Result of the A-League game of Sunday June 13th, 2004 between Toronto Lynx and Atlanta Silverbacks played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 6:00pm.

Toronto Lynx (all white, black names and numbers, yellow trim)

.........................1 Richard Goddard
..........8 Rumba Munthali...6 Aaron Steele...14 Tyler Hughes
13 Jmie Dodds...9 David DiPlacido...4 Joe Mattacchione (cpt)...17 Darren Baxter...7 Edgar Bartolomeu
.................20 Charles Gbeke...19 Ali Gerba

Subs:...25 Brian Rowland (gk)...2 Andres Arango (def)...11 Igor Prostran (mid)...21 Juri Pavic (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Duncan Wilde...assitant coach Billy Steele...goalkeeper coach John Moreira...medical co-ordinator Dr Robert Gringmuth

Atlanta Silverbacks (black socks, shorts, and shoulders, red shirts, white names and numbers)

.........................1 Joe Barton
12 Josh Barton...2 Alan Woods (cpt)...4 Adilson De Lima...13 Fred Degand
15 John Ball...3 Joe Afful...7 Leslie Fitzpatrick...9 Jordy Broder
..................19 Gary Brooks...11 Mac Cozier

Subs:...18 Anthony Tokpah (gk)...6 Ivailo Ilarionov (mid)...14 Gerardo Quiroz (mid)...17 Andrew Lewis (def)...20 Velko Iotov (mid)...21 Jason Thompson (fwd) team officials:...head coach David Vaudreuil...assistant coaches Rafael Salerno and Ignace Moleka...goalkeeper coach Jukka Masalin

Game officials:...referee Jonathan Lavergne...referee's assistants Steve Cahoon and Mike Lambert...fourth official Frank Marciello

1st starts 6:06pm...Lynx defend north end on this warm evening.
45 sec...Lynx YELLOW card...Steele for sliding tackle on AS De Lima on sideline near left cornerflag. De Lima is injured and needs trainer.
1 min...AS Broder 30 yard blast from left is well over net.
3 min...AS Broder cross from left end line, Lynx defender heads ball away.
9 min...Lynx DiPlacido sends ball through defender and finds Lynx Gerba on edge of box on right. Gerba takes low cross that's behind charging Lynx players streaking for net.
10 min...AS player's freekick from 22 yards on left has goalie leap and punch ball wide right.
13 min...Lynx Dodds gets through ball on right and crosses ball across box, Lynx Gbeke trailing play blasts 12 yarder that's stopped by sliding goalie who pushes ball wide left.
14 min...AS Brooks 22 yard shot on left is wide left of net.
15 min...Lynx goalie long kick outside box, ball chested down by Lynx Gerba and Lynx DiPlacido who's 20 yard shot well over net.
18 min...Lynx Gerba is rolled through ball while well covered, he deflects it to Lynx Baxter shot blasts 15 yard shot well over net.
19 min...Lynx Mattacchione plays give and go with Lynx Gbeke (?) and his 10 yard shot is blocked by goalie.
21 min...AS Degand rolls ball into Lynx box for second time in a minute but ball cleared again.
24 min...AS Broder cross from left is caught by goalie.
25 min...Lynx Dodds cross from right is over everyone, Lynx Gerba works ball in but rolls weak 12 yarder to goalie.
26 min...AS YELLOW card...Josh Barton for knocking over Lynx Bartolomeu on left corner of AS net.
26 min...Lynx Mattacchione freekick from 22 yards from left that's headed away by defender.
26 min...Lynx Gbeke sends up skyball that AS goalie catches in box.
27 min...AS Ball 30 yard shot that's caught by goalie.
28 min...Lynx Gerba turns and shoots while slipping a 20 yard shot that's caught by goalie.
29 min...Lynx goalie catches 30 yard shot.
29 min...Lynx Bartolomeu cross from left end line is behind net.
31 min...AS Ball freekick from 25 yards has AS Cozier on right heads 5 yarder wide left.
32 min...Lynx goalie punches ball away from AS Brooks who was called offside on play of through ball.
33 min...AS Ball 25 yard freekick from left has ball hit back of Lynx Dodds flinching as the one man wall.
34 min...AS Ball cornerkick from left has goalie catch ball but drop when jostled but play whistled down.
35 min...AS Brooks 20 yard shot on right is well over net on rush.
36 min...AS De Lima slides into Lynx Gerba from behind injuring his leg.
38 min...Lynx Mattacchione pushes ball ahead to Lynx Dodds on right, shot blocked and Lynx Gerba kicks as he falls wide right from 7 yard with shot that's wide right.
40 min...Lynx Baxter short 15 yard freekick from right (already inside box) is headed wide right from 5 yards by leaping Lynx Gbeke.
41 min...AS Brooks rushes from right has cross sail through box. AS Ball scuffs 20 yard shot well wide right.
43 min...Lynx Bartolomeu falls head over heels on AS Josh Barton but gets up and rushes away with ball.
43 min...Lynx goalie catches cross from right ahead of as AS player waiting for ball on left post.
44 min...AS Broder has cross from left blocked by Lynx Gbeke and ball trickles through to goalie.
46 min...half ends 6:52pm.

