Result of the Saturday September 1st, 2007 CSL Open Canada Cup Semi-Final between Windsor Border Stars and Columbus Clan played at Cove Road in London Ontario at 5:00pm.

Windsor Border Stars (white socks and shirts, black shorts and numbers)

....................1 Anthony Santilli
2 Dan Trosper...5 Scott Patriquin...4 Filip Rocca...14 JJ Dowhan
24 Haveer Mann...11 David Dwaihy...7 Jeff Hodgson...9 Aaron Byrd
....................15 Woreth Sampson...10 Radek Papiez

Subs:...21 Issac Idisho (def)...29 Erik Elmauer (mid)...33 Christin Hatzenbuler (mid)
team Pat Hilton...manager Jeff Hodgson

Columbus Clan FC (all blue, white numbers)...designated the 'home' team

..................1 Geoff Ayi-Bonte
6 Blair Robertson...4 Jonathan Poli...5 Tony Gaita (cpt)...7 Frank Mollica
21 Tino Cucca...9 Steve DeBlasio...23 Craig Richards...17 Tiarnan King
...............10 Gino Gaita...18 Joe Scigliano

Subs:...01 Carlo Bertelli (gk)...12 Devin Mathews (def)...14 Rob Mascitti (def)...16 Sal Cuccione (mid)...19 Carmen D'Onofrio (def/fwd)...20 Paul Jordan (fwd)
team officials:...player/coach Carmen D'Onofrio...assistant coach Rob Mascitti...manager Joe Papa

Game officials:...referee Steve DePierro...referee's assistants John Oliva and Gianni Facchini...fourth official Yusir Rudolph...(neon green shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st starts 5:14pm...WBS defend north end on this hot, humid late afternoon with the sun behind clouds.
2 min...CC Scigliano away on right but falls on his own and ball pushed over end line.
3 min...WBS goalie catches 20 yard bouncer cross from left.
4 min...CC King away on right and rounds defender WBS Downhan and centers cross and ball rolls for CC DeBlasio to blast 18 yard shot wide left.
6 min...CC Scigliano races to cross from right. WBS goalie dives forward to get hand to push ball forward and prevent CC player's blast from 6 yards.
7 min...CC King falls and 12 yard shot from left is rolled wide right of net.
9 min...WBS Mann gets pass up middle, turns and fires 15 yard roller that goalie stops.
10 min...WBS YELLOW card...Patriquin for hand ball preventing CC Gino Gaita from break in on right.
11 min...Clan Jonathan Poli GOAL...Clan Craig Richards takes 30 yard freekick from the right that’s bent into the box and Poli misses header at 5 yards charging towards it. Clan Tony Gaita rescues ball on left end line and crosses back and Poli boots in 4 yarder from left to top right of net.
12 min...Border Stars Woreth Sampson GOAL...Sampson gets ball in middle on pass from right and his low 7 yard shot is a roller past goalie Geoff Ayi-Bonte guarding right side of net.
14 min...Border Stars Radek Papiez GOAL...WBS Woreth Sampson in box crosses to open left side for Papiez to charge into shoot 12 yard shot from left into low left side of net with goalie in middle.
16 min...WBS Papiez rolls 15 yarder from right to goalie.
17 min...WBS Dwaihy rush on left cross to WBS Byrd who pushes ball to WBS Sampson slides kicks 10 yarder over net but was ruled offside anyway.
18 min...CC Gino Gaita splits WBS Rocca and WBS Patiquin and breakaway has 12 yard shot stopped point blank by sliding goalie.
20 min...WBS Dan Trosper pushes over CC Tiarnan King on left side of box. Referee Steve De Piero awards a Penalty kick.
21 min...Clan Tiarnan King GOAL...King’s penalty kick is low to right corner as goalie slides/dives to left.
22 min...CC Scigliano can't draw Penalty kick on jersey tugging and he weakly falls over in WBS box.
23 min...WBS Dowhan slides to block CC Scigliano rush on left on break that may have been offside.
24 min...CC goalie catches 25 yard shot on wide right side of box.
26 min...CC Cucca cross from right 30 yards has CC Scigliano miss.
27 min...WBS Byrd pushes ball too far ahead for goalie on rush up left.
27 min...CC DeBlasio rush up middle and shot over crowd hits right goalpost from 20 yards.
28 min...CC Cucca cross from 25 yards on right has CC Scigliano head over net from 10 yards on leap.
28 min...WBS Papiez injured in center circle and limps off field for treatment.
32 min...CC goalie catches WBS Papiez cross from 20yards on right end line.
34 min...WBS Papiez cross from right from 20 yards on end line has WBS Trosper flick header from 7 yards on right just wide left of net.
36 min...WBS YELLOW card...Trosper for push on CC Molica at 40 yard sideline in WBS end.
38 min...WBS Papiez pushes ball up middle to WBS Byrd but ruled offside.
39 min...CC sub...Rosenlund replaces Gino Gaita.
40 min...WBS Hodgson cross from 25 yards on left has leaping goalie catch ball in crowd of players.
41 min...WBS Dowhan blasts 28 yarder up middle over crowd of players wide right of net.
41 min...WBS Trosper gets pass and 30 yard blast deflected has flying goalie palm ball wide right of net.
42 min...WBS player's cornekick from right has goalie punch ball out for fast break.
42 min...CC DeBlasio rush on right has goalie make point blank shot on edge of box.
43 min...WBS Papiez cross near end line has defender head ball wide left for cornerkick.
44 min...WBS Byrd cornerkick from left has defender heads ball away.
45 min...WBS Sampson eludes three defender dribbling on left and 12 yard shot from left into outside left webbing of net.
45 min...CC players ruled offside on play inside WBS box.
46 min...CC Richards 22 yard freekick from right has defender head away.
47 min...WBS Rocca scissor stop check on CC King all-ball to strip him in left of box.
47 min...CC YELLOW card...a player gets this for hammering WBS Rocca after his check.
48 min...half ends 6:02pm.

