details of 1st half of game

2nd Half:...starts 4:24pm...the weather is still sunny with it coming from the west.
47 min...BH Ncube runs down right and cross over box where BH Kurt Mella dekes goalie on left and rolls ball across box but defender clears.
49 min...VSD Giummarra gets ball between four defenders but one of them hips ball back to goalie for him to cover.
50 min...BH YELLOW card...Fran for either a tackle or argueing at center line.
51 min...VSD YELLOW card...Pollastrone for knocking down BH Herrera in center circle.
52 min...BH Ncube 40 yard cross from right is caught by goalie.
53 min...VSD Medwin runs down right and crosses over box, VSD player can't get to it.
54 min...BH Kurt Mella injured in center circle.
55 min...VSD YELLOW card...Marshall for argueing or interference near center line.
56 min...BH sub...Ionadi replaces Kurt Mella.
57 min...BH Herrera runs down right and cross is caught by goalie.
59 min...BH Herrera avoids two sliding tackles on run down left but third in VSD box knocks him over and he loses possession.
61 min...BH Akmadzic forearms VSD forward running into left of box.
61 min...VSD sub...Forno replaces Giummarra.
62 min...BH player's freekick near right cornerflag is punched across box by goalie for cornerkick.
63 min...BH player's cornerkick from left is blown down by referee just outside box for offensive pushing.
64 min...VSD sub...Sibio replaces Todaro.
66 min...BH Ncube crosses from right into box is knocked around dangerously.
67 min...BH Herrera runs down left and holds off VSD Marshall and bounces cross just too far ahead of open BH Adolfo Mella.
68 min...VSD Marshall kick from 30 yards up middle, VSD Palleschi gets foot to it from 15 yards tipped up for goalie.
69 min...VSD Sanna 35 yard freekick from left, VSD Forno bicycle kick from 20 yards is stopped by defender.
72 min...VSD Sibio cross from right end line after short throw-in but ball is already behind end line.
74 min...VSD Forno avoids one tackle on right but cross is knocked away.
76 min...VSD sub...Hugo replaces Marshall.
76 min...VSD Sanna 35 yard freekick on right line is caught by goalie on left post.
77 min...VSD Molina 60 yard freekick knocked away from box VSD Forno 30 yard blast well over net.
79 min...BH Andrada breaks through middle and rolls pass to BH Herera who hits wide left from 12 yards.
81 min...BH goalie strong arms VSD Palleschi on left when blown offside. BH defenders swarm Palleschi.
83 min...Referee's assistant overrules referee's original signal for freekick call at BH 40 yard line.
83 min...VSD Powell replaces Pollastrone.
86 min...VSD player runs up left wing but defender forces 20 yard shot wide left.
87 min...BH goalie beats VSD Powell to through ball.
87 min...BH Ncube crosses to BH Adolfo Mella in open but 12 yard midair shot is wide left.
88 min...VSD Sanna flick header from 15 yards is right to goalie.
89 min...BH sub...Flores replaces Ionadi.
90 min...VSD sub...Sinisi replaces Molina.
92 min...BH sub...Jamamdo replaces Adolfo Mella.
93 min...BH YELLOW card...player picks this up for pushing VSD player for push in VSD box.
94 min...VSD Palleschi 50 yard freekick from right that goalie catches in huge crowd on left of box.
94 ends 5:13pm.

Final Score:.........Brampton Hitmen............1................Vaughan Sun Devils...............0...........

Attendance was about 175 on this cool day with a bright sun in the south. The game was broadcast live by Rogers Cablesystems to the London area and taped for rebroadcast for other Ontario communities. The generator they use for power was spitting out some bad carbon monoxide that bothered me.

This was a tough tackling game on the wet grass. The game really turned around with the Red card so early in the game and the Hitmen could grind out more chances with a man advantage. Sun Devils were also playing without Elvis Thomas and Bayete Smith who were away at a baby Christianing.

Goalie Roy Blanche earned the shutout for the Hitmen without having to make any tough saves. Defenders surrounded any Sun Devils players when they got close to the net and Vaughan didn't push enough men upfield so they wouldn't be caught short at the back.

Coach/owner Steve Nijjar was banned from the bench this weekend. London City owner/announcer only took one shot at the missing team here at about the 22 minute mark. "Those who are wondering where Ottawa is...they're still in Ottawa". New MPP elect Chris Bentley drew the winning raffle tickets.

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