May 12, 2009 CSL Press Conference part 2 (by Rocket Robin)

More from the CSL press conference held Tuesday May 12, 2007.

(At last…I don’t have PowerPoint on my desktop computer but I do on my new laptop but it can’t connection to the Internet so I had to go to a place with wireless connection and ‘save’ the presentation to a Word document so I could come home and type it onto my desktop.) Actually it was much more difficult than that including having to verify that I had the license for Office etc.

CSL press conference Part 2

The slides from the presentation used by the CSL to win a provisional membership to the CSA:


Who We Are:

-President of a sports marketing company (clients have included CFL, CHL, NLL, Ryerson University, Costco, Buffalo Bills, etc.
-MBA, Former president of Hamilton Bulldogs; AHL marketing executive of the year.

Business/Soccer Management Team
-Our executive director (Stan Adamson), director of officials (Former FIFA referee Tony Comacho and director of discipline (Clifford Dell) combined for over 120 years of soccer capacity and experience). With Janet Leonard and Brock Robinson—4 full time employees


Who is the CSL?

1. Only league with National ambition 
2. Significant office/business infrastructure 
3. 80 year history of sustainability 
4. Affiliation with TFC and Impact 
5. Healthy league financial model. 
6. Viable plan (regional divisions) 
7. Interest from Western Canada 
8. Only pro league in Canada 


Common Concerns:
-Minimum standards
-International Division
-Ontario/Quebec (current)
-Status Quo


Why the CSA is vital:
1 The impact/importance of pro soccer
2 Viable National Model (level II)
3 Allows for effective expansion
4 The CSA has “pro soccer” in their mandate
5 Development of a true Canadian umbrella
6 A potential true success story for Canadian soccer.


Change since 2006

-Change name to Canadian Soccer League
-Establish International Division
-Establish a significant franchise fee
-Remove unstable franchises
-Re-Write new rules and constitution. From 30 pages to 200.
-Attendance up from 100 average-400 average/game (consistent since)


-add MLSE (Toronto FC) as a partner and TFC Academy as a member in the CSL
-Trois-Rivieres becomes official reserve club of Montreal Impact
-Establish Friday Night TV on Rogers (Saturday afternoon’s throughout 2009 season)
-Hired former FIFA Referee Tony Camacho, continue to develop Ontario, Quebec and National officials.
-Move schedule to weekends.
-Establish a Reserve Division of the CSL


for 2009 Season:
-adopt a 1 game per week schedule (to maximize level of play)
-require all teams present and future (with 2 exceptions) to be professional –ie over 50% pro players
-limitations placed on number of affiliate players per club
-focus to add a Western Division (Man/Sask/Alb) for 2010 or 2011 (as well as seeking aggressive Ontario/Quebec expansion)


Long term goals:
-National Presence (30 teams)
-Join CONCACAF Canadian Championship
-East (Quebec East); Central (Ontario); International (Toronto); West (Manitoba West)
-Tier II Soccer in Canada
-Coaches with standard high level licensing
-Franchises valued at $500,000
-Best soccer in Canada (aside from top flight)


Tier 2 Objective

Picture of the three teams in the Canada Cup right now and three emblems of the CSL



West                International                   East

Calgary             Serbian White Eagles     TFC Academy
Edmonton         Toronto Croatia              Trois-Rivieres Attak
Regina              Italia Shooters               Brampton Lions
Saskatoon         Portugal FC                  London City
Winnipeg           Korea FC                 St Catharines Wolves
Red Deer           Africa                       North York Astros
                    Greece                  Hamilton
                                                  Niagara Falls


Rocket Robin’s comments:
1. No extra teams in Quebec. Maybe the argument that Joey Saputo has the territorial rights to the entire province is true.
2. No teams in British Columbia. Maybe with that province already having two leagues and not a very warm reception, the CSL has kept out of that province.
3. Looks like Windsor Border Stars who were dropped from the league this year are not coming back.

Kaplan said there would be no Edmonton vs. Toronto regular season games because of travel costs. Have to wait until the Finals.

Rocket Robin

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