Mirror-Guardian: Supra Aim to Regain Stride

Supra aim to regain stride

Hans Niedermair, Guardian Sports
Jul. 17, 2002

Toronto's municipal strike could not come at a worse time for the Toronto Supra of the Canadian Professional Soccer League.

Not only did it force the Etobicoke-based team to postpone its games, it also grounded its confidence levels as well.

"Our momentum died when the strike came," said Supra head coach Carmine Isacco.

Isacco said his team's last game before the strike, a 2-2 tie against the St. Catherine's Roma Wolves on June 19, was the team's best game of the season.

The coach said the Supra, whose record stands at 1-2-1, could have easily won the game, were it not for quite a few bad bounces.

In addition, the team has dealt with a lot of player changes since last season.

"We've picked up quite a number of new players this season, so the team hasn't really gelled together yet," said Supra general manager Victor Cameira. "Having not played in three weeks hasn't helped. In St. Catherine's we really started to play well as a unit. It's still going to take a little while for the team to come together."

Cameira said that the team has had its share of bad luck as well, as in the 3-2 loss against the Mississauga Olympians on June 7, where the Supra were dealt four red cards.

"The officiating hasn't been very helpful so far," Cameira said.

Still, first-year coach Isacco has confidence that his lineup can take the Supra all the way this year. The Supra lost 1-0 in the Rogers Cup Final last season against St. Catharines.

"I think we just need to find a system that everyone is comfortable with and have everyone know their role," Isacco said. "If we compete with the team and the individuals we have and just organize it on the field, we should be able to win every game."

"The skill and the experience on this team on paper is by far better than anyone else in the league. A lot of our players have earned respect over the years, but they have to keep earning that respect. You're only as good as your next game."

Isacco said that some of the standout players this season include defender and team captain Jason Farias, who he said has been "the Rock of Gibraltar" with his consistent play, as well as striker Ryan Gamble, who the coach said has earned plenty of scoring chances so far.

The Supra will try to regain their groove when they play on Friday against the Vaughan Sun Devils at Etobicoke's Centennial Stadium at 8:30 p.m.

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