Result of the Saturday July 9th, 2005 CPSL game between Toronto Supra and Windsor Border Stars played at Brockton Stadium at 7:00pm.

Toronto Supra (white socks, black shorts, black & white shirts, yellow numbers)

........................00 Adrian Ibanez
20 Jose Moreira...2 Arturo Alava...4 Marc Jankovic...17 Fabio Silva
7 Martin Peraza...13 Alejandro Matero...11 Daniel Nascimento...21 Uarlem Castro
...............10 Danny Amaral (cpt)...6 Adrian Llewellyn

Subs:...3 Frank Cardona (def)...5 Federico Araya (def)...8 Francisco Santos (fwd)...15 Adam Pacheco (fwd)...18 Sebastian Busto (mid)...19 Charles Darkwah (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Jose Testas...assistant coach Jose Carlos...manager Victor Cameira...trainer Guy Costa

Windsor Border Stars (orange socks, white shorts and shirts, black numbers)

.........................1 Anthony Santilli
5 Scott Patriquin...38 Justin Marshall...4 Fil Rocca...6 Josh Back
20 Dan Savich...12 David Dwaihy...7 Jeff Hodgson...2 Mike Sesar
..................11 Jeremy Harkins...9 Aaron Byrd

Subs:...8 Marcus Chorvat (mid)...13 Neil McNeil (fwd)...15 Steve Wonsch (fwd)...17 Chris King (fwd)...18 Kevin McEllan (mid)
team officials:...head coach Pat Hilton...assistant coach Scott Patriquin...manager Rosina Culleton...club official Jeff Hodgson

Game officials:...referee Isaac Raymond...referee's assistants Bob Sandhar and Dave Barrie...fourth officials Grace Iafrate...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 7:23pm...TS defend north goal on this warm evening with the sun in the west. All times are converted from my wristwatch.
2 min...W goalie catches popped up 10 yard header from right.
3 min...W Sesar 35 yard freekick roller through for easy save to goalie.
5 min...W goalie charges to right to catch long throw-in from right in crowd of players.
7 min...W Savich long run down right wing but crosses behind TS net.
8 min...TS YELLOW card...Peraza for tough tackle on sideline.
...........W YELLOW card...Back for pushing TS Peraza over after whistle.
10 min...W Harkins works ball by two defenders and passes off, gets ball back afnd rolls ball wide left for W player to cross back but sliding stops along end line.
11 min...TS Castro bends 25 yarder from left wide right of top corner of net.
14 min...TS Peraza 222 yard freekick from left is well wide of right post around 5 man wall.
16 min...TS Peraza gets ball after long throw-in from right knocked around in box and 12 yard shot is well wide right from left side.
17 min...TS Amaral quick turn and fire from 10yards wide right of net.
18 min...W Marshall 45 yard freekick from left is low but through all players in TS box.
21 min...W Savich 25 yard freekick from right is headed away, TS Llewellyn breaks out past two defender and pass on 2 on 1 is blocked by defender at 20 yard line.
22 min...W Savich long throw-in from right has W player on left blast 25 yarder hight and wide right of net.
24 min...W Savich given ball in open after cross from lefft and he chips goalie from 12 yards but leaping goalie catches it.
25 min...TS Amaral diving header from 7 yards is wide right of net.
26 min...TS player's quick throw-in from right has TS Peraza tip 8 yard shot over net from right.
28 min...TS Llewellyn 30 yard shot up middle is low and well wide right. Llewellyn is injured when he fell over on shot and needed treatment off field.
31 min...TS goalie grabs head back with W Sesar bashing through.
31 min...TS sub...Santos replaces Llewellyn.
32 min...W Savich long throw-in from right caught by TS goalie in box in crowd of players.
33 min...TS Nascimento blasts 18 yarder well over net after given chest pass on edge of box.
36 min...W Savich through pass on right to W Marshall and his cross to middle is blocked by defender in box.
37 min...W Sesar freekick from 35 yards on left has flying goalie push ball wide right of box.
38 min...TS goalie bats down cross from left.
38 min...W goalie sliding save outside box to prevent through ball.
41 min...W goalie slides out to beat TS Silva to through ball on left.
42 min...TS YELLOW card...Alaya for sliding tackle wide left of TS box.
43 min...W players 25 yard freekick from left has ball blocked in two man wall, he gets ball back and centering pass to W Rocca whose 20 yard shot blocked by defender.
44 min...TS Santos 20 yard open shot is just over net.
46 min...TS Silva cross from 30 yards on left has TS Santos head ball wide left of post from 8 yards on right.
46 min...half ends 8:09pm.

