Result of the Saturday October 24th, 2009 CSL Final between Trois-Rivieres Attak and Serbian White Eagles played at BMO Field in Toronto at 5:00pm.

Trois-Rivieres Attak (all blue, white numbers)

........................22 Andrei Badescu
2 Mike Vitulano (cpt)...24 Francesco Augustin...20 Karl Ouimette...33 Amine Meftouh
8 Pierre-Rudolph Mayard...5 Joey Cortese...6 Kevin Cossette...16 Felix Cardin
...................7 Yuannick Rome-Gosselin...10 Reda Agourram

Subs:...1 Simon LaGarde (gk)...14 James Louis-Jeune (def/mid)...15 Maxim Tissot (def)...18 Guillaume Heroux (fwd)...19 Shady Saleh (fwd)...21 Chris-Michel Rumuri (mid)...23 Serge Dinkota (def)
team officials:...head coach Philippe Eullaffroy...assistant coach Christophe Dutarte...athletic therapist Lee Anne Papula and Victoria Robinson Mozejko...massage therapist Marta Dos Santos...equipment manager Abdelhak Boussayri

Serbian White Eagles (all white, blue numbers)

.....................27 Dan Pelc
14 Uros Stamatovic...6 Mirko Medic...5 Marc Jankovic...3 Dragorad Milicevic
8 Jonathan Hurtis...22 Adrijan Tismenar...19 Kiril Dimitrov...10 Alex Braletic
.................17 Nikola Budalic...99 Sasa Viciknez (cpt)

Subs:...1 Marko Petrovic (gk)...7 Shane Lammie (fwd)...11 Nikola Sisovic (fwd)...15 Mihajlo Bacanin (mid)...16 Victor Anastasov (mid)...20 Milan Janosevic (mid)...28 Goran Vlaski (def)
team officials:...head coach Dusan Prijic...assistant coach Igor Ciric...manager Jovan Kalenic...trainer/physio Milenko Matic

Game officials:...referee Bedik Charchafian...referee's assistants Richard Oliveira and Mike Lambert...fourth official Justin Tasev...supervisor Ken Thomas...(all black, yellow and white trim)

