Result of the Sunday September 13th, 2009 CSL game between Italia Shooters and North York Astros played at St Joan of Arc Catholic High School in Maple at 5:00pm.

Italia Shooters (all blue, white numbers)

..................12 Camilo Benzi (cpt)
8 Nick Cisternino...18 Ryan Dummett...3 Rick Titus...4 Fitzroy Christey
15 Gianmarco Ciotti...21 Geron Duport...7 Desi Humphrey...17 Mario Orestano
.................13 Kadian Lecky...9 Jason DeThomasis

Subs:...77 Dave Ragno (gk)...14 Ilya Orlov (mid)...16 Nico Martinez (fwd)...23 Aundre Rollins (def)...24 Courtney Dennis (mid)...19 Johan Carrera (mid)
team officials:...head coach Roberto Pugliese...assistant coach Tony DeThomasis...manager Alex Buppechi...trainer/physio Kevin Sims...team official John Pacione

North York Astros (black socks, yellow shorts and shirts, navy numbers, white trim)

...................1 Euloge Awitor
9 Nick Miodrag...14 Kurt Ramsey...16 Alex Kawalit (cpt)...11 Alexandhe Oran
21 Cedric Mpununu...20 Dominic Ansah...17 Sergio DeLuca...19 Alon Badat
................18 Gersi Xhuti...10 Diego Maradona

Subs:...12 Arthur Zaslavski (gk)...3 Felipe Boff (def)...4 Victor Gallo (def)...6 John Jung (mid)...7 Zakariae Mahrady (fwd)...8 Stefan Martino (mid)...15 Joao Melo (fwd)
team officials:...head coach Vladimir Klinovsky...assistant coach Pavel Zaslavsky...assistant manager Milton Gonazlez...team official Bruno Ierullo

Game officials:...referee Dominic Scali...referee's assistants Richard Oliveira and Steve Sanderovich...fourth official Peter Pendli...(all black, white and yellow trim)

1st Half:...game starts 5:08pm...IS defend south end. The weather is mild with the sun in the west.
3 min...IS DeThomasis blasts blocked shot ball over net from 20 yards.
5 min...IS Ciotti chips 8 yard shot from right to goalie.
5 min...IS Orestano slips and can't get to 5 yard clear shot on left post.
7 min...Astros goalie gets to ball as IS Orestano bumped over in box in crowd of players.
8 min…Astros Alexandre Oran trips up Shooters Kadian Lecky running along right end line towards goal. Referee Dominic Scali calls a Penalty kick.
9 min…Shooters Kadian Lecky GOAL…Lecky blasts low Penalty kick shot into left corner of net beyond diving goalie Euloge Awitor.
14 min...Astros player 55 yard chip on left is over end line before Astros Xhuti can get to it.
15 min...IS Christey low cross from left from 20 yards has Astros Ramsey block and clear at 5 yards.
16 min...IS Lecky cuts around Astros player to roll 15 yard shot that diving goalie saves on right post.
16 min...IS Lecky injured and needs treatment on sideline.
19 min...IS DeThomasis 25 yard low shot from extreme right is picked up by goalie.
20 min...Astros Oran gets ball tapped over on 35 yard freekick and blasts shot that diving goalie pushes wide right of net.
20 min...Astros Maradona cornerkick from right is rolled out and charging Astros Miodrag blasts 25 yarder from right well over net.
21 min...IS Orestano rush on left and low cross has IS Lecky just step behind connecting on shot chance.
22 min...Astros Maradona 30 yard freekick from left is caught by goalie on left post.
25 min...Astros Oran 40 yard freekick from left has IS Titus head ball out of box.
26 min...Astros Ansah throw-in from near right cornerflag to Astros Maradona who backheels ball on edge of box but it's blocked by IS Titus.
26 min...Astros goalie slides to right edge of box to trap through ball before IS Lecky gets to it.
27 min...IS Orestano dekes two guys on left and cuts in 15 yard cross that IS DeThomasis takes 12 yard shot headed out of box by Astros Oran.
28 min...IS Cisternino 30 yard blast through crowd up middle is wide right.
30 min...Astros Xhuti heads ball backwards that Astros goalie had just cleared from IS Lecky on through ball and IS goalie catches 20 yard attempt.
33 min...Astros Maradona checked off ball before getting away 20 yard shot.
34 min...IS Lecky called on offisde on pass in Astros box.
35 min...IS four players are called offside at 30 yards.
36 min...Astros Xhuti at 40 yards feeds ball from left to Astros Maradona who kicks low 20 yard shot that sliding goalie stops point blank.
37 min...Astros Oran 55 yard freekick dwon middls has leaping Astros Mpununu head 20 yarder from right to goalie.
38 min...Astros goalie slides right to smother through ball to IS Lecky.
40 min...Astros Mpununu turns and one-touches 30 yarder up middle that goalie smothers on dive.
41 min...IS DeThomasis blasts 25 yarder wide left after IS Lecky rolled him cross from right.
42 min...IS Lecky eludes defender and blasts 22 yarder from right well wide left.
43 min...IS DeThomasis flicks header down right to IS Lecky who shoots 15 yard shot wide.
43 min...IS Titus taps back to goalie to blast clearance on Astros 3 on 2 on edge of box.
46 min...Astros Oran freekick from 20 yards up middle hits head in wall and deflects left for clearance.
46 min...end 5:54pm.

