October 17, 2010 CSL--details of Sunday games (from CSL website)

SHOOTERS, SERBIAN EAGLES OUT.......FC Hamilton Croatia, Toronto Croatia and Portugal FC, Brantford Galaxy in semifinals

The two top teams in the First Division standings, York Region Shooters and Serbian White Eagles, were eliminated from the CSL playoffs Sunday for a semifinal series that brings together FC Hamilton Croatia vs. Toronto Croatia and Portugal FC vs. Brantford Galaxy.

Toronto Croatia held York Region Shooters to a 1-1 tie at the St. Joan of Arc ground at Maple Sunday and this followed the 2-0 victory on October 12 to give the Mississauga-based Croatia a 4-1 aggregate on points.

Jason De Thomasis opened the scoring for the York Region side at the 28th minute mark for a 1-0 lead at half-time, and it was Tihomir Maletic who tied the game for Toronto Croatia 10 minutes after the interval.

De Thomasis was shown a red card for serious foul play at 71 minutes and the 10-man Shooters failed to score the two goals needed to force overtime. The game ended 1-1.

Toronto Croatia will travel to Hamilton for a semifinal game with FC Hamilton Croatia and the game will be played October 23 or 24.

FC Hamilton Croatia went into the second leg quarterfinal with a 2-1 lead over TFC Academy from the first leg quarterfinal game played October 13 and they clinched the semifinal spot with a 1-0 victory Sunday.

Forward Preston Corporal scored the lone goal at 70 minutes from a play started by Daniel Niksic. The Hamilton midfielder pushed the ball forward for Corporal who drove it perfectly into the lower right corner of the net well out of reach of TFC goalkeeper Angelo Cavalluzzo.

FC Hamilton Croatia advance with a two-game 6-0 points aggregate.

It took 190 minutes for the only goal to be scored in the Serbian White Eagles vs. Brantford Galaxy two-game quarterfinal series and that came at 11 minutes of extra time in the return match at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York Sunday.

The 1-0 Brantford win follows the scoreless encounter at Lions Park on October 12. Defender Zvonko Bakula scored the only goal Sunday, he connected from a set play from the right wing, steering the ball past Serbian Eagles’ goalkeeper Milos Kocic inside the 6-yard line.

The elimination means Serbian White Eagles will be out of the CSL Championship Final for the first time in their four years in the league.

Brantford Galaxy will visit Toronto for the semifinal game with Portugal FC who secured a place in the semifinals following the 2-2 tie with Milltown FC Saturday. That game will be played the weekend of October 22 – 24.

CSL Championship - Playoffs
Quarterfinals - Second leg
Game October 16
Portugal FC 2, Milltown FC 2
(Portugal FC advance to semifinals on 4-1 points aggregate)
Games October 17
FC Hamilton Croatia 1, TFC Academy 0
(FC Hamilton Croatia advance to semifinals on 6-0 points aggregate)
York Region Shooters 1, Toronto Croatia 1
(Toronto Croatia advance to semifinals on 4-1 points aggregate)
Brantford Galaxy 1, Serbian White Eagles 0 (extra time)
(Brantford Galaxy advance to semifinals on 4-1 points aggregate)
Semifinals are:
FC Hamilton Croatia vs. Toronto Croatia
Portugal FC vs. Brantford Galaxy
To be played weekend October 22 - 24

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