Result of the Friday July 2nd, 2010 CSL game between Portugal FC and Serbian White Eagles played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 8:00pm.

Portugal FC (all red, white numbers)

..................1 Mike Silva (cpt)
6 Jaroslau Radzinski...2 Jamaal Smith...3 John Jonke...18 Bryce Alderson
14 Jarek Whiteman...7 Sergio DeLuca...23 Marko Bedenikovic...20 Adrian Pena
............24 Massimo Mirabelli...9 Andrea Lombardo

Subs:...12 Sotiri Varlokostas (gk)...21 Omari Morris (mid)...11 Luca Forno (fwd)...16 Joe Rini (mid)...19 Gustavo Serrano (mid) ...22 Alon Badat (--)...15 Alex Halis (--)
team officials:...head coach Carmine Isacco...manager Jimmy Carvalho...assistant coach Patrice Gheisar

Serbian White Eagles (all white, red numbers)

..................1 Milos Kocic
3 Taylor Lord...6 Mirko Medic (cpt)...5 Mark Jankovic...4 Milos Vucinic
11 Milos Scepanovic...22 Adrian Tismenar...14 Uros Stamatovic...7 Kirie Dimitrov
............29 Stefan Vukovic...8 Shawn Brown

Subs:...1 Milos Djurkovic (gk)...16 Viktor Anastasov (fwd)...19 Draguorad Milicevic (def)...20 Milan Janosevic (mid)...28 Goran Vlaski (def) ...99 Sasa Viciknez (fwd)...10 Alex Braletic (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Dusko Prijic...assistant manager Karolina Bujak...assistant coach Sasa Vukovic...manager Mario Ostojic

Game officials:...referee Rick Oliveira...referee`s assistants Mack Meloche and Armando Pereira...fourth official Manuel Orellano...(all black uniforms, neon yellow trim)

1st Half:...game starts 8:06pm...PFC defend south end...The scoreboard clock is not working in the first half so all times are converted from my wristwatch.
3 min...PFC Mirabelli 25 yard shot from left is batted down and smothered by goalie.
5 min...SWE Lord high cross from left has ball drop for SWE Brown but his header is blocked.
8 min...PFC Mirabelli rush up left and high cross over box has PFC Pena try for shot.
9 min...PFC Mirabelli receives ball on deflection and blasts 12 yard shot from left into outside left side webbing of net.
10 min...SWE Brown heads 10 yard shot down middle wide right getting cross from left.
12 min...SWE player`s shot from 22 yards is well over net.
14 min...PFC Bedenikovic 28 yard freekick from left is wide right of net.
15 min...PFC Lombardo cross on run down left from 25 yards is caught by goalie.
16 min...PFC Mirabelli blasts 25 yard shot down middle is well over net.
17 min...SWE Vukovic wins cornerkick when his low 25 yard shot from left is deflected wide left by defender.
17 min...SWE Scepanovic cornerkick from left has ball partially cleared on PFC defender's header and is passed to right for SWE Brown who rolls cross that's tipped over line by sliding PFC Smith at 10 yards near end line.
18 min...SWE Scepanovic cornerkick from right has ball cleared on right edge of box.
19 min...SWE YELLOW card...Vucinic earns it for tripping PFC Alderson on run down left.
19 min...PFC Mirabelli 25 yard freekick from left has defender kick ball that spins behind own net.
20 min...PFC Mirabelli cornerkick from left has PFC Lombardo head 12 yard shot that goalie palms over net.
20 min...PFC Mirabelli cornerkick from left has defender on left post head ball away.
21 min...SWE Dimitrov pokes 20 yard shot up middle is stopped by goalie.
26 min...SWE Brown rush on right wing cross from end line has SWE Vukovic head 12 yarder that goalie flies to catch.
27 min...PFC Bedenikovic blasts 30 yard freekick up middle just over net.
29 min...PFC Whiteman 25 yard shot from left has goalie block but push behind net for cornerkick.
34 min...PFC goalie dives right to keep ball from rolling for cornerkick.
36 min...SWE Lord cross from right 25 yards has defender head ball out of box.
41 min...PFC Bedenkovic receives centering pass from left on freekick and blasts 30 yard shot well wide right of net.
42 min...SWE sub...Milicevic replaces Vucinic who`d been injured on earlier slide tackle.
43 min...SWE Vukovic rolls forward pass from 22 yards on right and charging SWE Brown pushes ball over end line when he can`t cut in shot from 3 yards on right post.
44 min...PFC goalie jumps to beat SWE Vukovic for high cross at 8 yards.
46 min...half ends 8:52pm.

