Result of the Friday October 14, 2011 CSL game between SC Toronto and York Region Shooters played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 8:00pm. This was the second game of their Quarterfinal series with Shooters holding a 1-0 lead.

SC Toronto (all navy, white numbers)

..................1 Scott Cliff
26 John Louis Perruzza...5 Gerard Ladiyou...17 Antonio Zupan...2 Casey D'Mello
10 David Guzman...19 Richard Asante...14 Jarek Whiteman...15 Brennan McNicoll
............16 Alexandros Halis...11 Massimo Mirabelli

Subs:...12 Sotiri Varlokostas (gk)...3 Dane Roberts (mid)...8 Carlos Nogueira (mid)...9 Andreas Lomabardo (fwd)...20 Alan Badat (fwd) ...21 Branko Majstorovic (def)...23 Adrian Pena (mid)
team officials:...head coach Carmine Isacco...assistant coach Patrice Gleisar...manager Marin Dias...assistant manager Michael Reynolds

York Region Shooters (all white, blue numbers and trim)

...............0 Adrian Majer
99 Ryan Dummett...77 Desmond Humphrey...2 Rick Titus...6 Fitzroy Christey
10 Mario Orestano...17 Matthew O'Connor...9 Jason DeThomasis...20 Taylor Lord
............11 Kadian Lecky (cpt)...14 Dino Gardener

Subs:...1 Hosiko Yosuto (gk)...4 Marcelo Capazolo (def)...8 Chris Turner (def)...13 Aundre Rollins (def)...19 Goncalo Almeida (fwd) ...21 Ricky Herron (def)...22 Jalen Brome (mid)
team officials:...coach Brian Bowes...manager John Pacione...massage therapist Eric Yuill...director Tony DiThomasis

Game officials:...referee Gianni Facchini...referee's assistants Richard Oliveria and Peter Pendli...fourth official David Ashfield...(neon yellow shirts, black shorts and socks)

1st Half:...game starts 8:07pm...SCT defend south end on this cold damp evening with a strong wind from the north.
45 sec...YRS Dummett down with shoulder injury on edge of YRS box.
2 min...YRS DeThomasis long 50 yard throw-in from right bounces over end line.
3 min...SCT Whiteman blasts 22 yard shot from right is well wide high and wide right.
7 min...SCT Perruzza low 35 yard shot from right bounces to goalie.
9 min...SCT David Guzman intercepts YRS goalie Adam Majer's clearance at 30 yards on right and rolls pass forward for SCT Jarek Whiteman who sends low cross to Alexandros Halis at 12 yards who's knocked over by YRS Desmond Humphrey. Referee Gianni Facchini does not give a Yellow card but awards SCT a Penalty kick.
9 min...SCT Massimo Mirabelli GOAL...Mirabelli blasts Penalty kick low to right side of net as goalie dives left.
12 min...YRS Gardener rush down right and cross from end line has goalie on right post palm ball through box.
14 min...YRS Gardener rush on right and low 7 yard cross is blocked by goalie on shrot side and defender clears rebound.
17 min...YRS Orestano 40 yard blast through crowd of players down middle is well wide left of net.
18 min...YRS DeThomasis chips 25 yarder from right over defenders but well wide left for throw-in on bounce.
20 min...YRS Gardener 40 yard blast down middle is high and wide right of net.
24 min...YRS Christey cross from 18 yards on left deflects off defender for cornerkick.
25 min...YRS Lord cornerkick from left has SCT Whiteman head ball away near left post.
28 min...YRS Dummett cross from 25 yards on right after throw-in has defender in box concede cornerkick.
28 min...YRS Orestano cornerkick from has ball partially cleared and YRS Dummett blasts 35 yarder from right that flying goalie catches on left post.
31 min...YRS DeThomasis curls 30 yard cross from right that bounces wide right of net.
34 min...SCT Whiteman bounces 30 yard shot down middle that goalie smothers.
36 min...SCT YELLOW card...Zupan earns it. YRS Fitzroy Christey just inside the SCT box attempts a shot but actually kicks SCT Antonio Zupan in the shin and that force causes Christey to fall at 16 yards. The referee gives Zupan a Yellow card and awards YRS a Penalty kick.
38 min...YRS Kadian Lecky GOAL...Lecky slots Penalty kick into low right corner of net as goalie Scott Cliff slides to left.
40 min...YRS YELLOW card...Gardener earns it for sliding tackle on SCT D'Mello injurying him at SCT 50 yards.
40 min...SCT RED card...SCT head coach Carmine Isacco is ejected from the sideline by the referee for complaining about a Yellow card given to YRS Dino Gardener for knocking SCT Casey D'Mello at YRS 50 yards. Isacco then came right up to the press box to accost CSL Director of Officials Tony Comacho who was sitting in the box with us. Comacho ordered him to leave and Isacco watched the rest of the game from the stands.
45 min...YRS Humphrey cornerkick from right has defender on right side head ball away from box. SCT Whiteman is injured on the edge of the box when YRS Lord charges forward to try to kick ball back into box down middle and bumps him in back of leg.
48 min...SCT D'Mello rush on left and sends high cross from 25 yards that sails over box.
48 min...half ends 8:55pm.