2nd half:...half starts 8:19pm. The field is now mostly in shadows.
46 min...W Harkins cross from near left cornerflag has defender in box head ball behind line.
47 min...W Sesar cornerkick from left is curled behind end line.
49 min...TS player knocked over in left of W box but can't draw referee's call.
50 min...W player's pass misses open man and charging goalie stops cross.
52 min...TS Mantero with rush up right for ball crosses into box and TS Amaral bounces 8 yard header that flying goalie pushes wide left of net.
53 min...W Sesar cornerkick from right is low and stopped by closest defender.
55 min...TS Peraza 35 yard shot from left sideline is well wide of net on right.
56 min...W Sesar on left on 2 on 0 blasts 20 yard shot well over net.
57 min...W goalie makes two sliding saves.
58 min...W YELLOW card...Patriquin for tripping TS Amaral who'd been running up middle and had pushed ball past Patiquin.
59 min...TS Mantero gets rebound on 30 yard freekick from right and pushes ball ahead and TS Amaral pushes ball wide right of net from 5 yards without having control.
60 min...W sub...Chorvat replaces limping Patriquin.
61 min...W Chorvat pushed cross from middle and on run down left cuts 20 yard roller wide right.
62 min...W Dwaihy has 15 yard shot from left pushed wide right by goaltender and W Harkins rolls 8 yard rebound wide left.
63 min...TS sub...Busto replaces Mantero.
64 min...W Sesar long throw-in from left has TS Moreira head ball just over net.
65 min...TS goalie charges through box to bat down then gather up cornerkick from left.
67 min...TS Amaral held up by W Rocca from getting 4 on 1 break from W 45 yard line.
69 min...TS Amaral flicks pass on 2 on 1 annd other player who chips fof goal is called offside.
70 min...W Sesar 45 yard freekick is low and defender blocks on edge of box.
71 min...TS sub...Cardona replaces Nascimento.
73 min...W Sesar gets away on left side and cross into box has W Byrd kick over bar from 5 yards.
74 min...TS Jankovic gets back for sliding block on W Chorvat rush down middle and blocks 15 yard shot from left.
74 min...W player's cornerkick is headed over line by defender on right.
74 min...W player's cornerkick from right has partial clearance shot back into box.
76 min...W Sesar long throw-in from left cleared by defender.
77 min...W Chorvat cross from left line is over players in box.
77 min...W Hodgson cross from left is over players in box.
78 min...W Chorvat cornerkick from right is through players in box for another cornerkick.
79 min...W Harkins cornerkick from left has goalie leap to knock down ball then he's pushed over but holds onto ball.
80 min...W player's long throw-in from right is over goalie no one can plays ball.
81 min...TS Santos gets deflected ball and 25 yard shot from left is chipped just wide right.
82 min...W goalie catches 12 yard header crossed in from left.
82 min...W Dwaihy(?) 25 yard shot tipped over net for cornerkick.
83 min...W Harkins cornerkick fromleft has goalie knock ball away for another cornerkick from right.
84 min...Supra Danny Amaral GOAL...Amaral takes ball off WBS Fil Rocca who'd just blocked a weak pass attempt by a Supra player from 20 yards up the middle. Amaral comes in from behind knocks ball to himself and hits 10 yarder into left side of net beyond frozen goaltender Anthony Santilli.
87 min...TS YELLOW card...Castro for kicking sliding W Marshall inside box as he runs into box.
88 min...TS defender and TS goalie crash together but defender is back in time to clear.
90 min...W Hodgson 35 yard shot from left bounces to goalie.
91 min...Supra Francisco Santos GOAL...Santos is in on 2 on 0 from center line as WBS players were pressing for a tying goal. Santos makes the long run from the right wing cutting toward net and pushes ball into right corner of net from 10 yards instead of passing.
92 min...W Harkins quick restart goal blasts 55 yard shot well over net.
92 min...game ends 9:06pm.

Final Score:..........Toronto Supra...........2...............Windsor Border Stars..........0...........

Attendance was about 100 on this warm evening with the sun still shining from the north west for the first half. Supra had been trying for a breakaway much of the game but were foiled by offside flags so they finally pulled one of at the end of the game. Supra scoring leader Adrian Llewellyn needed to be subbed at 28 minutes when he fell while stretching for a shot at the WBS 30 yard line. Francisco Santos came into the game and missed a few chances until the final two minutes of the game. Daniel Nascimento, Martin Peraza, and Danny Amaral could have made things easier if they'd have scored earlier in the game on their chances.

Border Stars must have set a record for the number of corner kicks they were awarded especially in the second half. Supra goalie Adrian Ibanez earned the shutout with some good stops but the Border Stars had enough chances to win with Mike Sesar, David Dwaihy, and Jeremy Harkins missing chances. Aaron Byrd missed the easiest after Mike Sesar got away on the left side and crossed into the TS box which had Byrd kick the bar over the bar from only 5 yards at 73 minutes. The team brought five subs for this game (and they play in Oakville tomorrow). This certainly gave them more choice than the early season game against Toronto Croatia when they had the minimum eleven players and played short when one of them was injured. Surprisingly they won that game.

Along the subway line, Glasgow Rangers (Scotland) were playing a CPSL All Star team at the old site of the demolished Varsity Stadium. I had enough warning to go to that game after a change in venue the day before but chose to come here. I was expecting an un-numbered sweatshirt, frequent substitutes kick around. Photos on the Rangers website show both teams were wearing uniforms. I wondered the composition of the All Stars being that these two teams had their full rosters, and Brampton were in Laval (Montreal) for a game tonight taking four teams out of the running to supply players. There was a game the night before and three games on Sunday so I wasn't sure who was going to play. I asked the DeThomasis' who were at this game scouting for their team Vaughan Shooters and Tony DeThomasis said he didn't sanction any of his players to take part. That makes sense as the Shooters are in Laval tomorrow.

No-uniform numbers games are hard to report. I actually experienced a bit of that tonight because the Windsor ladies team lost 1-0 on a late goal to the lady Supra team. Most of the Windsor team were in just unnumbered t-shirts. That game had a similar plot to this game so both Windsor teams could compare notes on the bus ride home.

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