Result of the Friday July 11th, 2008 CSL game between Portugal FC and St Catharines Wolves played at Lamport Stadium at 8:00pm.

Portugal FC (all white, green numbers)

..........................1 Michael Da Silva
6 Steve Pacheco...5 Gianni Annisi...18 Uarlem Castro...4 Dustin Chung
7 Selmir Sehic...22 Ilailson Da Silva...10 Danny Amaral (cpt)...2 Emeson Fiti
..................20 Wigor Gomes...11 Helio Pereira

Subs:...12 Ian Cummins (gk)...3 Andres Stewart...8 Gavin Fuller...9 Mike Diluca...15 Kevin McIntosh...16 Mike Aigbokie...21 Sebastian Busto
team officials:...head coach Jose Testas...assistant coach Jaime Carvalho...manager Tony Maia...trainer/physio Mike Peters

St Catharines Roma Wolves (black socks, shorts, and numbers, sky blue shirts, white trim)

...........................1 Claudio Perri (cpt)
7 Daniel Gallagher...12 Geoffery Attard...17 Matthew DiMaria...5 Joe Conte
18 Matthew Cain...15 Tony Mermigas...8 Arnaldo Magnotta...16 Scott MacLennan
................10 Calvin Rosario...11 Stefen Kamendy

Subs:...2 Simon Murphy (def)...4 Brandon Jones (def)...19 Pablo Nievas (mid)...20 Graeme McIntosh (fwd)
team officials:...assistant coach Stacey Gough...trainer/physio Sonia Le Pera and Carl Mendonca...(head coach James McGillivary had to watch the game from the stands)

Game officials:...referee Sylviu Petrescu...referee's assistant Vito Currali and Gianni Facchini...fourth official Dave Barrie...(neon green shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:11pm...PFC defend south end on this warm evening. As there is no working scoreboard, all times are converted from my wristwatch.
1 min...W Mermigas 25 yard blast has defender head ball away on edge of box.
3 min...W Rosario pokes ball to W Mermigas who has shot deflected wide left for cornerkick.
4 min...PFC Pacheco does splits to ensure cornerkick is blocked as it enters the box.
4 min...W Rosario cornerkick from left has ball knocked around but defender deflects shot wide left of net.
6 min...PFC Fiti 40 yard freekick has goalie charge out to catch ball as charging PFC forward steps behind goalie in case he misses.
8 min...PFC Fiti dekes defender and takes low cross from left to PFC Ilailson DaSilva but his 20 yard shot is blocked.
11 min...PFC Fiti 45 yard blast over player wall and straight to goalie who catches ball knee high.
12 min...PFC Fiti 35 yard cross from left ahs goalie catch ball drifting to right side of box.
15 min...PFC Fiti 35 yard freekick from left is tipped forward and PFC Amaral's 6 yard roller from right is smothered by goalie.
18 min...W Gallagher 30 yard cross on right endline bends to goalie.
19 min...PFC Gomes run down right and 25 yard shot near cornerflag drifts behind net.
20 min...W Conte 40 yard freekick from left sideline is high and wide right behind end line.
21 min...W Gallagher 40 yard freekick up middle has defender stop ball and dribble out.
23 min...PFC Pereira works give and go with PFC Amaral and Pereira charges in from left and his 3 yard shot from left post is deflected wide left for cornerkick.
25 min...W Conte 35 yard shot from left is through players but caught by goalie.
26 min...W goalie charges left out of box to knock ball away from PFC Gomes at 20 yards from goal giving up cornerkick.
27 min...PFC Pereira cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball away in crowd of players and has time to recover as he fell 12 yards off line.
29 min...W Gallagher 30 yard shot from right deflects off defender and is caught by goalie.
30 min...PFC Fiti 25 yard freekick (as PFC Ilailson DaSilva fakes kick) from right is caught by diving goalie.
33 min…Portugal FC Helio Pereira GOAL…PFC Wigor Gomes runs down right and goalie Claudio Perri catches him at right end line. Gomes crosses back from 15 yards around goalie and Pereira kicks ball in from 5 yards into middle of net around defender 1 yard out.
35 min...PFC YELLOW card...Gomes for bashing into W goalie after he caught bouncer 10 yards out of net.
36 min...PFC Pereira 28 yard freekick from left has PFC Fiti head 10 yarder that goalie palms over net.
37 min...W YELLOW card...Rosario for tackle injurying PFC Ilailson DaSilva at W 30 yards.
38 min...PFC Ilailson DaSilva 35 yard freekick from left has play whistled down in box.
39 min...W Conte 50 yard freekick down middle has W Cain miss 5 yard blast on right post and ball bounces for goalkick.
41 min...W goalie charges right and beats PFC Amaral to through ball.
43 min…Portugal FC RED card…Selmir Sehic gets a direct ejection for swearing at referee Sylviu Petrescu when he didn’t give Wolves player a card for knocking Sehic over near center circle.
45 min...W MacLennan chips 12 yarder on partial clearance and goalie leaps to make fingertip catch.
46 min...half ends 8:57pm.

