Wiredo hat-trick drives Italia Shooters to International Division title.............St. Catharines Wolves last gasp effort wins final playoff spot..........Playoff quarter-finals kickoff October 10

Last Weekend of CSL Action in the Regular Season

A winning picture goal by St. Catharines midfielder Stefen Kamendy - a thumping header with pace that left North York Astros' goalkeeper Joshua Lemos with no chance when it hit the roof of the net from 12 yards - gave his team a 3-2 victory and the eighth and last playoff spot at the new Downsview Park Sunday afternoon. St. Catharines came from behind to score three goals after being 2-0 down in the first eight minutes of play. In one other game played in the CSL's last day of the regular season, forward Murphy Wiredo was outstanding to hit a hat-trick for Italia Shooters, leading his team to a 6-1 drubbing of Toronto Croatia at Maple, just north of Toronto. The St. Catharines Wolves' victory gave the Garden City team the last playoff spot and a trip to Trois-Rivieres for a quarter-final encounter on October 11. The Italia Shooters win gave the York Region team the International Division title and a favoured home draw quarter-final game against Brampton Lions on Friday, October 10. On Saturday, Trois-Rivieres Attak and Portugal FC fought to a scoreless tie to complete their regular season schedule at the University of Quebec Trois-Rivieres.

Forward Go Nagaoka opened the scoring with a quick goal for North York Astros after three minutes at Downsview Park on Sunday and defender Alex Kawalit made it 2-0 five minutes later.

Forward Calvin Rosario scored for Wolves at 38 minutes and midfielder Tony Marmigas made it 2-2 at 45 minutes.

With four minutes remaining on the clock, Kamendy scored the winner for St. Catharines and a berth in the CSL playoffs.

Murphy Wiredo scored his goals at 18, 49 and 54 minutes for Italia Shooters after Carlo Cudini opened the scoring after just two minutes. Kadian Leckie made it 5-0 at 79 minutes, David Kadoic scored for Croatia at 86 minutes for a 5-1 lead and Jelani Smith increased the lead to 6-1, the final score.

On Friday night, Toronto Croatia secured fourth position in the overall points standings with a 2-1 victory over TFC Academy at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga thanks to a winning goal by forward Hayden Fitzwilliams who found the net at the 42nd minute mark, his 11th of the season. Fitzwilliams scored following an opening goal for the home side from forward Tihomir Maletic who put Croatia ahead at 26 minutes. Forward Viktor Anastasov scored the TFC Academy goal.

The win assured Croatia of a home venue in the upcoming first round of the playoffs - the quarter-finals of the CSL League Championship which kickoff on October 10.

There were few opportunities to score during the 0-0 tie at Trois-Rivieres on Saturday, one exception being a close call after 62 minutes when Massimo Di Ioia drove a free kick just over the cross bar. Kevin Mc Intosh came close for Portugal FC.

The CSL playoffs for the CSL League Championship begin on Friday, October 10 with the following venues kickoff times to be announced Tuesday, October 7


 Friday, October 10
The Hershey Centre: Toronto Croatia vs. Portugal FC
Esther Shiner Stadium: Italia Shooters vs. Brampton Lions
(A Rogers TV televised game)

 Saturday, October 11
Trois-Rivieres: Trois-Rivieres Attak vs. St. Catharines Wolves
Esther Shiner Stadium: Serbian White Eagles vs. North York Astros

The semi-finals will be played the weekend October 18, 19 and the CSL Championship will be played on Sunday, October 26 at Esther Shiner Stadium, kickoff 5.45 pm

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