Wednesday May 7, 2003 at Etobicoke's Centennial Park after a scrimmage for the media.

RR--OK let's get started, I'm here at practise and this is Sam Borgh who over the years I've followed in the CPSL playing for St Catharines Roma Wolves the championship days of them and then he moved to Hmailton last year. Hamilton Thunder and had some experience in the A-League with Calgary but what brought you to the tryouts for the Lynx this year?

SB--Well after having two bad years of injuries, I played my first full year last year when I started with Hmailton. I got lucky because I got into contract with the coach at the time Marco Maschke. So I had a great year last year and then since I went to Calgary I had some experience with the A-League and the Lynx were looking for some defenders so me and Peter [Pinizzotto] had some conversations and I came out and everything's looked good so far and with some injuries I had in the training camps set me back a few weeks but now I'm getting back into the groove and hopefully it's going to be a good season here. So everything's going well.

RR--Well Ok, I notice from the Pittsburgh linescores you weren't in that game but I'm sure you'll get your chances. Now, you'll actually a local Toronto guy but you played for St Catharines for so many years. Was there a reason for being so far away?

SB--No. No particular reason. It's just we've known a couple of guys down there. It was quite a distance to go but we all car-pooled and it was more of a relaxed atmosphere and it was just for fun. We all had it, we all enjoyed every time going. We didn't train as much but we just played the games and we were just competative and I didn't see that anywhere else and I had a good time there so it was stress free. Just drivng out there was a hassle but it was fun.

RR--OK. Now last year you were with Hamilton in the CPSL and they started out like a house on fire and they disintergrated into chaos and I guess I've mentioned it before but some of the pros on the team, and you were one of them actually, left the team. Any comments on that?

SB--Well, the year started off really good. Like amazing. Everything looked actually too good to be true and that's what it was! Paycheques started not coming in after. And the team was just split from older guys to younger guys and you know when you're travelling, you're going to practises, you're training soccer like six times a week, and then you're getting accused by the owner that you're're like kind of sabotaging games because you're not getting paid. It hurt you right in the gut ! So it wasn't right for us, the guys with experience to go on anymore. The younger guys, yes, they'll mature and they'll understand later on in life but you know it was our...we've been around soccer--Canadian soccer--for too long and we're just not going to take that anymore.

RR--Well it was completely understandable. Now I always talk about where guys went to school and you were a University of Toronto, don't know if at the same time as Theo Zagar, but what did you study there?

SB-- Well what I'm studying right now is Socialogy and History and just eventually become a teacher and I enjoy it and I took the year off this but I plan on continuing my studies.

RR--OK. Well we've got a few teachers on the Lynx with Elvis Thomas...well actually that's it. For years with St Catharines with Dino Perri teaching high school. Ok I guess that's pretty good. Oh and thanks for your honesty then and good luck in the season!


RR--OK Thanks.

[Later Sam mentioned that he is still recovering from a training camp injury and will be missing another two weeks].

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