Result of the Sunday August 12th, 2007 CSL game between Italia Shooters and St Catharines Roma Wolves played at The Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 7:00pm.

Italia Shooters (blue socks and shirts, black shorts, white numbers)

....................00 Camilo Benzi
..........20 Alex Ruhe Lischke...4 Rick Titus...11 Fitzroy Christie
12 Alvaro Yacques...8 Chris Turner...26 Carlos Medina...19 Desi Humphrey...14 Sean Myers
...............10 Josua Jaramillo...5 Stalin Cardenas

Subs:...1 Pablo Alvarado (gk)...2 Denny Velastegui (def)...7 Miles O'Connor (mid)...17 Michael Ferracci (fwd)...21 Kevin Omakua (fwd)...22 Geron Duporte (mid)
team officials:...head coach Tony DeThomasis...assistant coach Sam Medeiros...manager John Paccione...trainer/physio Stell Makdis...team officials Julian Carr and Ruben Toro

St Catharines Roma Wolves (marooon socks and shirts, black shorts, white numbers, orange trim)

....................1 Claudio Perri (cpt)
19 Dan Gallacher...4 Matt Waddington...14 Geoff Attard...5 Joe Conte
3 Joe Del Priore...15 Tony Mermigas...12 Tenardo Copeland...8 Arnie Magnotta
...............20 Marc Morency...9 Anthony Strange

Subs:...21 Tony Visca (gk)...7 Paul Delano...10 Carlo Arghittu...11 Stef Kamendy
team officials:...head coach James McGillivary...assistant coach Stacy Gough...manager Armand DiFruscio

Game officials:...referee Justin Tasev...referee's assistants Alex William and Michael Winstanley...fourth official Derek Abrams...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 7:11pm...IS defend north end on this warm and partially overcast evening.
5 min...IS Myers chips goalie from 22 yards on left but ball bounces and lands on top of net.
6 min...IS Humphrey in middle passes left to IS Jaramillo who rushes in and takes low 12 yard roller that hits right post and defender clears.
8 min...Wolves Gallacher cornerkick from right has Wolves Strange pop up header on right post. Gallacher gets 15 yard blast that deflects for cornerkick on left.
11 min...Wolves Mermigas injured on sliding tackle by IS Titus at IS 30 yards.
12 min...Wolves Strange 30 yard freekick up middle has goalie catch low on net.
14 min...IS Turner rolls 30 yard pass upfield too far for charging for IS player.
14 min...IS goalie charges forward to punch away through ball and defender clears roller shot into box from 25 yards.
16 min...Wolves Gallacher pushes pass from 50 yards on right to center and Wolves Strange blasts 20 yarder over back fence up middle.
17 min...Wolves goalie on edge of box boots away through ball to IS Christie.
18 min...IS goalie gets hand to low 15 yard shot along end line. IS defender clears ball off line.
19 min...IS Jaramillo cornerkick from left has IS Ruhe Lischke leap and head 7 yard shot wide right.
20 min...IS Humphrey cuts in from left and 20 yard roller to goalie on left post.
22 min...Wolves Mermigas 30 yard shot/chip well high and wide right.
24 min...Wolves Gallacher freekick near left corner has defender head away.
25 min...IS Titus holds off Wolves Morency making play on long pass and ball rolls for goalkick.
27 min...IS Humphrey long run on left but rolls cross that defender clears.
30 min...IS goalie leaps to catch bouncer on edge of box.
31 min…Shooters Stalin Cardenas GOAL…IS Desi Humphreys gets bouncing pass at centre line on left sideline and runs towards middle and passes roller to right from 30 yards. Cardenas charges and shoots low 18 yard shot to left corner of net beyond sliding goalie.
33 min…Shooters Sean Myers GOAL…Myers gets away 20 yard shot that sliding goalie Claudio Perri gets a piece of at 7 yards but ball deflects up and rolls into center of net. IS Josua Jaramillo had sent Myers a pass from the right.
37 min...IS Turner 30 yard chip pass ruled offside.
40 min...Wolves Mermigas one-touch header when he receives cross from left and sends 15 yard ball that hits crossbar and is cleared.
43 min...IS Jaramillo cornerkick from right has Wolves Waddington head ball away. IS Cardenas 22 yard rebound shot is wide of net.
43 min...IS goalie catches cross from left and holds ball out of net when he's bumped.
44 min...IS Cardenas passes left to IS Humphreys who runs down wing and rolls cross on edge of box that IS Medina turns and low 18 yard shot saved by diving goalie.
44 min...IS Christie 50 yard shot from left is blocked by goalie who clears ball.
46 min...half ends 7:57pm.

