Result of the Saturday September 20th, 2008 CSL game between North York Astros and Brampton Lions played at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York at 3:00pm.

North York Astros (black socks, navy shorts and shirts, yellow numbers and white trim)

.....................1 Joshua Lemos
3 Diego Cardona...5 Carlos Zeballos (cpt)...8 Alexandre Oran...16 Alex Kawalit
15 Anthony Bahadur...17 Gabriel Olvera...13 Omar Samuels...11 Go Nagaoka
.................21 Selvin Lammie...10 Johnathan Hurtis

Subs:...1 Pablo Alvarado (gk)...6 Andrei Gapanenko (def)...9 Martin Artale (--)...18 Brian Monticchio (mid)...20 Josue Arias (mid)
team officials:...head coach Rafael Carbajal...assistant coaches Vladimir Koknovsky and Paolo Pacione...therapist Michael Peeters...team official Bruno Ierullo

Brampton Lions (all white, blue numbers)

....................1 Kevin Doyle
7 Geron Deporte...3 Nicholas Poku...4 Luis Rivero (cpt)...17 Michael Marchese
11 Cam Medwin...10 Adolfo Mella...23 Andrew Silva...21 Alex Arbelo
...............20 Jeremy Sheppperd...9 Daniel Nascimento

Subs:...00 Robert Paollozi (gk)...5 Stephen D'Aversa (def)...6 Daniel Cameira (def)...8 Nordo Gooden (fwd)...19 Mike Ferracci (mid)...22 Mohaned Kanu (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Armando Mason...assistant coach Pernel Mason...manager Victor Cameira...trainer/physio Krystin Bokalo...team official Phil Ionadi

Game officials:...referee Mike Lambert...referee's assistants Patty Peebles and Peter Pendli...fourth official Brian Chenny...(yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 3:15pm...Astros defend east end on this hot afternoon with a breeze and a bright sun both from the west.
2 min...Lions goalie catches 30 yard bouncer ahead of charging player.
3 min...Astros goalie charges forward to grab through ball.
3 min...Lions Shepperd 14 yard shot on right has goalie push ball wide right for cornerkick.
4 min…Lions Jeremy Shepperd GOAL…Astros defender clearance at 20 yards deflects off Lions player and ball pops up over to right where Shepperd gets 12 yard tough angle shot from right into center of open net with goalie Joshua Lemos out of net.
9 min...Lions Nascimento scissor kick one-touch from 15 yards on left on high cross from right is high over net.
10 min...Lions Mella can't turn ball on right with long ball in from 40 yards and shot from 5 yards is wide right.
11 min...Astros player's 15 yard shot from right is wide right of net.
13 min...Astros Hurtis cornerkick from left lands in middle of box but defender clears.
15 min...Lions Mella turns and fires 18 yard low shot down middle which hits left post and is cleared by defender.
16 min...Lions Nascimento cross from left from 25 yards has goalie step forward to catch ball on right.
17 min...Astros Hurtis cross from right end line has retreating defender head wide right from near post.
17 min...Astros Hurtis cornerkick from right is blocked and Hurtis rebound cross from 15 yards has goalie punch ball forward. Astros Olvera blast from 12 yards through crowd of players and is well high left of net.
20 min…Lions Daniel Nascimento GOAL…Lions Jeremy Shepperd 30 yard freekick up middle has ball popped up and Nascimento heads ball in from 10 yards on left into left side of net.
22 min...Lions Mella 35 yard blast up middle is caught by goalie leaning right.
23 min...Astros Hurtis on 2 on 2 rush on left 25 yard blast from left is batted down and picked up by goalie.
27 min...Lions Shepperd cornerkick from right has Lions Arbelo on left end line cross and defender kicks ball left.
27 min...Astros player breaks up short cornerkick from left and clears for 2 on 2 rush. Astros Nagaoka pass to Astros Bahadur who pushes ball too far forward at 25 yards for goalie to grab.
29 min...Lions Nascimento taps pass to Lions Arbelo at 22 yards for blast well wide left of net.
30 min...Astros Nagaoka cross from 25 yards near left end line has goalie palm ball over net for cornerkick.
31 min...Astros Nagaoka cornerkick from left has Astros Olvera charg to head over net from 12 yards on short left side.
36 min...Astros Nagaoka 35 yard freekick from left is over players in box and caught by goalie.
37 min...Astros Hurtis 25 yard freekick down middle is bend high and wide right of net.
38 min...Lions Nascimento eludes defender and low 25 yard roller is wide right.
39 min…Lions Jeremy Shepperd GOAL…Shepperd gets ball when he takes it off Astros Carlos Zeballos and kicks low 10 yard roller from left into right corner of net. Zeballos was injured on the play.
43 min...Astros Hurtis cornerkick from right has closest defender kick ball away.
44 min...Astros Zeballos 35 yard freekick up middle is well wide left as Astros player can't get to ball before going out.
46 min...Lions Arbelo 45 yard freekick up middle bounced wide right of net.
46 min...Lions YELLOW card...Arbelo for argueing Astros freekick at Lions 50 yard line.
47 min...half ends 4:02pm.

