Result of the Saturday October 16th, 2010 CSL game between Portugal FC and Milltown FC played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 6:00pm.

Portugal FC (all white, black numbers)

.................1 Mike Silva
22 Francesco Capone...15 Andre Stewart...3 John Jonke...21 John Louis Perruzza
9 Andrea Lombardo...23 Marko Bedenkovic...10 Dominic Oppong...16 Joe Rini
..........14 Jarek Whiteman...13 Massimo Mirabelli

Subs:...12 Qullan Roberts (gk)...2 Jamaal Smith (def)...4 Dominic Antonini (def)...5 Joseph Del Priore (fwd)...8 Carlos Nogueira (mid)... 24 Wesley Cain (fwd)...11 Luca Forno (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Carmine Isacco...assistant coach Patrice Gheisar...manager Jimmy Carvalho

Milltown FC (black socks and shorts, red & navy striped shirts, gold numbers)

..................1 Scott Cliff
3 Jesse Mahal...2 Thierry Mangwa-Batoman...4 Eric Batchanou...8 Cordell Benjamin
..........10 Sanjar Kairosh...5 Brian Alcantara...6 Nikola Sisovic
..........9 Lesley St Fleur...7 Agustin DeMedina...11 Martin Artale

Subs:...12 Alessandro Famele (gk)...13 Yurih Klinovskyy (mid)...14 Daniel Ortega (mid)...15 Bryan Romero (mid)...16 Romeo Parada (fwd)... 17 Jhon Michael De La Torre (mid)...18 Karim Nour (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Rafael Carbajal...assistant coaches Voldumyr Klinovsky, Paolo Pacione, and Giuseppe Iaccheo...assistant manager Dr Gringmuth

Game officials:...referee Matt Arduini...referee's assistants Rich Oliviera and Ljubijan Vrljes...fourth official Michael Gallo...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

(I missed the first ten minutes of the game walking over from BMO Field after the Toronto FC vs Columbus Crew MLS game). 12 min...PFC Forno cross from left and PFC Jonke head ball wide right from 15 yards.
15 min...PFC Whiteman wins cornerkick on check on rush to 15 yards.
15 min...PFC Lombardo receives short cornerkick on right and cross is cleared by sliding defender on right.
17 min...MFC St Fleur long throw-in from right has defender head ball away.
18 min...PFC Whiteman backwards header on jump at 5 yards is just over MFC net.
19 min...PFC Oppong taps pass through defenders and PFC Whiteman chips goalie at 20 yards but shot is wide left.
20 min...PFC goalie runs wide to left to catch bouncer into box.
22 min...PFC Oppong low freekick from 22 yards rolls ball right through box unplayed with two PFC players near the left post.
25 min...MFC YELLOW card...Batchanou earns it for pushing among players while inside PFC box.
26 min...MFC Batchanou 30 yard shot chip high and wide right of net.
29 min...MFC player's long throw-in from right has defender heads ball away.
31 min...PFC Whiteman dribbles but off balance 30 yard shot down middle is wide right well high of net.
33 min...MFC DeMedina cornerkick from left has MFC player pop upon right and MFC St Fleur blasts 22 yarder from right that defender heads away at 7 yards.
34 min...PFC Rini throw-in from left has PFC player knock over end line on left.
36 min...MFC Mangwa-Batoman 55 yard chip from right is bounced to goalie.
37 min...Milltown Martin Artale GOAL...MFC Lesley St Fleur takes long throw-in from right end line has MFC Thierry Mangwa-Batoman head ball across box and Artale head ball in from 6 yards on left beyond goalie Michael Silva.
38 min...MFC player's shot from 35 yards is over net.
42 min...MFC DeMedina cornerkick from right has MFC player leap and is not able to head ball.
42 min...MFC DeMedina on breakaway on breakaway chips goalie and 20 yarder is over net.
43 min...PFC YELLOW card...Bedenikovic earns it for trip on MFC DeMedina at PFC 50 yards.
44 min...PFC goalie catches long throw-in from left in crowd of players.
half ends 6:52pm.

