Result of the Sunday August 7th, 2005 CPSL game between Oakville Blue Devils and London City played at Bronte Stadium in Oakville at 6:00pm.

Oakville Blue Devils (white socks and shirts, navy shorts and numbers)

............................1 Sa Brahima Traore
3 Nicholas Poku...8 Sergio De Luca...2 Jamie Fairweather...17 Marko Bendenikovich
15 Ian Sinclair...4 Lovemore Ncube...13 Phil Ionadi (cpt)...10 Igor Prostran
....................18 Paul Speakman...7 Marko Janjicek

Subs:...00 Hermes Jurez (gk)...11 Gabriel Pop (fwd)...14 Omar Samuels (mid)...16 Ryan Gamble (fwd)...19 Maxime Dorneval (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Duncan Wilde...assistant coach Billy Steele...equipment manager Jim Healy

London City (white socks, shorts and numbers, black shirts, red trim)

...............................31 Ibrahim Hadzic
15 Attila Salamon...34 Marco Peeters...29 Jeff Brown...30 Rajah Mayers
19 Shawn Ord...23 Paul O'Hare...35 Dennis Peeters...5 Fred Nunziata*
..................12 Karim Ben Sari...10 Abukari Adams

Subs:...2 Mohcine Talouati (def)...3 Erik Elmauer (fwd)...13 Ilija Ilic (def)...32 Jon Hart (def)...37 Nicholas Mancuso (fwd)...18 Jermain Shakes (def)...26 Keith Andrew (fwd)...(28* listed as Fred Nunziata however he was the starter from another game I saw him in wearing #5)
team officials:...general manager/head coach Harry Paul Gauss...staff coaches Jeff Brown and Julian Carr...trainer Istvan Bozso...staff Larry Mote and Ron Cecchin

Game officials:...referee Michael Lambert...referee assistants Michael Izzo and Andrew Kravets...fourth official Paula Francisci...(red shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 6:08pm...OBD defend south end on this very hot humid evening with a bright sun in the north west...the field is pretty chopped up and dusty...all times are converted from my wristwatch.
2 min...OBD Ionadi one touches 10 yarder over LC net after header popped forward.
3 min...OBD Speakman rush from right has shot deflected wide right from 12 yards.
5 min...LC Ord 30 yard shot from right is wide right.
6 min...LC goalie slides left to smother through ball to OBC Prostran.
9 min...LC player's quick throw-in from left has short flip pass that's headed by LC Ben Sari from 5 yards just over net.
10 min...LC O'Hare cornerkick from right has OBD Prostran make save with header on line on LC player's kick.
12 min...OBD Bendenikovich 30 yard freekick bounces to goalie who blocks it then picks ball up.
15 min...OBD Janjicek pops ball over net when goalie bobbles ball in box and Janjicek slides in for awkward 5 yard shot.
17 min...LC Ord long throw-in from left has LC Nunziata 20 yard shot blocked by defender.
18 min...OBD goalie long kick from goalie and LC Brown heads ball back to goalie and OBD Janjicek chips 10 yarder over net.
19 min...LC O'Hare cornerkick from right is low and cleared by closest defender.
20 min...OBD Bendenikovich cross after run to ball on left drifts behind net.
22 min...LC Adams gets breakaway and charging OBD goalie makes sliding save on edge of box on 22 yard shot.
27 min...LC O'Hare cornerkick from right has ball caught by leaping goalie.
28 min...Blue Devils Phil Ionadi GOAL...Ionadi receives pass from 35 yards from right by OBD Lovemore Ncube and one touches mid air shot
from 12 yards on left to top right corner of net.

30 min...LC goalie catches ball outside box. Only a freekick is given. That took an OBD player to get the referee's assistant to help make the call.
31 min...OBD Bendenikovich curls 20 yard freekick just wide of top left corner. The goalie says he can't see.
32 min...LC Adams breaks through middle and goalie makes sliding save at 16 yards and ball pops up, Adams heads 10 yarder over net.
33 min...LC Ord short cornerkick from right has LC O'Hare cross into box, OBD defender heads ball, LC Ord one-touch 12 yarder from right is wide right.
36 min...City Abukari Adams GOAL...City Karim Ben Sari shot from 10 yards has goalie Sa Brahima Traore block and Adams on left recovers ball and cuts in an 8 yard shot at a tough angle into short left side of net past defender.
37 min...City Abukari Adams GOAL...City Karim Ben Sari rush through middle and goalie blocks 10 yarder, Ben Sari gets roller that hits sliding defender's hand but Adams is right there to shoot 3 yarder into open net.
39 min...LC player is injured in own end and referee calls for a water break.
40 min...OBD Ionadi gets to loose ball in LC box but blasts 7 yarder over net.
41 min...OBD Ncube 25 yard roller blasted wide left.
43 min...OBD Ionadi 30 yard freekick from right has ball knocked around in box but cleared.
44 min...OBD Prostran cross from left has defender block OBD forward's shot.
45 min...LC Ord long throw-in from right has ball knocked around. LC Adams gets ball away from goalie but 12 yard blast from left is well wide left.
46 min...half ends 6:54pm.

