October 13, 2010 CSL--FC Hamilton Croatia vs TFC Academy (from CSL website)

FC HAMILTON CROATIA AHEAD 2-1 OVER TFC ACADEMY....Razumovic strikes winner

A goal at 84 minutes by FC Hamilton Croatia defender Ivan Razumovic gave his side a 2-1 victory over TFC Academy in a quarterfinal 1st leg playoff game at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke, the only game on the CSL schedule Wednesday night.

It was the fourth game of the home and away quarterfinal series, the first three played Tuesday night.

Hamilton Croatia took the lead at 32 minutes from a low drive from 20 yards by forward Preston Corporal, a 1-0 score at halftime.

TFC Academy tied the game on a goal at 51 minutes by defender Ashton Morgan and the home side had an opportunity to go in front at 78 minutes when awarded a penalty kick by referee Justin Tasev for a tripping incident inside the box. The kick was taken by Keith Makubui, but saved by Hamilton goalkeeper James Melford.

Hamilton had the edge in the second half and took the lead at 84 minutes, a goal by Razumovic that turned out to be the winner, a 2-1 score in favour of FC Hamilton Croatia.

It's a total points, two-game quarterfinal series and if tied on points it's total goals that decide the team to advance to the semifinal. If tied on goals at the end of regulation time in the second game, there are 2 x 15 minute periods of extra time, followed by penalty kicks if necessary. The two teams move to Brian Timmis Stadium in Hamilton for the return match on Sunday, a 7 pm kickoff.

The first round results:

 Quarterfinals - First leg
Toronto Croatia 2, York Region Shooters 0
Brantford Galaxy 0, Serbian White Eagles 0
Portugal FC 1, Milltown FC 0
FC Hamilton Croatia 2, TFC Academy 1
 The upcoming games are:
 Quarterfinal games - Second leg
 Saturday, Oct. 16, Lamport Stadium, 6.00 pm       
 Portugal FC vs. Milltown FC 
Sunday, Oct. 17, Maple, 6.00 pm                            
 York Region Shooters vs. Toronto Croatia
Sunday, Oct. 17, Esther Shiner Stadium, 8.00 pm 
Serbian White Eagles vs. Brantford Galaxy
Sunday, Oct. 17, Brian Timmis Stadium 7.00 pm       
FC Hamilton Croatia vs. TFC Academy

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