Result of the Friday October 10, 2008 CSL game between Italia Shooters and Brampton Lions played at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York at 8:00pm. This was the one-game Quarter Final between the 2nd and 7th place team.

Italia Shooters (all blue, white numbers)

.................0 Camilo Benzi
2 Fitzroy Christey...8 Chris Turner...4 Carlo Cudini...24 Luca Zucal
19 Desmond Humphrey...17 David DiPlacido (cpt)...23 Matthew Palleschi...25 Murphy Wiredu
..............13 Kadien Lecky...9 Jason DeThomasis

Subs:...1 Ramon McIntosh (gk)...3 Franco Ruscetta...5 Gerard Ladyiou...6 Gil Vainshtein...7 Stalin Cardenas...14 Marco Terminesi...16 Richard Asante
...18 Tristan Murray
team officials:...head coach Carmine Isacco...assistant coach Domenic Iantelli...trainer/physio Kevin Sims...team official John Pacione

Brampton Lions (all white, blue numbers)

.................1 Kevin Doyle
3 Nicholas Poku (cpt)...19 Michael Marchese...7 Geron Duporte...6 Daniel Cameira
11 Cameron Medwin...23 Andrew Dasilva...9 Danile Nascimento...20 Jeremy Shepherd
...............10 Adolfo Mella...21 Alex Arbello

Subs:...0 Roberto Paolozzi (gk)...2 Stephen Daversa (def)...4 Luis Rivero (def)...8 Nordo Gooden (fwd)...13 Adrian Johnson (def)...17 Michael Ferracci (mid)...22 Mohamed Kanu (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Armando Costa...manager Victor Cameira...assistant coach Pernell Mason...trainer/physio Carmen Chan

Game officials:...referee Manuel Orellana...referee assistants H Rifai and A Wiles...fourth official S Decker...(neon green shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:10pm...IS defend east end on this cool night with it already dark by game time)
2 min...IS Christey injured at Lions 45 yard line. Rush carries on but defenders kick ball out of bounds.
5 min...Lions Poku prevents IS Palleschi from getttin possession on edge of Lions box.
6 min...IS Humphrey charges on right for through ball and low cross through goalmouth has defender clear.
7 min...IS Wiredu blasts midair shot over crowd of players well wide and high right of net from 35 yards.
9 min...IS Christey heads ball away from Lions Nascimento just inside IS box.
11 min...Lions Dasilva 35 yard chip down middle has goalie charge out to clear.
13 min...IS DiPlacido pushes pass to IS DeThomasis who taps ball back to DiPlacido whose 25 yard low shot is smothered by goalie.
14 min...IS goalie charge to edge of box to catch pass meant for Lions Nascimento.
15 min...Lions Dasilva low blast down middle is wide left of goal from 25 yards.
16 min...Lions goalie beats IS Lecky to back pass to clear.
17 min...IS DeThomasis 30 yard freekick chip from left has goalie catch in front of charging IS forwards.
18 min...Lions player rolls pass right to Lions Mella and goalie charges out to pull ball from his feet at 15 yards.
19 min...IS Lecky pass to IS Wiredu has play called back for hand ball on defenders clearance in box.
20 min...IS Christey low cross along right line wins cornerkick.
21 min...IS Palleschi cornerkick from right has Lions Medwin clear. Palleschi crosses through box that IS players miss.
22 min...IS Palleschi cornerkick from right is cleared from goalmouth. Lions goalie dives forward for save.
23 min...Lions Nascimento 35 yard freekick up middle is blast off player in wall.
23 min...IS goalie catches back pass header from 20 yards.
24 min...IS Palleschi chip from 45 yards too far for charging forward and Lions goalie picks up.
26 min...The referee goes over to talk to IS coach on bench.
30 min...IS Palleschi 45 yard freekick from left is blocked and cleared on edge of box.
31 min...IS Cudini gets in huge poke check that prevents Lions Arbello from getting ball on edge of box.
31 min...Lions Medwin 30 yard blast of partial clearance when goalie punches off cross from right deflects off defender and wide right of net.
31 min...Lions player's cornerkick from right has nearest defender IS Christey clear ball.
33 min...IS Turner checks Lions Shepherd off ball on run down left.
34 min...Lions Mella injured at IS 35 yard line on ankle knock.
37 min...Lions Dasilva 55 yard freekick from right has play whistled down in box.
38 min...Lions Arbello low 35 yard shot is through defenders and smothered by goalie.
38 min...IS DiPlacido 50 yard pass to IS Christey at 25 yards and is low shot is smothered by goalie.
40 min...Lions Arbello 40 yard freekick from right is just over bar.
42 min...IS Humphrey gets away pass from 45 yards on left (then he falls over injured) is through defenders and IS Wiredu from 20 yards shoots well wide right of net from middle of field.
44 min...Lions Arbello on rush on left pushes ball over end line.
48 min...half ends 8:58pm.