2nd Half:...starts 7:08pm.
halftime sub:...PFC Nogueira replaces Rini.
46 min...MFC DeMedina can't win penalty kick on rush down middle.
46 min...MFC St Fleur 25 yard low shot up middle is wide right.
48 min...PFC YELLOW card...Perruzza for trip at 35 yards.
49 min...MFC DeMedina 33 yard freekick hits low shot into player wall.
50 min...MFC Artale can't turn header at 7 yards on right on 35 yard chip.
50 min...MFC Alcantara 30 yard shot is over net.
51 min...PFC Bedenikovic blasts 30 yard shot up middle over back fence.
52 min...PFC Mirabelli blasts 20 yarder from left that hits left goalpost on deflection.
53 min...PFC Oppong cornerkick from left is caught by goalie in 6 yard box.
54 min...PFC Bedenikovic 28 yard freekick from right has PFC Lombardo knock ball down and head over net from 5 yards.
56 min...PFC Del Priore gets centering pass and 25 yards blast hits top of bar.
58 min...PFC Lombardo kicks 10 yard shot from right wide left of post when given short pass.
60 min...PFC Bedenikovic 25 yard freekick from extreme right has PFC Oppong shoot low 8 yarder from left that is tipped for cornerkick.
60 min...PFC Oppong cornerkick from left has goalie catch ball behind crowd of players.
62 min...MFC St Fleur kicks wide right from 20 yards when goalie charges out but too late to get ball.
66 min...MFC Benjamin cross from 35 yards from right is to no one as the player didn't run into the box.
68 min...MFC DeMedina cornerkick from right has MFC Sisovic sky 22 yard shot well over net.
69 min...PFC Capone rolls 45 yard freekick up right and PFC Bedinikovic have shot blocked.
70 min...Portugal Andrea Lombardo GOAL...Lombardo blasts 22 yarder himself from left into left side of net with a man open on the right as a decoy.
72 min...PFC sub...Smith replaces Mirabelli.
74 min...Milltown Martin Artale GOAL...Artale blasts 15 yard shot from right to left side of net.
76 min...PFC Bedenikovic chips 28 yard freekick that PFC player heads down but ball cleared.
78 min...PFC sub...Cain replaces Perruzza.
78 min...MFC Artale 25 yard shot from right is wide right of net.
80 min...PFC goalie clears backpass off face of MFC DeMedina at PFC 12 yards ball bounces wide left.
82 min...MFC goalie dives on ball at 6 yards to stop PFC Oppong tap from left end line to players in box.
85 min...MFC Thierry Mangwa-Batoman is called for hand ball in MFC box after the MFC goalie cleared a ball off his defender's face injuring him and the ball stayed in the box. A Portugal players flick kick back from 20 yards hits Mangwa-Batoman. Referee Matt Arduini calls a Penalty kick.
86 min...Portugal Marko Bedenikovic GOAL...Bedenikovic blasts Penalty kick into left side of net past goalie Scott Cliff.
87 min...A pushing match breaks out on the edge of the PFC box. MFC Thierry Mangwa-Batoman earns a Yellow card for his part in the melee.
89 min...MFC RED card...Thierry Mangwa-Batoman earns his second Yellow within two minutes for another pushing incident.
.............MFC Yellow card...Goalie Scott Cliff earns it for his part in the incident.
.............PFC Yellow card...Andrea Lombardo earns it for his part in the incident.

92 min...MFC Alcantara 35 yard shot on left has goalie catch ball to right of net.
94 min...MFC goalie dives to get to through ball.
96 min...MFC Artale injured at PFC 35 yards.
96 min...PFC YELLOW card...I'm not sure who earned it.
97 min...game ends 8:00pm.
..........MFC RED card...Agustin DeMedina earns this for an after game pushing match that this time not only involved players but also subbed players and officials on the bench. I didn't see any spectators involved although some were crowding to the front row of the stands.

Final Score:.....Portugal FC.....1.......Milltown FC......0......

This was the return game of the Quarter Final series between the two teams. As Portugal FC had won the first game of the series 1-0 on Tuesday night in Milton so Milton had to win tonight. If they had won by two goals, they would have won outright but a win by one goal would have meant overtime right after this game.

Attendance was about 120 on this cool evening. More than half came over after the TFC game and most sat in the Milltown fan section because Milltown FC owner Dino Rossi Jr is a frequent poster to the message boards. Another group of about 40 stood outside peering through the iron grates in the fence at each end. Admission to this game was about the price of a beer at BMO Field but maybe these fans are used to watching from the end zones.

Andrea Lombardo scored his goal and came running over to the stands with his hands cupping his ears to hear the 'cheers' of the fans. This drove the hecklers wild but was soon forgotten when Milltown scored a goal in response. He played for Toronto FC in the first one and a half years (2007-2008) of the franchise.

Other scoring chances were at 18 minutes when PFC Jarek Whiteman took a backwards header on jump at 5 yards just over MFC net. At 42 minutes MFC Agustin DeMedina on breakaway chipped the goalie and his 20 yard shot was just over the net. At 54 minutes PFC Marko Bedenikovic took a 28 yard freekick from the right that had PFC Andrea Lombardo knock ball down and head ball over net from 5 yards. Two minutes later PFC Joseph Del Priore got a centering pass and his 25 yard blast hit the top of the bar. Two minutes later PFC Lombardo kicked a 10 yard shot from the right wide left of the post when given a short pass. At 62 minutes MFC Lesley St Fleur kicked a ball wide right from 20 yards when the PFC goalie was late in charging out to the edge of the box. At 82 minutes the MFC goalie dove on the ball at 6 yards to stop PFC Dominic Oppong tapping ball over from the left end line to players in the box.

[I don't regret not getting here sooner. The Columbus goalie William Hesmer scored the tieing goal in injury time in one of those plays that you only see on highlight packages. He scored after a corner kick where he crowded into the TFC box and blocked a partial clearance. He scored the goal on Milos Kocic who was a substitute for starter Jon Conway who was Red carded for a fight in the second half. Regular keeper Stefan Frei may start next week for TFC''s final game of the season against DC United but will need Milos Kocic as at least a substitute. Kocic is on loan from TFC but plays goal for Serbian White Eagles who if they advance in their CSL quarter-final tomorrow will play their semi-final next weekend where the place and times of the game has not yet been announced.]

Rocket Robin

PFC goalie Michael Silva puts the ball.

players organize for a cornerkick.

players in PFC box

MFC cornerkick

PFC John Louis Perruzza (21) prepares for rush of MFC player.

MFC rush

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