2nd Half:...starts 7:11pm.
halftime sub:...Pop replaces Speakman.
46 min...OBD goalie caught out of box but LC can't make play.
47 min...LC Salamon 40 yard shot on partial clearance is well over net.
51 min...OBD DeLuca 25 yard shot through crowd caught low by goalie.
55 min...LC Ord long throw-in from left has partial clearance header but LC Nunziata shanks kick behind him.
57 min...LC Nunziata lets ball roll for him and 7 yard shot is well wide left.
58 min...OBD Yellow card...Poku for tackle on LC Ord injurying him on sideline in OBD end.
59 min...OBD Janjicek foots away LC player's long throw-in from near OBD right corner.
60 min...OBD Prostran pops header from 10 yards on left just over top right corner.
61 min...Blue Devils Marko Bendenikovich GOAL...Bendenikovich blasts 35 yard shot after receiving pass on throw-in from left and the ball takes a bounce over diving goalie Ibrahim Hadzic into right corner of net. There was no screening on the shot.
65 min...LC Ord long throw-in from left has LC Dennis Peeters with his back to OBD net head flick ball wide from 10 yards.
66 min...OBD Sinclair 30 yard shot has LC defender send flick header behind own net.
68 min...OBD Fairweather can't turn header on cross inside LC box.
69 min...OBD Prostran cross from right has leaping goalie catch ball near right post.
70 min...LC YELLOW card...Mayers for late tackle on OBD Prostran near center line.
71 min...LC Ben Sari fed through ball and his quick kick from 22 yards is wide left.
72 min...LC Ord gets good low shot from 15 yards saved by goalie on dive and defender clears.
74 min...LC Nunziata cross from left is caught by goalie.
75 min...OBD Poku injured on tackle in own end near sideline. The referee calls a water break.
75 min...OBD sub...Gamble replaces Pop.
77 min...OBD Gamble 20 yard roller from left into left webbing of net.
78 min...LC sub...Elmauer replaces Nunziata.
78 min...LC Brown 45 yard freekick is up middle and defender heads ball away on edge of box.
82 min...OBD YELLOW card...Fairweather for tackle on LC Adams at 30 yards.
83 min...LC Elmauer 30 yard freekick blast is low and blocked by defender.
83 min...LC Elmauer sliding tackle to gain possession and his 30 yard blast is over net.
84 min...LC sub...Andrew replaces Adams.
85 min...OBD Ncube cross from right is into LC box and defenders clear.
85 min...OBD sub...Dorneval replaces Prostran.
86 min...LC O'Hare long throw-in from left has defender clear behind line.
86 min...LC O'Hare cornerkick from left has ball go over all players in box.
87 min...OBD Ionadi 30 yard freekick from right is blocked by two man wall.
89 min...LC O'Hare breaks on left but defender checks ball away from him.
90 min...LC Andrew bashes into OBD goalie to free up ball but play whistled down.
91 min...City RED card...Erik Elmauer receives Red card directly from referee Michael Lambert for head butting a Blue Devil player from behind in the Blue Devil end of the field.
92 min...LC goalie catches long bouncer from 50 yards.
92 min...game ends 7:58pm.

Final Score:............Oakville Blue Devils...........2...........London City...........2...........

Attendance was about 120 on this extremely hot and humid early evening.

Blue Devils coach Duncan Wilde said before the game that he was worried that his team was going to have to do without central defenders Aaron Steele and Kevin Ricketts who are both out with injuries. City certainly took advantage of this as they had many runs straight up the middle and goalie Sa Brahima Traore (formerly of CPSL Ottawa Wizards) had to come off his line quite often to smother through balls. He would quickly recover a cross or make a save and often throw or kick the ball up field to start a fast break for his team. Another former Wizards goalie, Richard Goddard does the same for the USL Toronto Lynx.

City's Shawn Ord was the throw-in king with anything within 25 yards of the end lines being thrown directly into the box. Paul O'Hare did the same and took most of the second half corner kicks too. City brought in a more 'aggressive' forward combo for the last 10 to 15 minutes and it almost paid off with Keith Andrew and Erik Elmauer getting to some balls by muscling off some players. Andrew bashed into the Blue Devils goalie while the goalie leaped for a ball and understandably that play was whistled down. Elmauer 'The Hammer' was sent off directly for a head butt the referee confirmed. One of the assistants said 'it was the third time he tried it'.

City goalie Ibrahim Hadzic was complaining that he couldn't see the ball in the first half when the sun was almost behind him. He wore a set of goggle glasses and they kept steaming up. The tying goal was one that he just should have saved but he dived for it and it bounced over him probably hitting a bald patch and deflecting too high but you've just got to make those kinds of saves from 35 yards to survive.

The field was not in very good shape with bald patches of dust in several places. In the north end both the goaltenders were called for handling the ball outside the box but only free kicks were given. Neither the football lines nor the soccer lines were particularly bright.

I'd never been here before. The 'stadium' is really just a clubhouse/washrooms/snack bar and Blue Devils Duncan Wilde says seating for 500 on bleachers on either side of the brick clubhouse. The park is in the isolated south part of the city near Lake Ontario, much the same as when they played at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough (Toronto) when they were known as Metro Lions. Attendance wasn't much better either. The club would be ready to jump if a stadium gets built in the north of Oakville for the 2007 Under 20 World Cup. The club plays most of its game Thursday nights and I plan on being here when the team moves their games an hour later from the middle of this month.

This marks the second time this year I've seen both teams but it's been more than two months for Oakville June 5th and June 12th for London. I've now watched every team at least twice this year except Laval whom I haven't seen at all. Three more Sunday's of conflicts with USL Toronto Lynx games then I should be able to take in more CPSL action.

Rocket Robin

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