2nd Half:...starts 6:13pm...IS players don't go back to the dressing room during halftime.
45 min...IS Duport 55 yard shot on kickoff tap is caught by goalie on right post.
IS Christey is injured and treated off field.
47 min...IS YELLOW card...Dummett for hand ball on Astros pass down middle.
48 min...Astros Oran 40 yard freekick blast down middle is well over net.
50 min...Astros goalie clears ball before IS Orestano can get to it on left edge of box.
52 min...Astros goalie leaps to catch ball in front of IS Lecky on IS goalie's punt upfield.
53 min…Astros Diego Maradona GOAL…Astros Nick Miodrag crosses ball after run on left to 15 yards that has Maradona in middle head 5 yarder to right corner of net beyond goalie Camilo Benzi.
55 min...IS Christey cross from 20 yards near left end line has IS Lecky head 8 yarder into right side of net but play called back on offside flag.
55 min...IS Humphrey rolls 25 yard shot wide left of net.
56 min...IS sub...Martinez replaces Ciotti.
58 min...Astros Xhuti cross from 7 yards on left has IS Titus partially clear and Astros DeLuca rolls weak 12 yarder from right to goalie.
61 min...IS goalie grabs rolled pass ahead of Astros Xhuti racing into box.
64 min...Astros DeLuca cross from 25 yards near right end line has goalie palm ball through box out left side of box.
65 min...IS sub...Carrera replaces Orestano.
66 min...IS Carrera taps ball over to IS DeThomasis to blast 35 yarder well over net.
67 min...IS YELLOW card...Humphrey for dissent after whistle blown and ball thrown at Astros Miodrag.
............Astros YELLOW card...Miodrag earns a card on the same play.
68 min...Astros sub...Mahrady replaces DeLuca.
68 min...Astros Badat 30 yard shot is well over net.
70 min...IS Humphrey 40 yard freekick from right through crowd of players and bounces to goalie.
71 min...IS Martinez cross from 25 yards on left has IS Lecky head 10 yarder wide left of post.
72 min...IS Humphrey gets pass crossed from center and 15 yard blast from right is into right side webbing of net.
74 min...Astros Xhuti blasts 20 yarder from left that bends and hits left goalpost and rebound is cleared.
75 min...IS Humphrey 45 yard cross from right finds IS Carrera on left who chests too far for goalie to grab as IS Carrera crashes into him.
76 min...IS YELLOW card...Cisternino for sliding tackle on Astros Xhuti at IS 25 yards.
76 min...Astros Oran 35 yard freekick from left sideline is missed by four Astros players waiting on right post.
77 min...IS YELLOW card...DeThomasis for dissent on whistle.
78 min...IS Lecky checked off ball on break down middle. Lecky is injured when he fell.
79 min...Astros YELLOW card...Xhuti pulls down IS Duporte at Astros 40 yards breaking out of own end.
79 min...IS sub...Rollins replaces Lecky.
80 min...IS Cisternino pokes at ball while off balance and IS Martinez 12 yard shot deflects off defender when ball cleared off IS Martinez and defelcts wide right of net.
82 min...Astros Ansah 25 yard shot through middle is just wide right.
83 min...IS Duport rolls pass from 25 yards through defender's legs and IS Martinez 12 yard shot from left has goalie push ball wide left of post.
83 min...IS player's cornerkick from left is over players in box.
84 min...IS DeThomasis and Astros ogalie crash together outside box.
84 min…Shooters Nick Cisternino GOAL…Cisternino gets ball crossed to him from 20 yards from left and blasts 15 yarder from right into top left corner of net. (The pass either came from Johan Carrera--that’s what Nick said--or Desi Humphrey said fellow forward Jason DeThomasis).
86 min...IS Dummett heads back to own goalie to ease pressure.
87 min...Astros sub...Jung replaces Miodrag.
87 min...Astros Oran 30 yard freekick from left has Astros player head 8 yarder to IS goalie on left post.
88 min...Astros YELLOW card...Kawalit for complaining as he slid to clear IS Cisternino rush and ball deflects for cornerkick.
88 min...IS Humphrey cornerkick from right has IS DeThomasis charge and head 12 yard header that goalie flies to stop.
89 min...IS Rollins pushes pass through middle and IS Martinez blasts 15 yarder that leaping goalie palms over net.
90 min...Astros goalie grabs ball away from IS Martinez waiting at right post for tap-in.
93 min...game ends 7:01pm.

