Result of the Monday September 6, 2004 CPSL game between Ottawa St Anthony Italia and Windsor Border Stars in the Canada Open Cup Final played at Cove Road Stadium in London at 3:08pm.

Windsor Border Stars (orange socks and sorts, white shirts, black numbers)

........................23 Dan Placek
33 Justin Marshall...4 Filip Rocca...5 Scott Patriquin...19 Mike Vonella
17 Dave Dwaihy...7 Jeff Hodgson...10 Tati Errecalde...11 Jeremy Harkins
.............15 Steve Wonsch...9 Aaron Byrd

Subs:...1 Anthony Santili (gk)...2 Dan Zalenski (mid)...6 Mike Perica (fwd)...14 JJ Dowhan (mid)...16 Dan Kolic (mid)...18 John Roma (fwd)
game official:...head coach Pat Hilton

Capital City Ambassoadors SC (white socks and shorts, navy shirts, yellow trim, red numbers)

..........................1 Angus Wong
6 Marc Labrom...14 Russel Shaw...7 Christian Hoefler...5 Allessandro Battisti
23 Hoffman Tabe...17 Urbain Some (cpt)...2 Richard Furano...12 Egar Soigo
...............9 Abraham Osman...20 Allan Popazzi

Subs:...4 David Giamerandino (def)...8 Njima Alain (mid)...10 Johnny Schieda (fwd)...13 Jimmy Zito (mid)...16 Claudio Venegas (mid)...18 Nicola Schieda (mid)...19 Mike Circelli (def)...21 Jason Frederick (fwd)...15 (must have been one of the listed player's from above although no #15 on roster).
game Aldo Popazzi...trainer John Mattolli...manager Gick Giamberadino

Game officials:...referee Alex William...referee's assistants Yakov Kheimach and John Olieva...fourth official Tamara Reisma...(red shirts, black shorts and socks)
1st starts 3:08pm...WBS defend west end.
2 min...WBS Wonsch overhead shot across box that goalie catches on right post.
3 min...OSAI Popazzi on left side of box has tap to OSAI player and his 12 yard shot deflected by goalie on left post for cornerkick.
5 min...WBS player 30 yard freekick from left is headed away by one man wall.
5 min...WBS Aaron Byrd runs on left and is knocked over in the OSAI box. Referee Alex William signals for a Penalty kick.
6 min...WBS Aaron Byrd Penalty kick is rolled wide left with goalie Angus Wong diving left.
8 min...OSAI Some pulled down just outside WBS box.
8 min...OSAI Popazzi 22 yard freekick from right hits body in player wall.
9 min...OSAI goalie catches 30 yard cross from left.
11 min...OSAI Egar Soigo GOAL...OSAI Allan Popazzi rush on right and cross into box over goalie and OSAI Abraham Osman but Soigo trailing play rushes in and all alone heads 7 yarder into middle of open net with goalie Dan Placek still guarding right side.
16 min...WBS Dwaihy gets cross from left and 12 yard shot is tipped wide right for cornerkick.
17 min...After WBS cornerkick from right, WBS player kicks overhead pop up that goalie catches.
21 min...WBS Byrd freekick from near left corner flag that goalie catches in crowd.
25 min...WBS Tati Errecalde GOAL...WBS Justin Marshall 30 yard freekick from right is well left and caught in the wind and Errecalde heads ball in from tough angle on left from 10 yards that bounces to right corner of net.
26 min...OSAI Some 30 yard low shot rolls just wide right.
30 min...OSAI Some long throw-in from left is knocked over to right but defenders prevent shot.
31 min...OSAI sub...Giameradino replaces Battisti.
35 min...OSAI Some long rush up middle on give and go with OSAI Tabe and OSAI Some 12 yard blast stopped by defender point blank.
36 min...OSAI players cornerkick from right ends up with OSAI 20 yard rolled shot stopped by goalie.
38 min...OSAI YELLOW card...Some for grab on WBS Dwaihy on sideline on OSAI end.
38 min...WBS players cornerkick from left has closest player OSAI Tabe heads ball away.
39 min...OSAI Popazzi jostled off through ball but earns cornerkick.
40 min...OSAI player's cornerkick from right as WBS goalie swat ball out and rush for ball, WBS goalie retreats knocking over OSAI Popazzi but wins freekick.
42 min...OSAI Tabe cornerkick from right has leaping goalie punch ball away for throw-in.
43 min...OSAI Tabe injured on check in own end.
44 min...OSAI Soigo rush for through ball and WBS Rocca bashes him over on edge of box.
45 min...OSAI Some cornerkick from left has leaping goalie swat ball through right side of box.
46 min...half ends 3:54pm.

