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by Rocket Robin

Some facts and rumours I asked about while at the Toronto Lynx (A-League) vs Hamilton Thunder (new CPSL franchise) game at Lamport Stadium Saturday evening March 23rd, 2002.

Dave Benning coach of the renamed Vaughan Sun Devils answered that their name was changed to make it more attractive to their city as a whole. They held onto GlenShields until the team could celebrate it's 20th anniversary.

Thanks to him naming some of the CPSL veterans playing for Hamilton I could watch for Willy Giumarra (from Toronto Olympians 2001) and the O'Connor brothers Myles and Matthew.

The Thunder played very well in the brutal weather conditions and may fly out of the gate when the season begins with the experienced team cohesion of many of the team playing youth soccer together on the same team.

Isac Cambas from Toronto Supra was watching and said although the schedule comes out next week, the team is still uncertain if they'll be able to play at Brockton Stadium as the school is closing and they're trying to get a 10 year lease. Otherwise, they'll play at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at the same times as the schedule has them play (most home games will be Friday nights this year). (Friday night home games sounds like the same thing Dave Benning told me for Vaughan) Damn. Too cold to write notes.

I met Francois Glasman for the first time and his renamed expansion team will go by the name Metro Lions and play at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough (where the Toronto Olympians played to a few dozen fans last year).

I won't be answering the call on the Voyageur's board for 2002 predictions just yet as I scheduled to interviewed on a panel next week for a local soccer publication.

So next Lynx game will be at 7:30pm at the Soccer Centre in Vaughan on Thursday night against the Canada Under 20s (well the eastern region anyway).

Rocket Robin

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