2nd Half:...starts 6:16pm...I crossed to the player's bench side of the field out of sight for the clock so the rest of the game is measured from my wristwatch.
48 min...WBS player in CC box ruled offside on pass from left.
49 min...CC Robertson heads cross from WBS player for cornerkick to left.
49 min...WBS Byrd cornerkick from left has CC Poli head away from box.
51 min...CC YELLOW card...Robertson for hanging on to WBS Sampson at 35 yards running up middle.
52 min...WBS Papiez 35 yard freekick up middle has goalie smother ball on left side of goal.
53 min...WBS Dwaihy rush on left and after he eludes one player has CC Poli deflect shot wide left of net.
55 min...WBS Byrd cornekick from left has ball cleared back to him and his recross is cleared.
55 min...Border Stars Radek Papiez GOAL...WBS Woreth Sampson in middle taps ball over to Papiez who blasts 15 yard shot into low right side of net.
58 min...WBS Papiez has defender knock ball out for cornerkick chasing him from behind.
59 min...WBS Papiez cornerkick from right has him recross ball but that's also knocked away.
60 min...WBS Rocca injured in WBS box.
60 min...CC sub...Cuccione replaces Mollica.
61 min...CC Cuccione knocks down CC cornerkick from right but ball is cleared before he can get shot.
62 min...CC King chips 15 yard shot landing on to of net near top left corner.
65 min...CC Cuca on right has WBS Rocca stand ground when knocked into and he wins goalkick.
66 min...WBS Sampson passes to WBS Mann who rushes shot off target from right. WBS Sampson is held up by goalie and rolled passed to WBS Papiez who has shot blocked.
67 min...CC player's 30 yard freekick from left is through players in box and WBS Byrd clears on right.
68 min...WBS Byrd 6 yard shot off left goalpost and fallen goalie gets up to catch deflection. WBS Byrd following up on play to get opportunity for that shot.
70 min...WBS Papiez cross from right 15 yards has CC Robertson head over net for cornerkick.
71 min...WBS Dwaihy cross from left has WBS Byrd pop up header that goalie catches in crowd of players.
72 min...CC Richards cornekick from right has WBS defender concede cornerkick.
72 min...CC Richards cornerkick from right has defender clear.
72 min...CC Cuccione 20 yard shot is well over net over crowd of players.
74 min...WBS sub...Elmauer replaces Trosper.
74 min...WBS Sampson beat CC Tony Gaita and CC Poli but they catch him from behind and he pushes ball off. WBS Papiez cuts in low 18 yard shot from left just wide of right post.
75 min...Clan Steve De Blasio GOAL...Clan Tiarnan King rush on right has cross partially cleared and De Blasio boots low 20 yard shot from right to low left corner of net beyond diving goalie.
76 min...CC King cornerkick from left has WBS Poli head ball away.
77 min...WBS defender gets back to break up CC player's rush.
78 min...WBS Sampson rush on left cross to WBS Byrd whose 15 yard shot caught by goalie.
80 min...CC Cucca chips ball up middle from 30 yards but charging goalie catches ahead of CC striker.
80 min...CC Robertson rush on right and crosses ball that has defender clear.
81 min...CC Poli concedes cornerkidk although the WBS player was on 1 on 3 rush.
83 min...WBS Byrd takes off balance header from 15 yards on left is well wide left.
84 min...CC DeBlasio wins cornerkick on right when his dribbling is blocked on WBS right end line.
85 min...CC Richards cornerkick from right has WBS goalie run in front of players to knock away and start fast break.
86 min...CC Poli knocks over WBS Sampson when he cuts in on left of box.
87 min...CC Scigliano falls on edge of WBS box and loses possession.
87 min...WBS Sampson crosses to WBS Papiez who from 20 yards on left is well over net.
89 min...CC King cornerkick from left has WBS Elmauer twist head clearance.
90 min...WBS YELLOW card...Hodgson for holding player in center circle.
91 min...WBS Papiez cornerkick from right has leaping goalie catch over WBS player behind him.
93 min...Clan Jonathan Poli GOAL...Clan Craig Richards 25 yard freekick from near right sideline has WBS goalie knock forward through players but ball is still loose. Poli sends 12 yard shot up middle into right side of net.
94 ends 7:05pm.

