October 23, 2010 CSL--Serbian White Eagles Reserves vs York Region Shooters Reserves (from CSL website)

SERBIAN EAGLES RESERVES WIN RESERVE CHAMPIONSHIP - Second semifinal for CSL Championship in Hamilton Sunday

Serbian White Eagles Reserves won the CSL Reserve Division Championship with a 2-0 victory over York Region Shooters Reserves in an entertaining game despite the at times heavy rain at the St. Joan of Arc ground in Maple Saturday night.

Following a scoreless, even first during which there were few opportunities to score, Serbian Eagles Reserves took the lead at the 50th minute on a goal by midfielder Kirie Dimitrov and 10 minutes later Eaglesí forward Stefan Vukovic made it 2-0, a score that carried through to the final whistle.

Serbian White Eagles Reserves ended the regular season 7th in the 10-team CSL Reserve Division, while York Region Shooters Reserves finished fourth.

TFC Academy II, sometimes referred to as the TFC junior academy team, won the CSL Reserve Division Championship in 2009 when they defeated Italia Woodbridge Strikers 5-1 in overtime.

In the CSL Championship playoffs, the second semifinal will be played Sunday at Brian Timmis Stadium in Hamilton where FC Hamilton Croatia host Toronto Croatia at 7 pm.

The winner will meet Brantford Galaxy in the championship final at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke on Sunday afternoon, October 31 and that's the time the league honours the individual players, coaches, the top match official and teams that have been voted the league's best. The awards will begin at 2.15 pm to be followed by the kickoff and tickets for the afternoon can be arranged by calling the CSL office at 905 564-2297 or for an online advance purchase, go to one of the league's two websites at www.canadiansoccerleague.com or www.canadiansoccerleague.ca.

The complete CSL Reserve Division Playoffs:

CSL Reserve Division Championship

Final - Saturday, October 23
Serbian White Eagles Reserves 2, York Region Shooters 0

Semifinals - Saturday, October 16
Serbian White Eagles Reserves 2    Brampton Lions Reserves 0
York Region Shooters Reserves 3    TFC 0 Academy
Quarterfinal games - Saturday, October 9
Brampton Lions Reserves    2         HamiltonCroatia Reserves    1
Brantford Galaxy Reserves    0           Serbian White Eagles Reserves    7
TFC Academy II  2, Portugal FC 1
York Region Shooters Reserves    1    Milltown FC Reserves    0

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