2nd Half:...starts 9:13pm.
48 min...IS Lecky gets cross from left cornerflag but blasts 15 yarder well over net.
51 min...IS DeThomasis crosses back from left end line but defender clears ball from box.
52 min...Lions Arbelo gets deflection off defender and all alone quick shot from left from 12 yards has sprawling goalie push ball wide left of net.
53 min...Lions Shepherd cornerkick from left is punched away by goalie. Lions Duporte 25 yard cross from left is caught by goalie.
54 min...Lions Mella 25 yard blast from left has goalie catch.
54 min...IS Palleschi 25 yard blast from left is caught by goalie.
56 min...Lions Shepherd short cornerkick from right is back to Lions Dasilva who blasts ball well over net from 28 yards.
59 min...Lions defender clears ball off IS DeThomasis and deflects back to goalie.
61 min...IS DeThomasis 30 yard freekick from left bounces just wide left. (this was actually a rekick as the Lions players moved too soon charging in to block tap over).
62 min...Lions Shepherd cross from 20 yards has goalie catch.
64 min...IS sub...Ladyiou replaces Wiredu.
66 min...Lions Nascimento on left end line is 'tripped' from behind deking a second player but no call given and IS defender clears ball.
69 min...Lions Nascimento low 30 yard shot is smothered by goalie.
70 min...IS Lecky nutmegs defender at 25 yards on right but has no IS player when he passes run into box so goalie smothers ball.
71 min...IS goalie leaps to catch cross from right.
71 min...IS Palleschi low roller from 20 yards on left is wide left.
73 min...IS Lecky cross offside from right.
75 min...IS Palleschi run on left tripped up near edge of box.
76 min...IS sub...Terminesi replaces Lecky.
77 min...IS DeThomasis cornerkick from left is over players in box and headed to center where IS Palleschi shoots 25 yard roller wide right.
78 min...IS Palleschi cross from 20 yards near end line has goalie punch away.
81 min...Lions Shepherd dekes player on left and cross from left 25 yards has goalie catch below bar.
82 min...IS Palleschi cross from right through box has IS Terminesi get stopped ball and his 8 yard shot is stopped by goalie.
83 min...Lions Arbello 30 yard freekick down middle hits top of bar and goes out of play. The IS goalie is injured stretching for ball.
85 min...IS Terminesi cronerkick from right has goalie catch.
85 min...Lions Arbello blast down middle has goalie catch.
86 min...IS Palleschi cross from right into goal area and IS DeThomasis hits bar from 6 yards.
88 min...Lions Nascimento 35 yard freekick is blasted into wall.
89 min...IS Palleschi pushes ball forward on right but goalie clears.
89 min...Lions Shepherd run on left sends in pass and Lions Mella blasts point blank shot off defender at 20 yards.
90 min...Lions Shepherd blasts shot over net wide right from 35 yards after IS goalie blocks Lions Arbello from 30 yard shot.
91:07 min...half ends 10:00pm.

1st Period (Silver Goal) Extra Time...starts 10:05pm...IS defend west end.
91 min...IS DeThomasis 31 yard freekick up middle is low and bounces to goalie.
92 min...Lions Arbello pass centered to Lions Nascimento who 20 yard shot is deflected wide left of goal off defender.
92 min...Lions Shepherd cornerkick from left has Lions Cameira blast over net from 15 yards on right.
94 min...Lions Shepherd cross from left 20 yards has Lions Cameira head ball over net from 8 yards.
97 min...Lions goalie charges left to smother through ball ahead of IS Ladyiou.
98 min...IS Palleschi long run cuts into center and 25 yard shot is wide left.
99 min...LIons sub...Kanu replaces Mella.
100 min...Lions Arbello 25 yard freekick from right is blasted well over net.
101 min...IS DiPlacido passes back to IS DeThomasis on right and cross from 15 yards is through goalmouth.
105 min...period ends 10:20pm.

