October 27, 2009 CSL Award Winners (from CSL media release)


Sasa Viciknez, a 35 year old forward for Serbian White Eagles who 10 years ago played for FK Obilic against Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid in the European Champions League, has been voted the 2009 Most Valuable Player (MVP) by the CSL member clubs.

Known for his patented, potent free kicks taken with a high rate of success from outside the penalty box, Viciknez was elected the league’s best player for the second time in four years and was one of three Serbian Eagles’ players to win an annual award in an honours list dominated by that club and the newly crowned CSL champions, Trois-Rivieres Attak. Viciknez was the CSL ‘s MVP in 2006.

The league’s top scorer in the season just ended was Reda Agourram,19, of Trois-Rivieres Attak who has played all of his soccer in the Province of Quebec. He struck 13 goals in the regular season and was also voted the CSL’s Rookie of the Year.

Mirko Medic, 28, of Serbian Eagles, who played for FK Mladost Lucani in Serbia’s top league, was voted the Defender of the Year and team-mate Dan Pelc, 23, a Hamilton, Ontario-born outstanding ‘keeper took the Goalkeeper of the Year honours.

The Attak’s Philippe Eullaffroy won the Coach of the Year Award. He succeeded last year’s Marc Dos Santos to do a masterful job, taking his young team to the CSL Championship after winning the National Division and finishing best of all in the overall league standings.

Armand Di Fruscio, the popular veteran GM of St. Catharines Wolves was chosen for the Commissioner’s Harry Paul Gauss Award, presented annually to the individual in the CSL who, as spelled out ‘best demonstrated during the year exemplary allegiance, commitment and support to the league and its member clubs’.

Justin Tasev of Mississauga, Ontario, who gained his National badge four years ago and who does most of his officiating in the USL and the CSL, was voted the Referee of the Year by the CSL Referee Committee.

The league’s increasingly important Fair Play and Respect Award to reflect the best discipline record of all CSL teams went to TFC Academy, the senior academy team of Toronto FC.

Trois-Rivieres Attak are the 2009 CSL champions, they also won their National Division, while Serbian White Eagles won the International Division and TFC Academy II won the CSL Reserve Division.

The CSL is Canada’s only professional soccer league playing presently in Ontario and Quebec with plans for expansion to western Canada.

 The CSL's Best:
CSL Champions:          Trois-Rivieres Attak 
Runners-up:                  Serbian White Eagles
National Conference Winner: Trois-Rivieres Attak
International Conference Winner: Serbian White Eagles
Reserve Division Winner: TFC Academy II
Fair Play and Respect Award:                TFC Academy
Most Valuable Player (MVP):                   Sasa Viciknez (Serbian White Eagles)
Top Goalscorer:                                         Reda Agourram (Trois-Rivieres Attak)
Defender of the Year:                                Mirko Medic (Serbian White Eagles)
Goalkeeper of the Year:                           Dan Pelc (Serbian White Eagles)
Rookie of the Year:                                    Reda Agourram (Trois-Rivieres Attak)
Coach of the Year:                                    Philippe Eullaffroy (Trois-Rivieres Attak)
The Harry Paul Gauss Award:               Armand Di Fruscio (St. Catharines Wolves)
Referee of the Year:                                   Justin Tasev

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