CSL HAS CRITICAL ROLE TO PLAY........ 'by Canadians for Canadians' news release
2009-11-14 (from CSL news release)

CSL has critical role to play

With the USL Division 1 level of soccer in some disarray the Canadian teams have decided to be included in a group of teams to breakaway from the USL; the Canadian Soccer League issued a news release Saturday which pledges its position in Canadian professional soccer, today and for the future.

TORONTO Saturday, November 14 As the Division 1 level of soccer in Canada seems in a state of flux with the recent goings on with the USL and the breakaway USL Division 1 Team Owners Association (TOA), the Canadian Soccer League continues to work with the Canadian Soccer Association and provincial sport governing bodies to firmly entrench the CSL's place as the only Division 2 professional league in our nation. In addition to providing a highly attractive brand of soccer at affordable prices, a CSL objective is to develop the most effective delivery system for the development of Canada's top athletes, referees, and coaches, as they move from youth clubs and rep leagues on to higher levels of play. The CSL has a critical role to play in providing the missing layer below TFC, Impact and Whitecaps. A strongly aligned CSL will offer community youth clubs with world class training, and offer top coaching for young athletes aspiring to play for our national teams, colleges/universities, and professionally world-wide.

"Our Canadian youth are best served by programs operated by Canadians for Canadians working in concert with the soccer governing bodies in this country. The CSL is intent on being a leader in the delivery of these programs," explained CSL chairman Domenic Di Gironimo today. A true National League will feature regional divisions from coast to coast, governed by the CSA, and working with the provincial governing bodies to build a national brand that reaches and services the grassroots levels of soccer in Canada. No other league has committed to achieving this so comprehensively as the CSL.

"In time, with the assistance of the various levels of stakeholders in the soccer pyramid, an effectively functioning model and nationally recognized brand will emerge, and the CSL is determined to be the centre piece," said Di Gironimo.

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