Result of the Wednesday October 13th, 2010 CSL game between TFC Academy and Hamilton Croatia played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 9:00pm. This was the first game of their two game-total goal Quarterfinal playoff series.

TFC Academy (all red, white numbers)

................22 Angelo Cavalluzzo
14 Dino Gardner...4 Doneil Henry...6 Jordan Murrell (cpt)...11 Ashtone Morgan
20 Joshua Janniere...8 Oscar Cordon...7 Jonathan Lao...5 Arthur Casupanan
............10 Keith Makubuya...25 Tristan Jackman

Subs:...1 Xander Huggins (gk)...2 Parker Seymour...3 Vincenzo Sasso (def)...9 Keven Aleman...13 Eric Ngo (mid)...15 Aaron Schneebeli... 46 Sergio Camargo (mid)
team officials:...head coach Jason Bent...assistant coach Anthony Capotosto...goalkeeping coach Paolo Ceccarelli...physio Heather Clegg

FC Hamilton Croatia (white socks and numbers, blue shorts and shirts)

.................22 Melford James
17 Peter Tereanszki-Toth...18 Ivan Razumovic...3 John Hudson (cpt)...9 Tom Bilic
12 Daniel Niksic...14 Aidan O'Keefe...20 Jamie Dodds...19 Adam Leggett
............10 Jerko Grubisic...6 Preston Corporal

Subs:...1 Ante Culina (gk)...50 Andrew Leggett (mid)...2 Domagoj Beslic (mid)...7 Boris Vurdelja (mid)...11 Danny Jirta (mid)... 15 John Reilly (mid)...5 Martin Mamic (mid)
team officials:...head coach Ron Davidson...assistan coach Ante Culina...manager Michael Radencich

Game officials:...referee Justin Tasev...referee's assistants Richard Olivera and Steve Sendorovich...fourth official Lisa McNeil...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 9:15pm...TFCA defends north end on this cool and wet night. It stops raining at halftime.
1 min...TFCA Janniere slips in HC box and can't put power on cross.
3 min...HC O'Keefe cornerkick from left has HC Grubisic charge and head 7 yarder over net.
8 min...HC Corporal slides in to steal ball off defender in TFCA box.
9 min...TFCA Lao chips cross from 35 yards into box from right and defender heads pop up and goalie catches.
10 min...HC O'Keefe cornerkick from left has HC player on right cross back in and HC Grubisic heads 10 yarder which defender clears from left post.
11 min...HC goalie smothers low 22 yard klck from left.
14 min...HC Corporal turns and fires 22 yard shot from left wide left of net when he receives pass.
17 min...HC Grubisic is squeezed off ball up middle at 15 yards by two defenders.
18 min...TFCA Lao gets pass at 30 yards and shot down middle has goalie leap and catch ball just under bar.
20 min...HC goalie dives out to poke ball away from charging TFCA Jackman wide right of net. No penalty kick call when TFCA Jackman flips over him and HC awarded goalkick.
22 min...HC O'Keefe cornerkick from left has HC player on right side of box head ball wide right of post.
23 min...HC O'Keefe freekick from 25 yards on left is low and into two man wall on edge of box and ball is cleared.
26 min...HC Grubisic(?) 25 yard shot is low from right and goalie dives left to save.
27 min...HC Dodds tapped over freekick from right and low 25 yard balst up middle is wide left of post.
29 min...TFCA Janniere 30 yard cross from right ha goalie catch.
31 min...HC Leggett crosses from 35 yards on left and HC player has ball blocked on edge of box.
32 min...Hamilton Croatia Preston Corporal GOAL...HC Daniel Niksic at 60 yards feeds Corporal a breakaway pass from 40 yards and he rushes down the middle and takes 20 yard shot into the low left side of the net beyond diving goalie Angelo Cavalluzzo at 10 yards.
35 min...TFCA Lao feeds ball down middle from 50 yards and TFCA Morgan in clear shoots 18 yarder just wide right of post.
39 min...TFCA Lao cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball forward out of box in crowd of players.
40 min...TFCA Janniere and HC Razumovic both injured in crash in HC box but flag was up for offside.
40 min...HC sub...Jirta replaces Grubisic.
41 min...HC Jirta 28 yard high shot from left is well over net.
43 min...HC YELLOW card...Hudson for bumps at center line.
.........TFCA YELLOW card...Makubuya for bumps at center line.
44 min...HC Razumovic 75 yard freekick down middle has goalie leap to catch on bounce.
45 min...TFCA Lao 45 yard freekick from left has defender wide right of box heads ball away.
46 min...TFCA Lao cornerkick from right has ball partially cleared and TFCA Cordon kicks 20 yarder from right over corwd of players wide right of net.
47 min...game ends 10:02pm.