2nd Half:...starts 9:13pm.
45 min...YRS Gardener low 20 yard shot from left rolls to goalie.
47 min...SCT Mirabelli run up left on give and go with SCT Halis on left sideline at 50 yards has him push ball too far forward and goalie picks up ball at 5 yards wide right of net.
49 min...SCT Perruzza slides to check YRS Christey off ball on rush on left at 18 yards.
51 min...SCT Alexandros Halis GOAL...SCT John Louis Perruzza on right rolls ball forward from 25 yards to SCT David Guzman who shoots roller from 15 yards past defender and goalie diving forward blocks the shot but rebound has Halis boot 4 yarder to left side of open net.
52 min...YRS DeThomasis chips 22 yard shot from right that goalie catches on bounce.
53 min...YRS Gardener blasts 20 yard shot from left that's well high and wide right of net.
53 min...YRS sub...Almeida replaces Gardener.
55 min...YRS Almeida cross from 25 yards on right is well behind net.
58 min...SCT YELLOW card...Whiteman earns it for sliding tackle on YRS Christey injurying him after YRS Christey outdueled him for ball near right cornerflag.
59 min...SCT McNicoll passes from 45 yards on left sideline across to SCT player at 40 yards on right who passes ball forward that has SCT Whiteman one-touch blast from 30 yards is over net.
60 min...YRS Jason DeThomasis on give and go with YRS Taylor Lord is 'pushed over' by SCT Brennan McNicoll at 10 yards on left side of box. Referee awards a Penalty kick.
61 min...YRS Kadian Lecky GOAL...Lecky rolls Penalty kick to left and its just inside the post beyond diving goalie. (The ball hits the sandbag in the side of the net being used to stop the net from blowing over and deflects out quickly giving the illusion that it hit the goalpost or the goalie stopped it because it came back out of the net and spun wide right of the goal).
62 min...SCT goalie slides out of box to block YRS Lecky who falls over him near edge of box. YRS Lecky plays up that goalie stomped him on way back into box.
65 min...SCT Ladiyou makes important stop on 2 on 1 rush into box and he pushes ball over own end line for cornerkick.
65 min...YRS Humphrey cornerkick from right has YRS player head down at 15 yards on left but defender clears ball out of box.
66 min...SCT Mirabelli rush down left and takes low 20 yard shot that goalie dives and pushes ball wide right of net.
66 min...SCT player's short cornerkick from right has another SCT player send in low 22 yard shot that diving goalie block and ball cleared by defender for fast break which ends with YRS Lecky not being able to draw Penalty kick on rush on left into SCT box.
67 min...YRS DeThomasis low 30 yard shot has diving goalie save on left side of goal.
67 min...YRS Lecky on run down left wing passes from 15 yards across box but defender clears ball preventing Almeida from 10 yard shot up middle.
68 min...YRS YELLOW card...DeThomasis earns it for sliding tackle on SCT Asante at YRS 40 yards.
69 min...SCT McNicoll 40 yard freekick is bobbled and dropped by goalie and SCT Perruzza chips 15 yard cross along right end line that's caught by goalie.
71 min...YRS YELLOW card...Christey earns it for pulling down SCT Whiteman at YRS 40 yard sideline.
72 min...YRS Lecky rushing on left wing on 2 on 1 centers ball over to YRS Almeida who has to rush over to right to get to ball and sends low cross from 18 yards on right that has sliding defender stop at 3 yards and hold off YRS player and goalie reaches down and picks ball up.
73 min...SCT Massimo Mirabelli GOAL...SCT Alexandros Halis rush up right sideline takes pass at 35 yards and cuts diagonally into box shadowed by YRS Rick Titus bumping him and eludes a sliding tackle by YRS Desmond Humphrey at 7 yards and cuts a shot from 7 yards that's blocked by Titus getting a foot to it as Halis falls over. The rebound rolls over to Mirabelli and he shoots low from 7 yards even with the left post to right side of net beyond the goalie who was still getting up from falling for Halis's expected shot.
74 min...YRS Dummett cross from 25 yards on right has goalie run forward and catch in crowd of players.
74 min...SCT Whiteman chips 30 yard shot from right that goalie catches under the bar.
76 min...SCT Whiteman takes ball from SCT Halis and cuts 12 yard shot down middle hitting top of bar and deflecting over net.
76 min...SCT sub...Pena replaces Guzman.
77 min...SCT player sends ball forward down right wing from center line and SCT Halis rushes to chest down ball and pushes 10 yard ball over end line wide right for goalkick.
77 min...YRS sub...Turner replaces Lecky. Turner is now captain.
81 min...YRS Turner rounds defender on left side of box but has 15 yard shot blocked by another defender.
82 min...YRS Humphrey cross from 15 yards on left is over box. YRS Lord recrosses from 15 yards on the right that's over players in box.
83 min...YRS Humphrey crosses from 15 yards on left that YRS player heads from right at 10 yards to middle for YRS Almeida but defender kicks up ball to clear at 8 yards in middle.
83 min...SCT Mirabelli on counter attack on left sends cross from 22 yards on left that's caught by goalie.
86 min...YRS Christey cross over from left is over box to right and cross back to center has SCT Zupan at 7 yards clear ball from box.
89 min...YRS Humphrey cornerkick from right has defender head ball out of box from 7 yards up middle.
90 min...YRS Goncalo Almeida GOAL...YRS Desmond Humphrey cross from right 15 yards near left end line has Almeida head 3 yarder from right to short side between goalie and post.
90 min...SCT YELLOW card...Asante for sliding tackle on YRS DeThomasis at SCT 40 yards on left.
91 min...YRS sub...Capazolo replaces DeThomasis.
.........SCT sub...Badat replaces Zupan.
92 min...SCT Whiteman bursts into box and kicks shot wide left from 7 yards as he was being knocked over but play had been whistled down.
93 min...SCT RED card...John Louis Perruzza earns his second Yellow card for arguing a whistle that broke up the run into the YRS box by SCT Jarek Whiteman.
94 min...YRS YELLOW card...Almeida earns it at center line.
95 min...YRS YELLOW card...Capazolo earns it for sliding tackle on SCT D'Mello at SCT 50 yards.
95 min...SCT Alexandros Halis GOAL...SCT Richard Asante 60 yard freekick from left sideline is into box and goalie gets a hand to it in crowd of players and throw it backwards and Halis twists header from 7 yards between YRS Marcelo Capazolo and YRS Fitzroy Christey into left corner of net. Even the SCT goalie was in the YRS box.
95 min...SCT YELLOW card...Halis earns it for pulling off his shirt celebrating goal.
96 min...YRS Kadian Lecky RED card...Lecky who had been subbed off at 77 minutes but was watching the remainder of the game from the YRS players' bench was ejected for argueing the ball on the goal.
97:22 min...regulation time ends at 10:05pm.