1st Half:...game starts 5:09pm...SWE defend north end on this cold, overcast, late afternoon with a gusty wind from the west.
2 min...SWE Budalic feeds ball too far forward from 25 yards for SWE Viciknez to get to it.
3 min...TRA Cosette throw-in from 30 yards on left has ball TRA Rome-Gosselin slide just inside left side corner of box to get to it with SWE Jankovic closely checking him and ball bounces to SWE goalie.
8 min...SWE Viciknez 25 yard freekick from right bends just wide right of top corner of goal.
9 min...TRA Cortese sliding tackle to check SWE Braletic off ball at 20 yards on left in TRA end.
9 min...SWE Jankovic gets back in time to catch TRA Rome-Gosselin and slide to prevent shot from 12 yards on right after missing first swipe at 30 yards.
11 min...SWE Hurtis can't cut in shot from 20 yards on right.
12 min...TRA player slides to check SWE Hurtis in TRA box and throw-in from right results when ball goes out of bounds.
12 min...SWE Viciknez chips 20 yarder along right end line that goalie catches on deflection.
13 min...TRA Mayard gets short centering pass from right just inside box and defender clears it behind own net on right.
13 min...TRA Cossette cornerkick from right has SWE Jankovic head back to him but TRA Cossette can't keep ball in play and SWE throw-in from right results.
15 min...TRA Cossette chips 30 yard cross from left that goalie dives forward to catch.
16 min...SWE Viciknez 25 yard freekick from extreme right is whistled down in box.
18 min...TRA Rome-Gosselin 20 yard header up middle is bounced to goalie.
20 min...TRA Agourram taps pass for TRA Rome-Gosselin to blast 15 yarder that SWE Jankovic tips wide right for cornerkick.
20 min...TRA Cossette cross of cornerkick from right after tap back of ball to him is cleared from box by defender.
21 min...SWE Viciknez taps ball back to SWE Budalic who's 28 yard blast up middle is blocked by defender on edge of box.
24 min...SWE Viciknez run up middle passes to SWE Braletic on left but play is flagged offside as ball is passed forward.
25 min...TRA Cossette 30 yard quick shot up middle is stopped by goalie.
26 min...SWE Dimitrov low cornerkick from left has near side defender kick ball behind end line for another cornerkick.
27 min...SWE Dimitrov cornerkick from left has goalie punch ball forward and out of box.
27 min...SWE Stamatovic 55 yard chip over crowd of players is caught by goalie.
28 min...SWE Dimitrov gets pass from SWE Hurtis and blasts 15 yard shot high and wide left of net.
29 min...SWE Dimitrov cross from 35 yards on right has SWE Viciknez header from 12 yards on left bounces wide right.
31 min...SWE Viciknez passes to right for SWE Dimitrov to cross from rush on right into box that goalie charges left to catch bouncer over SWE Braletic also rushing for it on left. TRA goalie's momentum takes him out of box but he deliberately drops ball and dribbles it back into box so he can pick it up.
32 min...SWE Dimitrov charge on right and high cross drifts behind end line.
35 min...SWE Milicevic injured at SWE 35 yards when TRA Agourram crashes into him and he needs treatment.
38 min...TRA Agourram crosses low from 20 yards along left endline and defender clears.
40 min...TRA Mayard injured at TRA 50 yard line.
43 min...TRA Cossette charge down left and crosses through box where ball cleared out right side.
44 min...SWE Dimitrov pops up 22 yard chip on right that goalie catches.
47 min...SWE Hurtis pushes pass forward but TRA Ouimette clears ball at TRA 20 yards on right for throw-in.
48 min...SWE Budalic chips ball into box but defender heads ball away from trouble.
48 min...half ends 5:57pm.