2nd Half:...starts 4:09pm.
halftime sub:...WBS Roma replaces Wonsch.
49 min...WBS Roma rush on left but falls over on left edge of box.
51 min...OSAI Osman and OSAI Popazzi work ball in and OSAI Soigo weak header on edge of box cleared.
53 min...OSAI Some cornerkick from right has OSAI Popazzi duck and ball flies through box untouched.
54 min...OSAI Osman run to through ball but just pushed too far and it rolls behind line.
55 min...WBS Marshall 35 yard freekick from right is caught by goalie.
56 min...WBS Byrd crosses ball into box from 20 yards on left and goalie catches in crowd of players.
58 min...OSAI Some crosses from 45 yards on middle to left and goalie runs to right edge of box to catch.
59 min...OSAI Some 25 yard freekick from left has defender head ball away.
60 min...OSAI YELLOW card...Furano for grabbing WBS Byrd in OSAI end near sideline.
61 min...WBS Harkins 25 yard blast from left is well over net.
61 min...OSAI sub...Schieda replaces Popazzi.
63 min...OSAI YELLOW card...Giameradino for throwing ball out of bounds after WBS freekick awarded.
64 min...OSAI Schieda quick give and go to OSAI Osman up middle and WBS goalie gets to ball to break up play.
65 min...OSAI Osman rush to ball on left and knocked over in box but no call made.
66 min...WBS sub...Zalenski replaces Byrd.
67 min...WBS Zalenski on 2 on 1 with WBS Roma but chips ball ahead to goalie.
68 min...WBS sub...Kolic replaces Dwaihy.
68 min...WBS Zalenski nods 20 yard header wide left.
69 min...WBS Kolic run on left but cross deflects off hand of OSAI player for freekick.
70 min...OSAI sub...Frederick replaces Soigo.
70 min...WBS Harkins cornerkick from left is blown down in box.
72 min...WBS Harkins cornerkick from left rolls ball into short side webbing of net.
75 min...OSAI Schieda 25 yard blast from left is pushed wide left by flying goalie.
76 min...OSAI Tabe cornerkick from left is low and cleared by first defender.
77 min...OSAI Tabe dekes four guys and low 20 yard shot stopped by sliding goalie.
79 min...WBS Roma on left tries to round player and off balance 20 yard shot is well wide right.
80 min...OSAI Schieda rush eludes defender on right and 25 yard shot dips and hits crossbar and stays in play. OSAI Schieda regains possession on left. OSAI Tabe eludes defender on left and 15 yard shot from extreme left is wide left of net.
83 min...OSAI defender squashed by WBS forward following in. Referee calls dropped ball in box on right corner.
84 min...WBS Zalenski 12 yard midair kick hits right goalpost.
86 min...WBS Harkins freekick from 20 yard on left has defender head ball away.
86 min...WBS Harkins cornerkick from left is rolled to OSAI Some to clear.
87 min...WBS player's quick freekick up middle and WBS Roma 12 yard shot saved by flying goalie.
88 min...OSAI players 22 yard freekick up middle through wall on chip and hits left goalpost!! The ball is kept in play but finally OSAI player pushes ball over end line for goalkick.
90 min...OSAI Schieda threaded through ball from center line and charging goalie sprints out to clear ball at 25 yard line.
90 min...regulation time ends 4:54pm.

1st Overtime Golden Goal (15 minutes)...starts 5:01pm...WBS defend north end.
93 min...OSAI Some pass just half step offside at 45 yards or he would have been in all alone.
95 min...OSAI Tabe on edge of box can't get away shot.
96 min...WBS Roma rushes down right and low cross is caught by goalie.
97 min...OSAI Tabe high cornerkick from left is headed up by defender, OSAI wins another cornerkick from right.
97 min...OSAI player's low cornerkick from right is easily cleared.
98 min...OSAI Schieda corrals ball and 20 yard shot hits goalpost and stays in play!
99 min...WBS Roma gets to ball on right and chips 30 yarder to retreating goalie over net.
102 min...WBS Roma 22 yard freekick from elft edge of box is blasted high and wide right.
104 min...OSAI Osman rush on right sideline and cross from 25 yards lands on top of net.
105 min...overtime period ends 5:16pm.