Final Score:…..Italia Shooters………2…………North York Astros………1……..

Attendance was about 200 on this mild afternoon with a bright sun in the west. Attendance was helped by a big group from the Unionville under 9s acting as the ball boys for today’s game.

Shooters could have put this away much earlier but they kept being called for being offside especially for speedy forward Kadian Lecky. There was a headed shot by Lecky that fans, players and owners swear was across the line before the goalie swatted it out. Lecky had another goal called back for offside. Lecky was eventually subbed out at 79 minutes for a foot injury.

Astros almost took the lead at 74 minutes when Gersi Xhuti blasted a 20 yard shot from the left that bent and hit the left goalpost and the rebound was cleared. Then at 76 minutes when Alexandre Oran took a 35 yard freekick that somehow got through four Astros players waiting at the right post for a shot or tap-in.

Shooters defenders Nick Cisternino (yes, the winning goal scorer), Gersi Ryan Dummet, Fitzroy Christie and Rick Titus (who said after the game that he was now aged 40) limited the Astros chances for shots on goal.

Astros goalie Euloge Anitor had to be aggressive by sliding to the edge of the box and running out of the box to clear through balls. Just before the winning goal, Anitor was in a bone crushing crash with Shooters forward Jason DeThomasis just outside the box.

Referee Domenic Scali had a pretty easy time in the first half but had to give out cards (nothing but Yellows) in the second half for rough play and frustration at offside and freekick calls.

The result of this game eliminates North York Astros from playoff contention with one week to go in the schedule. This clinches spots for Italia Shooters, TFC Academy, St Catharines Wolves, and Portugal FC. Trois-Rivieres Attak, Toronto Croatia, Serbian White Eagles and Brampton Lions had earned a spot in previous weeks. London City is the other team that won’t make the playoffs. There is still a shuffle in next weeks’ games for placements of playoff positions including who will be first overall.

Other games we heard about today in Toronto was TFC Academy beat London City 7-1 (well I can’t be at more than one game at a time!) and from Sherbrooke where Trois-Rivieres Attak beat Serbian White Eagles 2-0.

Rocket Robin

Shooters starters

Astros starters

Team captains Camilo Benzi, goalie for the Shooters and Alex Kawalit, defender for Astros wait coin flip to choose ends.

Shooters Kadian Lecky scores on this Penalty kick.

Astros Nick Miodrag in defence turns ball around near center line.

Shooters Jason DeThomasis with ball.

Shooters Ryan Dummett ready for freekick.

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