2nd Period (Silver Goal) Extra Time...starts 10:21pm just enough time for teams to switch ends.
107 min...Lions Kanu cross from left is caught by goalie.
107 min...Lions Cameira 35 yard roller almost catch goalie out of box but he has time to get back and make save.
109 min...Lions Medwin pass to Lions Arbello tapped back and Medwin blast injures goalie on point blank shot although he waited for ball to clear before collapsing.
111 min...IS sub...Ruscetta replaces Cudini.
112 min...Lions Shepherd rush on right cuts towards goal and blasts 15 yarder well over net.
113 min...IS Terminesi 45 yard freekick from left has IS player head wide right from 10 yards when he can't redirect ball.
114 min…Shooters Marco Terminesi GOAL…Lions goalie Kevin Doyle is out to left edge of box to challenge Shooters Jason DeThomasis and he punches ball on swing and Terminesi beside both of them chests it down and kicks past flying goalie from sharp angle pas retreating defender.
114 min...IS YELLOW card...Terminesi earns a card for pulling off his shirt to celebrate the goal.
115 min...IS DeThomasis 25 yard roller has goalie save.
115 min...Lions Nascimento 30 yard chip has goalie catch.
117 min...Lions sub...Johnson replaces Duporte.
118 min...IS Christey throws elbow for being poked as Lions Medwin chips his ankles and tries to punch away held ball as Christey was wasting time.
119 min...IS Paleschi 55 yard freekick from right is cleared.
121 min...Lions Nascimento is tipeed on edge of box by IS DiPlacido when he was cutting along line.
122 min...Lions Nascimento freekick from left edge of box has defender clear on right post with header.
123 min...IS Terminesi 30 yard shot with goalie out of box and hits outside webbing of net.
123 min…game ends 10:39pm.

Final Score:……..Italia Shooters……..1……….Brampton Lions……..0…………

Attendance was about 100 on this cool evening with much of the crowd arriving after the 8:00pm kick off. This game was played at the usual home grounds of the North York Astros because the field was available. The game was carried live on Rogers Community channel.

There were plenty of chances to end this game in regulation time. Lions Alex Arbello at 83 minutes had a 30 yard freekick down the middle that hit the top of the bar and goes out of play. Shooters goalie Camilo Benzi was temporary injured on this play when he stretched for the ball. At 86 minutes Shooters Matthew Palleschi crossed from the right into the goal area and Jason DeThomasis hit the bar from 6 yards. At 109 minutes Lions Cameron Medwin passed to Alex Arbello taps back to Medwin and his blast from inside the Shooters box injures the goalie although Benzi waited for the ball to be cleared before collapsing. Goal scorer Marco Terminesi subbed in at 76 minutes and replaced Kadien Lecky.

League leading scorer Daniel Nascimento of the Lions had his best chances on free kicks but mainly struck them right into the player walls set up to block him. He couldn’t draw a Penalty kick at 66 minutes when he ran on the left end line cutting towards the goalmouth and deked a defender and was then ‘tripped’ from behind and another defender cleared the ball.

Referee Manuel Orellano didn’t give out any Yellow cards until the goal celebration in a close marking but clean game. The referee’s assistants couldn’t please anyone as both teams were called many times for offside. Biggest complaint about Orellano was after the goal when Lions earned just a freekick when one of their players was tackled near the edge of the Shooters box. Should this have been a Penalty kick? Well I knew what the Lions had thought but one of the Shooters officials leaned over the barrier dividing the team benches and said “That should have been a Penalty kick or no call at all”. After the game I asked the Ennio the PA announcer who was on the other side of the field and much closer to the infraction “where was the infraction” and he said inside the box.

Tonight’s win will set the Shooters up most likely with a semi-final game against the winner of the Serbian White Eagles (ranked 3rd) vs. North York Astros (6th) played Saturday the 11th also at Esther Shiner Stadium because the field is available. We heard announcements during the game that the Toronto Croatia (4th) vs. Portugal FC (5th) game had ended 2-1 for Portugal FC on a come from behind effort.

Rocket Robin

Shooters starters

Lions starters

Shooters freekick


Shooters Marco Terminesi happy after the game as the only goal scorer.

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