2nd Half:...starts 7:08pm.
45:30 min...Lynx Gerba 25 yard freekick is palmed over bar by leaping goalie.
46 min...Lynx Dodds cornerkick from right, has Gbeke stop ball and 10 yard shot is blocked by defender.
47 min...AS Ball long run down left and Lynx Munthali called for foul tackle.
48 min...AS player's low 25 yard freekick on left near end line has defender block it.
49 min...Lynx Gbeke cross from left has Lynx Dodds shot blocked by defender on right.
50 min...AS Cozier rolls through ball and AS Fitzpatrick trips in box but there's no call.
52 min...Lynx Bartolomeu gets ball by AS Josh Barton and cross from left that's caught goalie.
53 min...AS player's cross and it appears to srike defender's arm but only a cornerkick is awarded.
53 min...AS Broder 30 yard sky boot is well wide left on rebound from cornerkick clearance.
55 min...AS Ball cross from right is cleared by defender.
56 min...Lynx sub...Pavic replaces Gbeke.
57 min...AS sub...Iotov replaces Josh Barton.
58 min...AS player's 35 yard freekick through to left, AS Cozier turns when ball headed down and his 10 yard shot is over net.
61 min...AS Afful throw-in from right cleared by defender on edge of box.
62 min...Lynx Gerba dekes AS Woods then AS Afful when given ball by Lynx Baxter on left, Gerba 12 yard shot is deflected wide left for cornerkick.
65 min...Lynx Dodds rush on left has cross from 20 yards has Lynx Pavic just miss beating goalie to ball and they bump.
66 min...AS sub...Ilarionov replaces De Lima.
67 min...AS Fitzpatrick stops Lynx Munthali clearance and takes 25 yard shot from left and is well over net.
68 min...Lynx player knocked down on edge of AS box but not call is made as it looked fair.
69 min...AS players break through defenders on edge of Lynx box but AS Brooks and AS Iotov but play is blown offside.
69 min...AS YELLOW card...Iotov for argueing with referee about offside call. It was actually the two AS players that bumped together.
70 min...Lynx Gerba stops ball when Lynx Baxter blasts 20 yard shot in AS box.
72 min...AS Brooks stabs 20 yard shot on right wide right.
73 min...AS Ball cornerkick from left has AS Iotov flick ball across box and AS is awarded a cornerkick from right.
74 min...Lynx Baxter 25 yard freekick has leaping goalie catch ball on right of box near post.
75 min...Lynx Gerba centers pass to Lynx Doods who blasts 25 yard wide right.
77 min...Lynx Hughes cross from left, has defender fly over and head ball away.
77 min...Lynx Bartolomeu has ball shot over net from 15 yards when knocked over after Lynx Dodds cornerkick from right.
78 min...Lynx sub...Prostran replaces Bartolomeu.
79 min...AS Iotov flips ball through and Lynx goalie gets to ball ahead of AS Ball to get to ball to knock over for cornerkick.
79 min...AS Ball cornerkick from left is headed away.
80 min...AS Broder cross from left has leaping goalie catch ball wide right of net in crowd of players.
82 min...Lynx Baxter injured as he tips over leg of AS player on edge of TL box.
83 min...Lynx Baxter 30 yard low shot through crowd is smothered by goalie.
84 min...AS player's cross from left is over everybody in box and wide right for throw-in.
85 min...AS John Ball GOAL...Ball has 5 yard shot that flying Lynx goalie Richard Goddard gets hand to, Ball recovers rebound and puts 5 yard shot into left side of net from his position on right post.
88 min...AS sub...Thompson replaces Brooks.
90 min...Lynx Prostran tries bicycle kick from 20 yards that's wid right as he only partially connects.
91 min...AS sub...Quiroz replaces Cozier.
92 ends 7:55pm.

Final Score:.......Toronto Lynx.......0........Atlanta Silverbacks...........1...........

Attendance was given as 1627 on this warm evening with the threat of rain earlier today never becoming more than that.

Lynx had more chances than the Silverbacks but couldn't get any great shots on target. Silverbacks looked better later in the second half but still had trouble getting their last man to connect. Lynx goalie Richard Goddard was listed as a last minute starter over Brian Rowland even showing up as the backup on the game sheets. There should have been no doubt as he was great taking out a lot of Silverbacks chances by catching crosses into the box before a player could tee up a shot or header. Silverbacks goalie Joe Barton did similar feats for the visitors and earned the shootout.

Lynx announced their intentions early with defender Aaron Steele earning a Yellow card when he slid feet first in and checked Adilson De Lima on the sideline. Referee Jonathan Lavergne didn't gave out very few cards the rest of the game. Silverbacks chances were often broked up by offside calls as it appeared the timing of their runs were well off.

Lynx defense was good and limited the chances of this hot team who now have won six games in a row. Silverbacks leading scorer Mac Cozier had only one or two shots. The Silverbacks pull further up into a playoff position pulling a full ten points ahead of the Lynx for the final playoff spot. Montreal, Rochester, Atlanta, and Richmond have pulled away from the other five teams in the Eastern division. Atlanta had played six of their last seven on the road including winning a Friday night road game against Syracuse.

Lynx had former CPSL Ottawa Wizards Charles Gbeke in the line up as a forward with Ali Gerba and they fit nicely as if they'd played together all year. Gbeke played a solid 56 minutes before making way for former CPSL Toronto Croatia player Juri Pavic. Lynx were doing without suspended players Adrian Serioux and Lewis Blois. Blois was in the press box as the colour man for the Rogers Community Channel television broadcast. Forward John Barry Nusum and defender Josua Mayard were away on National team duty--for Bermuda and Haiti respectively.

As the Lynx home game previously scheduled for this Tuesday against Virginia Beach has been postponed until August, the Lynx won't have another home game until July 8th.

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