2nd Overtime Golden Goal (15 minutes)...starts 5:18pm.
106 min...WBS players 35 yard freekick from right is cleared.
106 min...WBS Patriquin hurt by kick in center circle and he clutches his leg.
107 min...WBS Hodgson 45 yard freekick has defender clear on edge of box.
108 min...WBS player's run in on left is pushed over end line.
109 min...OSAI Schieda 27 yard freekick from left that goalie drops but pounces on rebound. Play is whistled down when he is bumped.
110 min...WBS Roma rush on right but crosses wide left from 25 yards.
113 min...OSAI sub...#15 ?????? replaces Some the captain. Some had put off being subbed but collapsed on the field.
115 min...WBS Errecalde shot up middle from 30 yards but well wide right.
115 min...OSAI goalie beats WBS Roma to through ball on edge of box and picks it up.
116 min...OSAI Schieda stumbles on rush but turns and cuts 30 yard shot well wide left instead of passing off.
118 min...WBS Marshall blasts 30 yarder from right well over net.
118 min...WBS sub...Santili replaces Placek in net.
119 min...WBS Kolic cornerkick from right has OSAI Venegas head ball away.
120 min...OSAI Osman on break pulled down by WBS Patriquin.
121 min...OSAI #15 35 yard freekick from left is caught by goalie.
121 min...overtime period ends 5:34pm.

Score at end of regulation time 1-1. Two 15 minute Golden Goal overtime periods didn't break the deadlock.

Penalty kicks:
1. OSAI Johnny Schieda shot is low to center right and goalie Anthony Santili dives on it. Santili had come in as a substitute with three minutes to go in the second overtime.
1. WBS Tati Errecalde GOAL...Errecalde blasts to left side high as goalie Angus Wong flies right.
2. OSAI Marc Labrom GOAL...Labrom's shot is low to left as goalie dives right.
2. WBS Aaron Byrd GOAL...Byrd's shot is to left as goalie dives right. Partly makes up for missing the 6 minute penalty kick.
3. OSAI Abraham Osman GOAL...Osman's shot to left as goalie dives right.
3. WBS John Roma GOAL...Roma flubs shot to left and goalie flies over it.
4. OSAI Hoffman Tabe GOAL... Tabe's shot to left and goalie gets hand to it as he was waving and pointing to his right to dare Tabe to shoot there. Shot is too hard for goalie to stop.
4. WBS Filip Rocca GOAL...Rocca's shot is blasted to top right corner beyond goalie.
5. OSAI Richard Furano shot to right that diving goalie blocks.

Windsor Border Stars win 4-2 in the shootout after a 1-1 double overtime tie.

Attendance was about 120 on this hot humid day with a wind from the north and a bright sun from the west. Only about 100 were there at the start but maybe some more came out of the club restaurant to see the excitement as the game wore on.

Both teams could have won the game at various points with the Ottawa team ringing more posts and crossbars than the Border Stars. Referee Alex William called a good game with all the rough play involved. I've criticized his games over the years for bringing games to a halt when quick freekicks are called back for being two yards too far upfield or as a fourth official for being too slow to allow substitutes, but this game the St Lucian FIFA official called it pretty good and deserved this tough assignment. Windsor Border Stars were presented with the Canada Open Cup trophy by CPSL president Vince Ursini. Team owner/general manager/player Jeff Hodgson accepted the trophy. I told Vince later he should have had one of those oversized cardboard cheques written out for $10,000 like the lottery winners as part of the presentation. They look good in the publicity photos. Only me and another photographer were taking pictures. The game was broadcast on a tape delay basis to Rogers London based customers supposedly starting at either 6 or 7pm. Justin from "The CPSL This Week" says the highlights from this weekend will be edited in time for this Saturday's show shown at 11:35am Eastern time on Vision TV. The young guy as the colour man on the Rogers broadcast knew that the Ottawa team wasn't strictly inexperienced amateurs. How did he have so much inside information? Aha. It turned out to be Ryan Gauss (son of London City owner Harry Gauss) who's known the workings of the league since it got started.

The result works out pretty good for the league with a CPSL coming out of top. The result should bring other amateur teams up to the plate with a feeling that they could win this competition.

Rocket Robin

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