2nd Half:...starts 6:14pm.
halftime sub:...SWE Lammie replaces SWE Dimitrov.
47 min...SWE Viciknez 25 yard freekick from extreme left has defender clear ball.
48 min...TRA Agourram leaps for freekick cross from 25 yards on left and upended at 8 yards but SWE wins freekick in box because he touched it with his hand on jump.
50 min...SWE Lammie wins cornerkick on long rush on right when defender TRA Ouimette knocks ball over end line.
51 min...SWE Viciknez cornerkick from right over crowd of players and caught by goalie on left side of box.
51 min...TRA Cossette rush on left and low 20 yard shot has goalie block and rebound deflects back off TRA Cossette for goalkick as it is knocked over end line.
52 min…Attak RED card…Mike Vitulano (last man back) earns a direct ejection for pulling down SWE Shane Lammie as he stepped around him at 15 yards just inside Attak box and is pulled down at 10 yards. Referee Bedki Charchafian also awarded SWE a Penalty kick.
54 min…SWE Sasa Viciknez stops and starts run and then blasts Penalty kick high and wide left of net.
55 min...SWE Milicevic defends by stopping TRA Rome-Gosselin on right side of box.
57 min...TRA Augustin 60 yard chip downfield has TRA Cossette head ball from 7 yards on left but goalie catches it.
58 min...SWE Viciknez cornerkick from right has TRA defender covers net to clear ball when TRA goalie misses punch out ball at 12 yards on left side of net.
60 min...SWE Braletic rush on left and low 20 yard cross blocked by defender at 10 yards on left.
60 min...SWE Hurtis 22 yard shot from left is wide left of post.
61 min...SWE Stamatovic 30 yard shot from right is well high and left of net.
62 min...SWE sub...Sisovic replaces Braletic.
63 min...SWE Milicevic clears ball before TRA Agourram can get away 12 yard shot.
64 min...TRA defender on right side of box heads bouncer back to goalie to prevent charging SWE Stamatovic from getting to it at 18 yards.
65 min...SWE Lammie wins cornerkick on 1 on 2 rush getting header to deflect off defender on rush to chip at 7 yards.
65 min...SWE Viciknez cornerkick from right has off-balance SWE Medic head 6 yarder over net.
66 min...TRA sub...Heroux replaces Rome-Gosselin.
68 min...TRA Meftouh 60 yard kick from left bounces to goalie.
68 min...TRA goalie injured when he catches 25 yard cross from right and SWE Budalic bumps into him.
70 min...TRA Agourram crashes into empty part of TRA bench near sideline when he trips trying to keep ball in play. He caught his foot where the turf ends and the rubber edge begins.
70 min...SWE sub...Anastasov replaces Viciknez. Medic takes over as SWE captain.
71 min...TFA Cortese 60 yard freekick from right has SWE Jankovic head ball away on edge of box.
72 min...TRA Cossette 50 yard freekick from left has falling TFA player head ball wide right on pop up at 15 yards.
73 min...TRA Cossette short 30 yard freekick from extreme right centered to charging TRA Cortese who blasts shot high over net from 22 yards.
75 min...SWE Hurtis bursts through on rush on left and 10 yard cross deflects off defender for cornerkick.
76 min...SWE Budalic cornerkick from left is rolled out of corner and TRA players charge to clear ball out middle edge of box.
78 min...TRA Cossette cornerkick from left has defender head ball away. TRA Cosette eventual recross has SWE Jankovic clear.
78 min...SWE Lammie knocked headfirst into side fencing at TRA 45 yards when he's racing with TFA Meftour who slid into fending feet first.
80 min...SWE Lammie returns to game.
83 min...TRA Mayard 35 yard blast up middle blocked by SWE Jankovic taking ball to stomach.
84 min...TRA sub...Rumuri replaces Cossette.
85 min...TRA Mayard rush down left for pass and blasts 20 yarder well high and wide left of net.
86 min...TRA Cortese blasts 22 yard kick is blocked by arm of SWE Medic injurying him. SWE training staff member is ejected for coming onto field without being signalled in to treat Medic.
88 min...SWE Milicevic cross from left has goalie catch in front of SWE Lammie at 10 yards.
90 min...SWE Budalic short cornerkick from left is sent back to him and his low cross is cleared from box by defenders.
90 min...SWE Milicevic short throw-in has SWE Hurtis turn and get in 12 yard cross and SWE Lammie off-balance 8 yard chip wide left that defender clears off end line out of box.
92 min...SWE Anastasov rush on left and rolls cross for SWE Budalic to blast 18 yarder well over net.
93 min...half ends 7:03pm.

End of 90 minutes---Trois-Rivieres Attak.........0...........Serbian White Eagles.........0.........

1st Overtime period (15 minutes)...starts 7:14pm...SWE defend north end.
90:40 min...SWE Anastasov cross low from 20 yards on left cleared by defender.
92 min...SWE Jankovic heads back to SWE goalie to prevent TRA Agourram from getting to TRA goalie's long punt.
93 min...TRA Rumuri cornerkick from right has SWE Milicevic defender block and clear ball.
94 min...TRA Cortese 35 yard freekick from right has ball cleared at 15 yards in crowd of players.
95 min...TRA Heroux throw-in from left has TRA Rumuni push ball from 10 yards over left end line.
96 min...SWE Milicevic throw-in from left 20 yard line is headed away by defender.
97 min...SWE Anastasov turns at 18 yards after getting ball down middle and his shot is caught by goalie.
98 min...SWE Hurtis 22 yard blast from left hits left goalpost and deflects over end line for goalkick.
98 min...TRA goalie charges out of box to clear through ball at 22 yards.
99 min...SWE Lammie heads ball back to SWE Sisovic 20 yard blast wide right of net.
100 min...TRA Meftouh 55 yard cross from left has goalie leap to catch in front of charging TRA Heroux.
101 min...TRA sub...Dinkota replaces Meftouh.
102 min...SWE YELLOW card...Tismenar for trip on TRA Ouimette at TRA 40 yards and TRA players gain possession. TRA Cardin was injured earlier on this play jumping for the ball.
104 min...SWE Hurtis low cross from left is cleared from box.
105 min...SWE Lammie has 7 yard shot on right is blocked by goalie and ball deflects for cornerkick.
105 min...SWE Hurtis cornerkick from right is knocked around and another cornerkick is awarded on 5 yard deflection.
106 min...SWE Hurtis cornerkick from right is low and play is whistled down in box.
107 min...SWE Anastasov low cross from 20 yards on the left is picked by by goalie TRA goalie.
107 min...period ends 7:31pm.

