Result of the Sunday May 25th, 2008 CSL game between Italia Shooters and Trois-Rivieres Attak played at St Joan of Arc Catholic High School in Vaughan at 4:00pm.

Italia Shooters (all blue, white number)

........................1 Pablo Alvarado
3 Franco Ruschetta...2 Jamaal Smith...5 Gerard Ladiyou...21 Branko Majstorovic
16 Kifi Boateng...19 Joe Rini...10 Frank Bruno...18 Tristan Murray
................23 Matthew Palleschi (cpt)...11 Luca Forno

Subs:...12 Adam Oralogio...6 Gil Vainshtein...7 Stalin Cardenas...14 Marco Terminesi...20 Jelani Smith...22 Ryan Fante...24 Luca Zucal
team officials:...head coach Carmine Isacco...assistant coach Anthony Capatosto...trainer Jodi Forno...manager John Pacione...physio Kevin Sims

Trois-Rivieres Attak (navy shocks, sky blue shorts, white names and numbers, white sleeves, sky blue&navy checkered shirts, Oasis logo on chest)

.........................1 Andrew Olivieri
21 Davy Uwimana...4 Michel Vitviano...23 Elkana Mayard...5 Francois Boivin
18 Gillaune Heroux...7 Ibrahim Baldeh...6 Jean Philippe Etienne...10 Hector Contreras...8 Jean-Louis Besse
............................12 Nicolas Moussavou ("Lesage")

Subs:...9 Mohamed Sylla...13 Gilas Toufilana...16 Olivier Brett...17 Pierre Rudolph Mayard...19 Alpha Bah...20 Massimo DiIoia
team officials:...head coach Marc Dos Santos...assistant coach Youssef Dahha...manager Jean-Frederic Bourassa...trainer/physio Mara Dos Santos

Game officials:...referee David Barrie...referee's assistants Peter Pendli and Christian Palavicino...fourth official Brian Cheung...(neon green shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...starts 4:20pm...IS defend north end on this warm day with a bright sun in the west. 3 min...TRA goalie outjumps IS Palleschi to catch cross from left into box.
4 min...IS goalie catches long bouncer to right of box to prevent through ball.
5 min...IS Bruno pushes ball too far on rush into side of box and defender shadowing him for goalkick.
6 min...IS Forno 30 yard shot just wide left of net.
7 min...IS Forno 45 yard freekick is blocked by player on edge of box; quick long bouncer has IS Ladiyou kick ball for cornerkick as TRA Lesage pressures him.
8 min...TRA Contreras cornerkick from right has TRA Heroux shoots 12 yarder that's deflected for cornerkick.
8 min...TRA Heroux conrerkick from right has defender head ball away.
9 min...TRA Boivin 35 yard freekick up middle has leaping IS Smith head ball away.
10 min...TRA player's long throw-in is whistled down in box.
12 min...IS Forno freekick from 40 yard from left sideline has goalie catch ball.
14 min...TRA Contreras 30 yard freekick is wide left of top corner of net.
15 min...IS YELLOW card...Murray for check at IS 40 yard line.
16 min...TRA Etienne or Contreras 40 yard freekick is wide right of net.
19 min...IS Palleschi 30 yard freekick down middle (after IS Forno fakes kick) is blasted high and wide right over net.
20 min...IS goalie beats TRA Lesage to through ball.
21 min...IS goalie gets hand to push ball away from TRA Heroux breakaway from 25 yards and makes point blank save at 15 yards.
22 min...IS Palleschi rush on left and 15 yard shot from left end line is wide of net.
23 min...IS Forno cornerkick from right is headed out of box on left by defender. TRA defender clears ball that's worked back into box.
25 min...IS YELLOW card...Ladiyou (?) for body check on TRA Lesage rushing to edge of IS box.
26 min...TRA Boivin 22 yard freekick from right is kicked wide right of net.
30 min...TRA Baldeh 40 yard freekick from right has leaping defender head ball wide left.
31 min...TRA Contreras cornerkick from right is over players in box. TRA player crosses from left and TRA Heroux diving header is low and wide left.
32 min...IS Smith 55 yard freekick from right has IS Palleschi at 20 yards near left endline boot wide right.
33 min...TRA Heroux takes spinning sidekick from 10 yards that's wide left on cross from right.
36 min…Shooters RED card…IS Jamaal Smith earns his second Yellow card of the game for tugging arm of TRA Nicolas Lesage Moussavou who’s running by him at the IS 25 yard line to get to through ball pass. Smith is already walking off the field and referee David Barrie had to follow him to the center line to get him to turn around to eject him. It looked like the ball would have bounced over the end line anyway.
37 min...TRA Contreras 30 yard freekick has diving goalie push ball wide right. TRA player gets ball on crosses into box and handball call is waved off.
38 min...IS sub...Zucal replaces Forno and fills in at defence.
39 min...TRA YELLOW card...Baldeh for tackle at TRA 40 yards.
39 min...TRA Contreras 40 yard freekick up middle one-hops to goalie.
40 min...TRA player's freekick from 25 yards on right has flying TRA Lesage head ball wide left from 7 yards.
45 min...TRA Contreras rush on left sidesteps defender who recovers and crosses wide right through box and wide for goalkick.
47 min...half ends 5:07pm.