2nd Half:...starts 4:19pm.
45 min...Astros Hurtis rush on left crosses and Astros Nagaoka gets leg to ball but knocks it wide left from 10 yards.
47 min...Lions Nascimento 25 yard freekick from left is booted into wall and cleared.
49 min...Lions Deporte 45 yard freekick from left has charging goalie catch.
49 min...Astros Lammie blasts 25 yard roller up middle just wide left of post.
50 min...Astros Nagaoka in Lions box gets Astros Bahadur's short pass and 12 yard kick blocked by sliding tackle and Astros Lammie who's already fallen down can't get to ball.
52 min...Astros Hurtis rush down left rolls cross from 25 yards and sliding Astros Lammie can't get foot to it at 5 yards and he's injured on effort.
53 min...Astros Bahadur 10 yard shot from right is blocked by defender and deflected for cornerkick.
54 min...Astros Hurtis cornerkick from right has defender block.
58 min...Astros Artale (when did he come into game?) 30 yard shot low and up middle is wide left.
60 min...Lions Nascimento pushes pass to Lions Mella whose 22 yard shot on left is blocked by flying goalie at 17 yards.
61 min...Lions Poku retreats to head away 12 yard shot from right that had beaten goalie and heads ball off line.
61 min...Astros player's 30 yard blast through crowd of players is wide right and high of net.
63 min...Lions YELLOW card...Silva for check at center line.
64 min...Astros Hurtis 50 yard freekick has Astros Artale flick 20 yard header that deflects for cornerkick on left.
65 min...Astros Hurtis cornerkick from left has defender on near post clear ball.
69 min...Astros Hurtis cornerkick from right has ball knocked away.
71 min...Astros Lammie on rush on right centers pass to Astros Bahadur who's 20 yard shot is blocked by goalie point blank.
72 min...Astros goalie gets away with two headers outside box when caught out.
73 min...Lions Shepperd cornerkick from right is low and cleared in box.
76 min...Astros YELLOW card...Artale for bumping Lions Mella on sideline at Astros 35 yard sideline after Lions goalie's kick.
77 min...Lions player gets pass on right and from 10 yards hurries shot wide right.
78 min...Astros Gapanenko (when did he come on?) retreats to own goalmouth to kick ball wide left of net to avoid Lions tap-in.
83 min...Lions Deporte rush on right has cross from 20 yards caught by goalie on right post.
85 min...Astros Bahadur cross from left has Astros Zeballos head ball from 12 yards that flying goalie gets hand to push ball off bar and over net.
88 min...Lions sub...Kanu replaces Mella.
88 min...Lions Shepperd low cross from 25 yards on left is bounced to goalie.
90 min…Astros Selvin Lemmie GOAL…Astros Johnathan Hurtis 18 yard freekick blasted off bar and bounces out and Lemmie heads 8 yarder into left side of net over goalie Kevin Doyle.
92 min...game ends 5:06pm.

Final Score:……North York Astros……1………Brampton Lions………3……….

Attendance was about 200 in my estimate but it was phoned up to the press box as 209. By special request I was asked not to report attendance anymore as sponsors buy up seats so there may be many more tickets sold than actually show up. Yes..I agree as that's how I report TFC games like last week where I said nearly 10% of fans didn't show up for the rain soaked game.

I also heard more about the playoffs. The final will be held at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York unless the two final teams are Toronto Croatia and Serbian White Eagles against each other. In that case, the game will be at Lamport Stadium in Toronto. There will be no awards banquet this year but awards will be given out either after the game or at halftime right on the field.

Before the game a man in a Lions windbreaker came over to talk to Ennio the PA announcer saying his team wouldn't win any more games this year and would miss the playoffs. We listened to him but after he left we talked about that hardly being a morale booster for his team. I used my binoculars to look over at the Lions bench and I didn't notice him so maybe he was just a worried parent.

I'd heard that Lions had a lot of player changes and were falling in the standings so I wondered if they would a lot different with many of the summer players returning to school. Today also supposedly had about six Astros players missing for personal events like weddings etc. There were some players I recognized absent from the listed roster and they had a shorter bench.

Lions controlled the game for the first 30 minutes and that was enough time for them to get off to a good lead.

Rocket Robin

Astros starters

Lions starters

Lions Geron Deporte at center.

Astros Johnathan Hurtis takes freekick.

Lions Andrew Silva takes freekick.

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