2nd Overtime Half:...starts 7:32pm.
106 min...TRA Heroux long throw-in from right is cleared by SWE defenders in box.
108 min...SWE Sisovic passes back and SWE Stamatovic shot is blocked by goalie as hits him and goals over the end line but play is ruled to have a goalkick awarded.
109 min...TRA Anastasov 40 yard freekick from left is over crowd and caught by goalie.
109 min...SWE Hurtis 30 yard blast down middle is well wide right of net.
111 min...TRA Cortese 40 yard freekick from right and SWE Tismenar dives to head ball behind end line.
112 min...SWE sub...Bacanin replaces Lammie.
112 min...TRA Rumuri cornerkick from right has TRA Agourram appear to head ball wide left from 5 yards for goalkick with large crowd of players in box.
113 min...TRA sub...Louis-Jeune replaces Hurtis.
114 min...SWE Milicevic 40 yard freekick from right has defender on left of box head ball for throw-in.
114 min...SWE Budalic chips 30 yarder from left that SWE Sisovichas skip through legs at 7 yarders and goalie stops ball.
116 min...TRA sub...Saleh replaces Agourram.
117 min...TRA Cardin 55 yard freekick from left has SWE Jankovic head ball out of box.
117 min...TRA Rumuri rolls pass in box forward but defender intercepts and clears.
120 min...The ball deflects off two TRA defenders and SWE Hurtis on left has TRA Cortese back in play to deflect shot from 15 yards behind net.
121 min...SWE Hurtis cornerkick from left has SWE Jankovic nod 10 yard header up middle that goalie catches.
122 min...period ends 7:49pm.

End of two 15 minutes of Silver goal overtime—no score.

Penalty kicks:...goalies Attak Andrei Bedescu, SWE Dan Pelc.
1. SWE GOAL...Marc Jankovic shot low to left side with goalie diving right.
1. Attak GOAL...Guillaume Heroux shot to right side corner about three yards above ground.
2. SWE miss...Mirko Medic has ball deflect off goalie and right goalpost.
2. Attak miss...James Louis-Jeune hits bar on blast and ball tips back onto field.
3. SWE miss...Nikola Budalic hits right post with goalie diving left.
3. Attak GOAL...Serge Dinkota shoots to right side of net with goalie crumpling in center of net.
4. SWE GOAL...Jonathan Hurtis rolls ball to left side of net with goalie staying in center of net.
4. Attak miss...Chris-Michel Rumuri rolls shot wide right of net.
5. SWE miss...Dragorad Milicevic shot has goalie duck but gets his hand raised to stop ball above where he falls to block shot.
5. Attak GOAL...Felix Cardin shoots ball about 3 yards hit over diving goalie.

Trois-Rivieres Attak wins 3-2 on Penalty kicks after a 0-0 result on 90 minutes of play plus 30 minutes of overtime.

Attendance was given to me by CSL Commissionaire Cary Kaplan as 1100 sold on this cold, overcast late afternoon with a strong wind from the west. The crowd looked like no more like 500 with fans seated in the east stands. I asked Kaplan how many tickets had been sold more than two weeks ago. 100. When the game was to be played at Lamport Stadium tickets were priced at $12 with children at $8. New pricing for this venue was $20 with children free. Children’s tickets already purchased were refunded he said. A group of White Eagles fans were standing, singing, and bouncing up and down in Section 109 (30 yard line) as no end zone seats were occupied.

