October 17, 2010 CSL--Portugal FC vs Milltown FC (from CSL website)

PORTUGAL FC IN SEMIS.......Shooters Reserves vs. Serbian Eagles Reserves in Reserve Division final

Portugal FC advanced to the semifinals of the CSL Championship following a 2-2 draw with Milltown FC at Lamport Stadium Saturday, a result that gave the west-end Toronto side a 4-1 points aggregate following their 1-0 victory over Milltown on October 12.

Milltown needed a lead by one goal at the end of 90 minutes to force extra time and penalty kicks, if necessary, and a lead of more than one goal would be enough to move the Milton-based side to the semifinals.

It was Milltown who scored first on a goal at 37 minutes by forward Martin Artale and the strike gave Milltown a 1-0 lead at half-time.

Forward Andrea Lombardo equalized for Portugal at 70 minutes, but Artale beat Portugal FC goalkeeper Mike Silva a second time to give Milltown a 2-1 lead at 75 minutes.

The equalizer to put Portugal FC into the CSL championship semi-final came at 85 minutes when referee Matthew Arduini awarded a penalty kick. Portugal FC midfielder Marko Bedenvic beat Milltown goalkeeper Scott Cliff from the spot and the 2-2 score held until the final whistle.

Referee Arduini ejected Milltown player Thierry Mangwa-Batomen at 88 minutes following a scuffle with Portugal players and Milltown midfielder Agustin De Medina was shown the red card for his part in an altercation after the final whistle.

Portugal FC advance to the semifinal to be played the weekend October 22 - 24, leading to the CSL Championship Final on Sunday afternoon, October 31.

 Quarterfinals - First leg
Toronto Croatia 2, York Region Shooters 0
Brantford Galaxy 0, Serbian White Eagles 0
Portugal FC 1, Milltown FC 0
FC Hamilton Croatia 2, TFC Academy 1
Quarterfinals - Second leg 
Portugal FC 2, Milltown FC 2
(Portugal FC advance to semifinals on 3-1 points aggregate)

 The upcoming games are:
 Remaining games
Quarterfinals - Second leg
Sunday, Oct. 17, Maple, 6.00 pm                            
 York Region Shooters vs. Toronto Croatia
Sunday, Oct. 17, Esther Shiner Stadium, 8.00 pm 
Serbian White Eagles vs. Brantford Galaxy
Sunday, Oct. 17, Brian Timmis Stadium 7.00 pm       
   FC Hamilton Croatia vs. TFC Academy

Shooters Reserves vs. Serbian White Eagles Reserves in Reserve Division final

In the CSL Reserve Division semifinals played at the St. Joan of Arc ground on Saturday night, Serbian White Eagles Reserves defeated Brampton Lions Reserves 2-0 and York Region Shooters Reserves blanked TFC Academy II by a 3-0 score.

Serbian Eagles Reserves goals were scored by Shawn Brown at 34 minutes and Stefan Bukovic, while Alex Trujillo at 17 minutes, Anscumona Goudiaby at 51 minutes and Arthur Sharapov, 81 minutes, scored for York Region Shooters Reserves.

Serbian White Eagles Reserves and York Region Shooters Reserves will meet in the final at the St. Joan of Arc ground in Maple on Saturday, October 23.

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