May 10, 2007 CSL Trois-Riveres Attak announce major sponsorships (from CSL media release)

Thursday - May 10, 2007
Carlsberg and Puma

The newest team in the CSL, Trois-Rivères Attak, has announced a partnership with two new sponsors – Carlsberg and Puma.

The Carlsberg brew, one of the best beers in the world, will be served during the Trois-Rivières Attak games, while Puma becomes the official equipment supplier of Attak, the reserve team of the USL’s Montreal Impact.

'The extension of a partnership with the Impact allows us the benefit of a relationship with two highly prestigious international companies', said Tony Iannitto, when the announcement of the two sponsorships was made recently.

Both Rob Boulet, from Carlsberg, and Ted Fletcher, president of Puma Canada, believe this new partnership will assist in for further development of the Attak and represents another step for the sport of soccer as a whole.

'Puma wishes to be a major supplier in Quebec, as it is already in the world. This support to young players shows that Puma wants to be involved at all levels of the progression of the athletes,' said Fletcher.

Rob Boulet from Carlsberg had a similar message, that 'For us, the association with the Attak is natural because it allows us to contribute to the development of soccer. Moreover, it is also a logical partnership since we already had one with the Impact.'

The Attak also had the opportunity to unveil its home and away uniforms for their first season in the CSL. The team will sport the Puma Artillero line in white while for home games and blue when playing away.

While Carlsberg’s sales division is an important part of their business, the company also strives to promote fan loyalty, largely through a variety of marketing programs. For the team’s first upcoming home game on May 13, Carlsberg will hand out special home opener imprinted glasses to the first 1200 spectators.

Toronto Croatia is the visiting team for the 4 p.m. kickoff at the University of Quebec Stadium at Trois-Rivieres.

Tanya Ng Yuen

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