2nd Half:...starts 8:13pm.
45 min...IS Jaramillo cornerkick from left is low and cleared. His recross is over players in box.
46 min...IS goalie dives wide right to stop through ball.
47 min...IS Cardenas 22 yard freekick from extreme right whistled down in box.
50 min...IS Myers cross from right has IS Turner header leap from left post but ball deflected for cornerkick.
51 min...IS Ruhe Lischke heads 10 yard try over net from right on IS cornerkick from left.
53 min...Wolves sub...Arghittu replaces Morency.
55 min...IS Yacque gets away pass upfield than is clipped by Wolves Waddington at Wolves 50 yard line. IS Jaramillo gets away on break and kicks ball wide left of net from 15 yards.
55 min...Wolves YELLOW card...Waddington gets a delayed card on the previous play.
57 min...Wolves sub...Kamendy replaces Magnotta.
58 min...IS Medina cross from 30 yards on right is blocked and cleared.
59 min...IS Myers run on right and rolls cross to Wolves goalie from 20 yards.
60 min...IS sub...Duporte replaces Jaramillo who'd been injured at center line.
62 min...IS sub...Velastegui replaces Yacques who was injured at IS 30 yard line near sideline.
63 min...IS Cardenas run on left and rolls cross along end line from 20 yards to Wolves goalie.
66 min...IS goalie charges out to clear loose ball.
67 min…Shooters RED card…Stalin Cardenas earns a direct ejection for smashing into Wolves Matt Waddington at Wolves 40 yard line. Waddington limps off the field having been down for two minutes but returns to game two minutes after restart.
69 min...Wolves Kamendy 35 yard roller up middle is stopped by goalie. Wolves Copeland and IS Velastegui are both injured in kick-check near center line.
71 min...Wolves Waddington returns to game before game restarts.
73 min...Wolves Gallacher 40 yard freekick from right has play flagged offside.
73 min...IS sub...O'Connor replaces Turner.
75 min...IS defenders clear ball into box with pop up header after cross from right.
76 min...Wolves Attard blocks cross from right but concedes cornerkick.
76 min...IS Velastegui receives short cornerkick on right and crosses over box.
77 min...IS Christie pops up 25 yard kick that goalie catches on left post.
78 min...IS YELLOW card...Medina for harrassing goalie.
79 min...IS Medina 40 yard blast from right is through players just wide left of post.
80 min...Wolves Strange charges in to take IS goalie clearance off head and ball deflects for throw-in.
81 min...IS Humphrey run up left cuts to middle and 22 yard blast is high and wide right of top corner of net.
83 min...Wolves sub...Delano replaces Del Priore.
............IS sub...Omakua replaces Myers.
83 min...Wolves Arghittu rush on left and cross has ball knocked for cornerkick.
84 min...Wolves Arghittu worlks out cornerkick from left and goalie catches 18 yard shot in crowd of players.
84 min...IS goalie picks up through ball ahead of Wolves player.
85 min...IS Velastegui charges back to clear through ball.
85 min...IS goalie catches cross from right.
86 min...IS goalie makes flying save to block 20 yard shot.
86 min...Wolves Strange cross from left has goalie sprawl for catch.
87 min...IS Humphrey rush up right and 25 yard shot that sprawling goalie gets hand to and deflects ball wide.
87 min...IS sub...Ferracci replaces Medina.
89 min...Wolves Strange just a step behind pass to him alone charging on left and ball rolls for IS throw-in.
89 min...furious action in IS box as Wolves players press. Wolves Strange 12 yard shot up middle has defender deflect ball wide left.
92 min...Wolves Waddington 28 yard shot over crowd of players and ball is caught by goalie.
93 min...IS goalie charges out of box to clear ball.
93 min...IS Humphrey 45 yard attempt to chip goalie but shot is wide right.
94 min...Wolves Strange 30 yard shot up middle is lobbed over net.
95 min...IS Omakua 35 yard shot is well over net.
95 min...game ends 9:03pm.

Final Score:…….Italia Shooters……..2…………..St Catharines Roma Wolves……..0………

Attendance was about 120 on this warm evening with a partially overcast sky. The rain of the afternoon did not have an effect on playing on the Field Turf surface.

Referee Justin Tasev had given out only one card until the ejection and ironically that was to Matt Waddington 12 minutes earlier. He had to give out a few cards later when action became rougher.

The Red card certainly made the game tenser as the Wolves got more chances to press. As Cardenas was a forward, the Shooters understandably played with just one forward so they could keep a full backfield. Desi Humphrey played a strong game as a midfield winger and got in some good crosses.

Camilo Benzi earned the shutout for the Shooters and was well tested in the last 20 minutes when the Wolves pressed. Shooters Fitzroy Christie, Rick Titus, Alex Ruhe Lischke and Alvaro Yacques were the defenders and limited the Wolves shots on net and made some good clearances of rebounds including a few stops on the goal line. Benzi helped his cause by making some timely charges out of his box to clear away loose and through balls. Anthony Strange was the greatest Wolves threat. Wolves goalie Claudio Perri was much busier but had to be sharp to keep the score down.

Rick Titus answered me after the game that he is still working for the Toronto Lynx Academy. Although the PDL team players have gone back to their universities now, there is still the Under 14s and 17s training throughout the Fall. Titus agreed that there’s still nothing like playing! Shooters head coach Tony DeThomasis said Titus and the team approached each other about him joining the team. A lot of the players know him and recommended him. In the games I’ve watched, he’s been a great acquisition.

These two teams meet in a rematch on Wednesday night in St Catharines. Scheduling like this happens quite often this year in the CSL even for teams not in the same division. It must make it tough on the officiating crew for teams out for revenge or retribution.

Rocket Robin

Roma Wolves starters

Shooters starters

Opening kickoff.

Referee signals for "play on".

Officials and players examine how badly Matt Waddington was hurt.

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