2nd Half:...starts 5:24pm.
halftime subs:...Terminesi replaces Murray.
45 min...TRA Heroux 35 yard rolling shot easily saved.
46 min…IS Matthew Palleschi is tripped by a defender just inside the TRA box and a Penalty kick is given.
47 min…IS Branko Majstorovic GOAL…IS Frank Bruno takes Penalty kick low to left and goalie Andrew Olivieri dives to left to block it. The rebound is scooped back from near the goal line by an IS player and IS Majstorovic shoots 10 yarder through crowd of players and into net.
48 min...TRA Baldeh 20 yard shot as falling up middle saved by goalie.
52 min...IS YELLOW card...Majstorovic for pulling down player at IS 40 yard sideline.
54 min...TRA Besse cross from right has TRA Contreras blast midair shot well over net.
55 min...TRA YELLOW card...Heroux for tackle at TRA 50 yards.
56 min...TRA Lesage gets pass up middle just to right and 18 yard blast has goalie palm into bar and deflect wide left for defenders to clear.
59 min...IS goalie stops 30 yard shot through crowd.
59 min...IS Terminisi needs cleats for broken shoes so comes off field. IS is not two men short!
62 min...IS Terminisi returns to game.
62 min...IS Terminisi and IS Bruno away on 2 on 2 break. Terminisi passes behind Bruno who's checked off ball.
63 min...IS YELLOW card...Zucal earns it for injurying TRA Uwimana on sliding tackle.
64 min...TRA Baldeh 25 yard freekick is low and blasted into wall. TRA Contreras blasts ball off defender.
65 min...IS goalie beats TRA Besse to bouncing through ball.
66 min...IS defenders block about three TRA blasts from 25 yards.
67 min...TRA sub...Bah replaces Baldeh who limps off field.
70 min...IS Terminisi gets long pass at TRA 30 yards on left and blasts 20 yarder wide right of top corner.
71 min...TRA Heroux long throw-in from right has defender clear from box.
72 min...TRA Heroux pass intercepted in IS box.
73 min...TRA Heroux 30 yard blast deflects off defender wide left for cornerkick.
74 min...TRA player's cornerkick from left is worked out but cross blocked and cleared on edge of box.
75 min...TRA Contreras 35 yard midair blast of partial rebound that defender headed away is well high wide right.
75 min...TRA Heroux 45 yard cross from right has ball bounce wide left.
77 min...TRA sub...DiIoia replaces Besse.
80 min...TRA sub...Sylla replaces Contreras.
80 min...TRA Heroux long throw-in has ball passed around in box but last pass is ruled offside.
81 min...IS Majstorovic 30 yard blast deflects off defender just wide right of net.
82 min...IS player's cornerkick from right is over players in box. IS Ruschetta pass back to IS Palleschi whose 25 yard blast from left is saved by diving goalie on right.
84 min...TRA Heroux 20 yard blast from right right and high of net.
85 min...TRA Di Ioia cornerkick from left has defender head wide left.
86 min...TRA Di Ioia cornerkick from left has TRA Heroux blast sky ball wide left from 12 yards.
87 min...IS sub...Fante replaces Palleschi.
88 min...TRA Di Ioia cornerkick from right has ball popped up and TRA Etienne leap and head wide right from 5 yards.
90 min...TRA Heroux long throw-in headed away by defender.
90 min...TRA player's 'goal' but offside on deflection into own net from 10 yards.
91 min...IS sub...Vainshtein replaces Boateng.
92 min...game ends 6:11pm.

Final Score:…..Italia Shooters……..1…………Trois-Rivieres Attak…….0………

Attendance was about 100 people on this warm day with a bright sun in the west.

The game started off fine with very even play and I was thinking what a great game this would be. Just after the Red card, the Shooters replaced forward Luca Forno with defender Luca Zucal to give them full strength on the backline. I now thought that the Shooters would just play for a scoreless tie. Attak continuously tried the long ball with the streaking forward Nicholas Lesage Moussavou rushing up trying to split the defense before he even got to the ball.

Pablo Alvarado earned the shutout for the Shooters. Probably his most difficult save was right after the Red card when he defended a 30 yard freekick and he dived and pushed the ball wide right. Also at 56 minutes. Moussavou got a pass up the middle just to the right and his 18 yard blast had Alvarado palm the ball into the bar and the ball deflected wide left for his defenders to clear.

Guillaune Heroux and Hector Contreras had numerous chances for the Attak in the second half alone but their shots were off target.

Shooters actually played two men short for three minutes when IS Marco Terminesi broke cleats off his shoe and he came off the field to get a spare pair of shoes. Even though he had only come in at the beginning of the second half, I wondered why he wouldn’t be subbed out however I soon found out he was worth the wait. As soon as he stepped back onto the field, he was leading a two on two break although he passed behind Frank Bruno and when Bruno had to turn back for it, he was checked off the ball. Terminesi also had a shot at 70 minutes when he got a long pass at the 30 yard line on the left and he blasted a 20 yard shot wide right of the top corner of the net.

After the game I recognized Matthew Palleschi’s father. Matthew played for the Shooters from 2003 to 2005, then for the Toronto Lynx (their last year as a USL Division 1 club) in 2006. In 2007 he played for the Montreal Impact. This year he made the Impact roster and was even on their opening road trip to Vancouver but never got off the bench. For their second game he was told to report for the Trois-Rivieres Attak (Impact’s reserve team). Matthew thought that he might as well play on a CSL team in the Toronto area. When he’s not playing/practicing, he’s working for his father.

Shooters next game is on Friday May 30th when they play the TFC Academy at Lamport Stadium at 8:00pm. Now however Jamaal Smith will miss the game with the Red card suspension. He was the one player in the over one thousand players who tried out for the Toronto FC last year and made the pre-season roster but then was cut. Now the ‘revenge’ factor will have to rest with Shooters head coach Carmine Isacco who was the Toronto FC goalkeeping coach last season.

Jamaal Smith and Jelani Smith (who stayed on the subs bench this game) are brothers on the Shooters. Elkana Mayard and Pierre Rudolph Mayard were both starters for the Attak today.

Rocket Robin

Shooters starters

Attak starters

Referee signals a freekick.

Attak players cross center line on a rush.

Davy Uwimana takes kick.

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