2nd Half:...starts 9:07pm.
45 min...PFC Lombardo rush on right and 22 yards is just over net.
47 min...PFC Bedenikovic 25 yard freekick from left is blasted into wall.
48 min...SWE Medic saves ball into box and run it away to break up PFC rush.
49 min...SWE Stamatovic chips ball at 25 yard and charging defender charges out to poke ball away from SWE Brown at 10 yards.
52 min...SWE Brown on rush down left and pushes ball too far ahead and goalie moves forward to pick up ball.
54 min...PFC Alderson cross near left cornerflag has defenders clear.
58 min...SWE Scepanovic pokes 15 yard shot from right that goalie slides to spear for cornerkick.
58 min...PFC goalie in crowd to punch away cornerkick from right.
61 min...PFC Bedenikovic 30 yard freekick from right has goalie catch.
61 min...PFC goalie catches cross from 22 yard shot from right.
62 min...SWE sub...Braletic replaces Stamatovic.
63 min...PFC Pena 22 yard shot from left is just over net.
64 min...SWE Dimitrov 30 yard shot up middle is just wide right of post.
65 min...PFC Pena and PFC Mirabelli work out cornerkick from left but ball cleared when crossed to edge of box.
67 min...SWE sub...Anastasov replaces Vukovic.
67 min...SWE player's throw-in from left cornerflag is knocked over line for goalkick.
70 min...SWE Scepanovic 40 yard freekick from right has PFC goalie punch ball out in crowd of players is winded.
72 min...SWE Scepanovic cornerkick from left has defender head ball away. SWE Milicevic chips 50 yarder from left that goalie catches.
73 min...PFC sub...Badat replaces Mirabelli.
74 min...SWE Anastasov rush on left has rolled pass blocked.
74 min...SWE Milicevic 30 yard cross has goalie palm wide right of net.
76 min...SWE sub...Viciknez replaces Brown.
77 min...SWE Scepanovic cornerkick from right has defender head ball behind end line.
78 min...SWE Scepanovic cornerkick from left is over players in box.
79 min...PFC sub...Morris replaces Lombardo.
80 min...SWE Viciknez gets ball at 12 yards on left but two players poke ball away.
81 min...SWE Lord makes great scissor poke to get all ball from PFC forward on endline preventing cross.
81 min...SWE Dimitrov cross from left 25 yards is over players wide right for goalkick.
83 min...PFC Badat 30 yard blast down middle is well wide left and over net.
84 min...SWE Scepanovic 25 yard freekick from lewft has ball cleared in crowd of players.
86 min...PFC player's 35 yard freekick up middle has ball knocked around but SWE defender head ball back to goalie.
89 min...PFC player's 40 yard freekick from left has PFC player head 5 yarder that goalie catches on near right post. Maybe the offside flag?
90 min...PFC sub...Rini replaces Whiteman.
93 min...PFC Morris on rush to ball on right rolls cross to center and PFC DeLuca blasts low 15 yarder up middle that's smothered by goalie.
94 min...game ends 9:55pm.

Final Score:........Portugal FC.........0............Serbian White Eagles..........0............

Attendance was about 200 on this warm evening with the sun out in the first half. Included were boys from the Toronto Eagles and their parents. The crowd was up to 250 by the time the game was over as more people arrived for their late night permit.

Facilities weren't good at this City of Toronto controlled facility as there was no working scoreboard until the second half. The clock was frozen at 5:44. Shutouts were earned by Mike Silva for Portugal FC and Milos Kocic of Serbian White Eagles. Both were called on to make some key saves.

At 20 minutes on a set of PFC cornerkicks, PFC Massimo Mirabelli took from the the left that had Andrea Lombardo head a 12 yard shot that the goalie palmed over the net.

Best White Eagles chances came in the first half with speedy Shawn Brown at 26 minutes rushing on the right wing and crossing from the end line and Stefan Vukovic headed a 12 yarder that the goalie had to fly over to catch. At 43 minutes Vukovic rolled a forward pass from 22 yards on the right andand a charging Brown pushes the ball over the end line when he couldn't cut in a shot from 3 yards on the right post. Milos Scepanovic took most of the cornerkicks and freekicks and they were always dangerous.

At 81 minutes White Eagles Taylor Lord made a great scissor poke check to get the ball from a PFC forward on the end line preventing a cross. This was the second time during the game he'd come away with all-ball on one of his checks. During injury time, PFC Omari Morris was on a rush to the ball on the right and he rolled a cross to center and a charging Sergio DeLuca blasted a low 15 yard kick up the middle that the goalie smothered on the last chance of the night for either team.

Rick Oliveira was the referee and he had very few cards to give out for this very open game.

A tie was a fair result for these teams as the game was very even. A scoreless draw wasn't dull on a night like this.

Rocket Robin

Portugal starters

White Eagles starters

PFC player's header

PFC Bryce Alderson moves in to try to check player.

White Eagles player rushes forward into PFC end.

SWE Shawn Brown cuts in from corner.

PFC goalie Mike Silva ready to throw the ball upfield to start a rush.

Midfield action in the second half when it got dark.

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