2nd Half:...starts 10:18pm.
45 min...TFCA goalie dives wide left to save 50 yard roller from kickoff rush.
45 min...HC players on left side of TFCA box can't get away shot at 8 yards because of defenders.
51 min...TFCA Gardner 50 yard freekick down right has TFC Makubuya stop but then is checked off ball on edge of box.
51 min...TFCA Ashtone Morgan GOAL...Morgan snakes a 45 yard blast from the left sideline that goalie Melford James gets a hand to but ball flies into the top right corner of net.
53 min...HC O'Keefe cornerkick from right has two HC players miss connecting at 10 yards and ball is wide left through box.
54 min...HC Corporal 40 yard chip down middle has defender head ball away at 12 yards away from HC player.
55 min...HC Corporal is injured in TFC end with hamstring injury but he's back in 5 minutes.
56 min...TFCA sub...Schneebeli replaces Casupanan.
59 min...TFCA goalie long punt upfield bounces wide right over endline.
60 min...TFCA sub...Aleman replaces Lao.
63 min...it now starts to rain again then it slows down.
63 min...HC Jirta blast from 20 yards on right has flying goalie bat down and save.
64 min...TFCA Aleman cornerkick from left low and HC defender clears as nearest man.
65 min...HC O'Keefe 30 yard freekick from left sideline is through leaping goalie's hands and wide right for cornerkick.
66 min...HC O'Keefe cornerkick from right is cleared by defenders in box.
66 min...HC O'Keefe kicks 8 yarder wide left with empty net after HC Jirta chips 15 yarder over goalie and off bar.
68 min...HC Corporal reinjures leg stretching to check ball at TFCA 50 yards.
70 min...HC O'Keefe cornerkick from left is over players and play is whistled down when TFCA player pulled down in box.
71 min...TFCA sub...Camargo replaces Jackman.
72 min...TFCA Aleman cornerkick from right has defenders clear TFCA Morgan blasts low 45 yard clearance that goalie smothers.
76 min...TFCA Oscar Cordon is tripped by HC Jamie Dodds just inside HC box on rush on left. Referee Justin Tasev gives Dodds a Yellow card and awards TFCA a Penalty kick.
78 min...TFCA Keith Makubuya blasts Penalty kick low down middle and sprawling goalie Melford James deflects ball over net for cornerkick.
82 min...HC goalie long kick into TFCA box and HC players miss connecting on shot.
83 min...TFCA YELLOW card...Murrell earns it for pushing over HC Beslic on sideline.
84 min...Hamilton Croatia Ivan Razumovic GOAL...HC Aidan O'Keefe 35 yard freekick from right has Razumovic on left behind defenders head 6 yarder just under bar into center of net.
88 min...HC YELLOW card...Beslic for tackle on TFCA Gardner at TFCA 45 yards.
89 min...HC Dodds chips goalie and hits underside of bar and goalie grabs ball when it drops on line.
90 min...TFCA Janniere 25 yard shot down middle is well over net.
91 min...HC Leggett 22 yard shot is high and wide left of net.
92 min...game ends 11:05pm.

Final Score:.......TFC Academy...........1..............Hamilton Croatia..................2............

Attendance was about 300 people with about 100 hardcore TFC supporters and 100 hardcore Hamilton Croatia supporters and about 100 people sitting between them. Fireworks and flares were lit at various times during the game. No children in attendance for this late start. It had rained just before the game, started to rain again at 63 minutes then stop and rain very hard after the game was over. The game was started so late because there was already a game in progress between Centennial College and George Brown College.

Other misses and great saves included at 20 minutes when HC goalie dived out to poke a ball away from the charging TFCA Tristan Jackman wide right of the net and Jackman flipped over him but no Penalty kick was given. At 35 minutes TFCA Jonathan Lao fed the ball down the middle from 50 yards and TFCA Ashtone Morgan in the clear shot and his 18 yarder was just wide right of the post. At 53 minutes HC Aidan O'Keefe took a cornerkick from the right and two HC players missed connecting at 10 yards , one by a header and the other on a kick, and the ball bounced wide left through the box. At 66 minutes, O'Keefe kicked an 8 yarder wide left with the empty net after HC Danny Jirta chipped a 15 yarder over the goalie and had the ball deflect back out off the bar. At 89 minutes HC Jamie Dodds chipped the goalie and hit the underside of the bar and the goalie grabbed the ball when it dropped on the line or the series would just about have ended right there.

Worrying to Hamilton Croatia was the injury to star forward Preston Corporal starting at 55 minutes with a leg injury but returning to the game five minutes later but then reinjured as he stretched to make a check at 68 minutes. 'Showtime' did finish the game but appeared to be limping at other times late in the game.

There was no crowd trouble and no flares were thrown onto the field. After the game I heard a TFC fan ask the Hamilton group where they bought their flares.

In the pressbox was MLS Toronto FC interim manager Nick Dasovic and executive Danny Dichio. Dasovic says he was watching the game to decide on giving some more Academy players a chance to play in the remaining TFC games later this week against Columbus Crew and Arabe Unido now that they can't make the MLS playoffs nor the next round of the CONCACAF Championships. The co-host of the This Week in the CSL show said the two players Dasovic has in mind are forwards Keith Makubuya and Tristan Jackman. Tonight's game had defender Doneil Henry as a starter. He was the first player ever called up from the Academy from Toronto FC but has not been used in the last few weeks with the big club.

The second leg of this series is now scheduled for a 7:00pm start on Sunday at Brian Timmis Stadium in Hamilton. Rogers Community channel supposedly continues to fume that there is no game scheduled for Friday night.

Rocket Robin

TFC Academy starters

Hamilton Croatia starters

TFCA Keith Makubuya (10) and Tristan Jackman (25) ready for opening kickoff.
TFCA defence will turn and clear this ball.

TFCA Jonathan Lao (7) and Oscar Cordon (8) ready for this cornerkick defended by HC Jamie Dodds (20) and Daniel Niksic (12).

HC Aidan O'Keefe (14) and Preston Corporal (6) take second half kickoff.

HC players breakout

TFCA Keith Makubuya lines up to take the penalty kick.

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