Final Score:……Columbus Clan…….4……..Windsor Border Stars…….3………

Attendance finished at about 100 people although it started with only about 40 on hot humid late afternoon with the sun coming out from behind the clouds at different times of the game. Columbus was considered the home team for this game although the fans were mostly pro Windsor. The Border Stars were warming up with only nine guys as there were some caught in a traffic jam on the 401 on the 200 km drive from the south west to get here. (Toronto where I’m from is about 200 km away in the east). They ended up with a full team and three subs on the bench. The prospect of silver ball overtime (two 15 minute halves) wouldn’t have been too appealing.

Columbus from Vancouver British Columbia had many names I recognized from years of watching the USL and A-League Vancouver 86ers/Whitecaps once a season when they’d play Toronto Lynx. Tony Gaita and Gino Gaita are brothers and started today’s game.

Both teams looked good offensively but both their defenses looked suspect. Both teams had to have their goalie’s make some good saves or the score could have been doubled. This may not put them in a position to play the other winning semi-finalist Trois-Rivieres Attak who won the evening’s other semi-final.

The Border Stars had won the trophy in 2004 and 2005. London City won in the inaugural 2003 year and Ottawa St Anthony Italia won in 2006 (and didn’t enter to defend this year).

Rocket Robin

Columbus Clan starters

Windsor Border Stars starters

Border Stars cross the center circle.

#9 Aaron Byrd gets ready to blast a shot.

Clan goalie Geoff Ayi-Bonte clears a ball in the box.

The two teams shake hands after the game.

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