2nd Half:...starts 9:11pm.
Halftime sub:...W Murphy replaces Cain.
46 min…Portugal FC Wigor Gomes GOAL…Gomes gets pass from center line to him charging to 35 yards to split defense and get to the ball and take 20 yard shot that goalie blocks. Gomes gets rebound at 12 yards on right and sends shot into short right side of net between post and defender.
49 min...W Rosario cross from 25 yards on left has W Mermigas pop up header up middle and land on top of net from 12 yards.
50 min...W goalie charges out and clears through ball at W 30 yard line.
51 min...W Murphy cross from right from 20 yards has defender on left clear from from two W forwards.
52 min...PFC sub...Busto replaces Castro.
57 min...PFC Gomes cross through box from right after PFC Ilailson DaSilva passes ball over holding off defenders.
59 min...PFC sub...Fuller replaces Chung.
60 min...W player's cornerkick from right has W Magnotta fluff 8 yard shot from left.
61 min...PFC Pereira 20 yard shot from left bounces just wide right of net.
62 min...W player's cornerkick from right has W player hit 5 yard shot off bar and defenders quickly clear ball upfield for PFC Fiti at center line.
63 min…Portugal FC Helio Pereira GOAL…PFC Emerson Fiti on breakaway on left has pass around defender to Perira who shoots low 15 yard shot into right corner of net.
65 min...W sub...Graeme McIntosh replaces Kamendy.
66 min...W Rosario 30 yard freekick from left has W Fiti on right at 10 yards rolls pass to center but defender clears ball.
69 min...W sub...Jones replaces Mermigas.
70 min...PFC goalie catches 10 yard shot in box.
71 min...PFC goalie slides to deflect W Rosario 18 yard blast from right.
73 min…Portugal FC Kevin McIntosh GOAL…PFC Helio Pereira and Kevin McIntosh work give and go at 35 yards through defenders and McIntosh on breakaway slides 15 yard shot into right corner of net beyond diving goalie. (when did Kevin McIntosh come into the game?).
73 min...PFC sub...Diluca replaces Amaral.
74 min...W YELLOW card...Gallagher for sliding tackle on PFC Ilailson DaSilva injurying him on PFC 45 yard line near right sideline.
76 min...PFC sub...Aigbokie replaces Kevin McIntosh.
77 min...W player's 35 yard freekick up middle to right is just a step ahead of two W players at 8 yards and ball rolls for goalkick.
79 min...PFC YELLOW card...somebody earns this for tripping a W player at PFC 35 yard line.
80 min...W Conte 35 yard freekick is into player wall.
81 min...PFC Aigbokie receives long punt from goalie and quick 35 yard shot from left is caught by goalie.
82 min...W sub...Nievas replaces MacLennan.
85 min...PFC Fuller cross from 25 yards along right end line has jumping goalie palm ball over PFC players waiting on the left post.
86 min...PFC Gomes gets to ball and chips goalie charging at 18 yards and ball bounces just wide left of post.
88 min...PFC Fiti 25 yard freekick from right is over four man wall and flying goalie pushes bender over top right corner of net.
89 min…Portugal FC RED card…Sebastian Busto earns a direct ejection for ankle kick on Wolves Graeme McIntosh injurying him at PFC 50 yard line.
90 min...W Gallagher cornerkick from right has defender pop up header to clear ball from box.
90 min...W Gallagher 35 yard freekick from right is caught by goalie.
91 min...PFC Pereira charge on left has 20 yard low shot stopped by goalie and Pereira plows into him. Pereira refuses to be helped up and even shakes off referee so play continues. Pereira limps back upfield.
92 min...W players with 'three' man advantage cross across PFC box and miss teeing up shot.
93 min...game ends 9:59pm.

Final Score:……Portugal FC…….4……….St Catharines Wolves………0………

Attendance was about 150 to 200 on this mild night. This game was televised on Rogers Community Channel. The cameras were on the east side so the crowd could be seen all sitting on the west stands. Both stands will be used on Sunday for the Toronto Croatia vs. Serbian White Eagles game.

This game certainly went different than what I expected for these two struggling teams. I expected after the first Red card, PFC would play the entire second half hanging on to their slim lead. Instead the PFC goalie compensated with long punts upfield so the PFC players wouldn’t have to work the ball out. His long kicks would mostly land near the center circle and bounce off the hard turf surface if the Wolves defense didn’t play the ball in the air. This would set the PFC forwards in on breaks with only a defender or two to beat as the Wolves were pressing at the other end for goals to get back into the game.

Michael Da Silva earned the shutout for Portugal FC and had to be sharp to keep the Wolves off the scoresheet.

Wolves had a tough night showcased by them having a two man advantage during injury time yet PFC Helio Pereira charging on left had had a 20 yard low shot stopped by Wolves goalie Claudio Perri. Pereira then plowed into Perri but came out the worse for wear. Pereira shook off all efforts to help him up, from teammates, the Wolves goalie and even the referee. The referee signaled for the game to continue with Pereira still lying in the box. The Wolves players now ran down field on a three man advantage and a cross into the box had players miss teeing up the ball to get a shot in and the ball just blooped out of the left side of the box. Long time leading scorer Carlo Arghittu was on vacation and not in the lineup answered a Wolves official.

Wolves did hit a cross bar and had some other good chances that were off target or saved by Da Silva but then Portugal could have doubled their score except for the goaltending of Claudio Perri. None of the four subs the Wolves brought made a difference.

At this game the first announcement was made of a Portugal FC organized international exhibition game at BMO Field on Friday August 8th. At 6:15pm a game between Portugal FC and Hispanic Selects (probably an all star collection of local players) will be played and then at 8:15pm, a game between Millionairos of Colombia and Barcelona of Ecuador.

Rocket Robin

Wolves starters

Portugal starters

Wolves players move out on rush.

Ilailson DaSilva leads rush for Portugal FC.

Helio Pereira waits for referee Sylviu Petrescu to move the players back for freekick.

Pereira now ready for this freekick.

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