Wednesday June 5th, 2002

By request I've been asked for my predictions on the CPSL season for the race for the three trophies. It may not be such guesswork as if I'd done this before the season started because by this date--June 5th--I've seen six of the teams already in either preseason or early season games.

League Competition--With 14 teams, the table has been split into two divisions and here are my choices for final standings: (Ottawa won last year in the one division system).

Western Division					Eastern Division
1.  Hamilton Thunder					Ottawa  Wizards
2.  Toronto Croatia					Toronto Supra
3.  St Catharines Roma Wolves				Metro Lions
4.  Mississauga Olympians				Montreal Dynamites
5.  Brampton Hitmen					Vaughan Sun Devils
6.  London City						York Region Shooters
7.  North York Astros					Durham Flames

CPSL Championship (Rogers Cup)--This will be played the weekend of October 18th to 20th
in North York with the Astros as the host team.  Based on regular season standings I'd say 
the tournament will play out like this:

Friday night     Wild card game:  Toronto Supra will beat North York Astros
Saturday	Ottawa Wizards will beat Toronto Croatia
		Toronto Supra will beat Hamilton Thunder
Sunday Final	Ottawa Wizards will beat Toronto Supra
Ottawa will win the one trophy they didn't win last year!
Last year St Catharines as the Wild Card team had to win three games within 48 hours to win.

The CPSL League Cup draw was made before the season started partly to cut down on travelling 
costs.  It will be a home and home knockout until the semi-finals when the competition wraps up 
on the September 27th to 29th weekend in Hamilton.

First Round
1.  Hamilton will beat St Catharines
2.  Brampton will beat London
3.  Mississauga will beat York Region
4.  Toronto Supra will beat Toronto Croatia
5.  Metro Lions will beat Durham
6.  Vaughan will beat North York
7.  Ottawa will beat Montreal

Second Round
A.  Ottawa gets a bye
B.  Metro Lions will beat Brampton
C.  Hamilton will beat Vaughan
D.  Toronto Supra will beat Mississauga

Semi Finals
Ottawa will beat Metro Lions
Hamilton will beat Toronto Supra

Hamilton will beat Ottawa!
Last year's winner Ottawa will fall to the home team Hamilton in front of a huge crowd.

Rocket Robin

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