December 15, 2010--CSL Teams Resolve to Stay on Course (from CSL news release)

CSL TEAMS RESOLVE TO STAY ON COURSE.....No changes contemplated

There will be east - west First Divisions in 2011

The CSL has confimed its intention to stay with its agreed-to objectives and continue its work toward the 2011 season without interruption following the resignation of Domenic Di Gironimo on December 5.

Meetings took place on Saturday, December 11 involving the CSL’s equity owners and the board of directors, which were followed by a discussion with new clubs entering the CSL in 2011, the first such meetings since the resignation was received.

There was unanimous agreement to continue the direction and process established in 2009 when the league was granted full membership status with the Canadian Soccer Association.

At the Saturday meeting it was agreed the member clubs will continue to pursue the establishment of academies for a strong player development program that will identify players for CSL senior teams and that the process will follow the rules and policies of the CSA and FIFA respecting development of young players. The CSL will continue to seek expansion in other parts of Canada, to be CSL regional leagues with long distance traveling by teams limited to end-of-season championship games. Western Canada is still considered a priority.

The formation of CSL Association Inc. for all member clubs with equal voice and one vote for each club will be finalized in the coming weeks in good time for the start of the new season.

The CSL will operate three divisions in 2011 with an east and west First Division and the further development of the league’s Reserve Division will be given special attention. The top four teams in the east and west First Division will playoff for an east-west championship final.

“It’s important we maintain our focus and we resolve to achieve the longer-term objectives in the next year or two. The league has a bright future and it will play a significant role in providing a higher level soccer in Canada for many Canadian players,” said CSL league administrator Pino Jazbec.

The CSL is Canada’s only professional soccer league with teams presently in Ontario and Quebec. The 2011 season is expected to run from early May to the end of October for a 6-month long campaign.

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