This game was quite exciting for a scoreless game. White Eagles had an advantage but much of that could be explained that Attak had to play from 52 minutes with a man down. The White Eagles defenders of Uros Stamatovic, Mirko Medic, Marc Jankovic, and Dragorad Milicevic were taller and stronger than what the Attak could throw against them.

White Eagles forwards were continuously called for offsides. Nikola Budalic and Sasa Viciknez started the first half with support from winger Jonathan Hurtis. Viciknez was joined by second half substitute Shane Lammie who played until the 112 minute mark. Lammie always looked dangerous with a few times where he popped headers to himself to get past defenders. Hurtis had the closest chance of scoring during the game when at 98 minutes his 22 yard blast from the left hit the left goalpost and deflected over the end line for a goal kick.

Player and Team Awards were given out before the game:
Rookie of the Year and Top Goal Scorer were named as Reda Agourram of the Attak. (he was a starter in this game and 
played until 116 minutes).
Coach of the Year was named as Philippe Eullaffroy of the Attak.
Defender of the Year was named as Mirko Medic of Serbian White Eagles.
Goalkeeper of the Year was named as Dan Pelc of Serbian White Eagles.
The Fair Play and Respect Award was given to TFC Academy and was accepted by their head coach Jason Bent and 
player Matt Stinson.
Referee of the Year was named as Justin Tasev who was the fourth official in today’s game.
Most Valuable Player was named as Sasa Viciknez of Serbian White Eagles.
The National Division trophy was given to first place Trois-Rivieres Attak.
The International Division trophy was given to first place Serbian White Eagles.
The Harry Paul Gauss Award was given to St Catharines Wolves official Armand Di Fruscio.

After the game the CSL Championship trophy was presented to Trois-Rivieres Attak. They had about 50 fans in the crowd who stayed behind to see the ceremony. Player chants of “We won the Cup” changed to “We Want the Cup” after delays to wait until the Rogers broadcasters were ready to start. This has been quite a good two week period for this organization as their parent team Montreal Impact won the USL Division 1 championship Final series last week over Vancouver Whitecaps.

I went to forty-five CSL games this year but the way my schedule worked I only say the Attak four times but the White Eagles thirteen times. I finally got to walk onto the turf at BMO Field. It didn’t feel much different than newly renovated Esther Shiner Stadium and Centennial Stadium. On my way out on television Toronto FC was losing 1-0 against New York Red Bulls in MLS action. They might be able to start installing the natural grass field earlier than they thought as that result won’t get them in the playoffs.

Rocket Robin

Attak starters

White Eagles team photo before the opening kickoff.

White Eagles Uros Satmatovic tries to get by Attak Reda Agourram.

Attak defend against a freekick early in the second half.

White Eagles Sasa Viciknez ready to take freekick.

The ball is popped up after after the freekick.

Attak Felix Cardin has just scored the winning penalty kick.

Attak players with the championship trophy after the game.

Award Winners announced before the start of the game:

Philippe Eullaffroy of Trois-Rivieres Attak wins Coach of the Year presented by CSL League Commissioner Cary Kaplan.

Sasa Viciknez wins Most Valuable Player

TFC Academy won the Fair Play & Respect Award presented to player Matt Stinson and head coach Jason Bent

Reda Agourram of Trois-Rivieres Attak wins Rookie of the Year and Top Goal Scorer.

Mirko Medic of Serbian White Eagles wins Defender of the Year.

Dan Pelc of Serbian White Eagles wins Goalkeeper of the Year.

Justin Tasev wins Referee of the Year.

Armand DiFruscio the president and general manager of St Catharines Wolves wins the Henry Paul Gauss Award.

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