Stan Adamson
CPSL soccer
Monday, May 24, 2004

There were two games in the CPSL tonight:

First regular league game of the season:

Vaughan Shooters 2, Toronto Supra 2

Preliminary Round

Peniche S.C. (Toronto) 2, Hearts S.C. (Toronto) 1

Peniche won 5-3 on penalty kicks following a 1-1 tie after 90 minutes and 30 minutes of overtime.

Rocket Robin's additional comments:

Toronto Peniche beat Hearts SC after the game ended 1-1 after 90 minutes and 30 minutes of extra time. The game was settled by Penalty kicks.

1. TP GOAL...Tony Tavares shoots low to left post beyond diving goalie Shahab Noorafkhan.
1. HSC GOAL...Selmir Sehic shoots to high left corner beyond goalie goalie Henry Avila.

2. TP GOAL...Dicky Da Ponte rolls ball to left side as goalie dives right.
2. HSC GOAL...Justin Gales rolls shot to left of net.

3. TP GOAL...Qais Qamheenan high to left corner and goalie dives right.
3. HSC GOAL...Gil Vainshtein shot to high left coner as goalie crumples in center.

4. TP GOAL...Marco Almeida low shot to right side as goalie crumples in center.
4. HSC miss...Damian Ferrie lobs ball over net.

5. TP GOAL...Hugo Lopes rolls ball to left corner as goalie crumples in center of net.

Toronto Peniche wins penalty shootout 5-3 and advances. This game should have taken place on Saturday and the winner would have played '777' tonight but that game will have to be rescheduled.

I was in time to see the final extra time period and this shootout. The extra time squeezed a group of Under 9s who were supposed to play an exhibition game before the CPSL Shooters vs Supra game. They had the kids play their game inside and they never came back as ball boys.

Former Canadian National team player Lyndon Hooper plays for Hearts SC. His sister Charmaine played for the FIFA Selects team that beat Germany 3-2 last week.

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