minutes but the home side's 2-1 lead held to the interval.

Hussein Awada tied the score for Montreal at 57 minutes and at 86 minutes the Academy midfielder Valentin Radevich scored from the penalty spot after referee David Barrie called tripping against Portugal FC, a 3-2 final score.

Eros Olazabal and brother Erick played a big part in Milltown FC's opening 1-0 home win over last year's CSL Championship finalist Serbian White Eagles at the Bishop Redding ground in Milton, just west of Toronto.

Eros took his brother's pass at 71 minutes to score the winner, the first home game in Milltown’s inaugural season in the Canadian Soccer League.

Another new team, FC Hamilton Croatia, were ready to celebrate their first home win at Brian Timmis Stadium in Hamilton when Courtney Dennis of York Region Shooters struck the equalizer at the 90th minute mark. Hamilton took the lead at 70 minutes, a goal by Jamie Dodds and it was almost enough until a shot by Dennis at 17 yards caught a Hamilton defender to be deflected past home team goalkeeper Cameron McKay to go just under the bar.

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