SC Toronto 'wins' this game 4-3 and ties the series in goals scored at 4-4. That results in extra time and Penalty kicks if required.

1st Overtime (15 minute period)...starts 10:13pm...SCT defend south end.
extra time sub...SCT Majstorovic replaces Mirabelli.
92 min...YRS Humphrey 35 yard freekick from left has SCT Whiteman slide at 7 yards wide left of net and concede cornerkick.
92 min...YRS Humphrey cornerkick from left has YRS Capazolo in crowd of players in middle of box leap and head ball wide left of net from 5 yards.
93 min...YRS Humphrey cornerkick from left has YRS Capazolo pop up header over net from 20 yards.
94 min...SCT McNicoll low 30 yard shot up middle is smothered by goalie.
95 min...SCT goalie comes out of box up middle to boot away high chip that YRS player was waiting to turn into box.
95 min...YRS Humphrey rush up left and cross in from 15 yards near end line has SCT Ladiyou at 5 yards deflect ball wide left for cornerkick.
96 min...YRS Almeida chips 15 yard shot in crowd of players down middle that's caught by goalie.
97 min...SCT sub...Nogueira replaces the injured Halis.
100 min...SCT Whiteman steals ball off YRS Christey at 28 yards on right and rushes into box but Christey chases him and pokes ball away at 15 yards preventing shot and YRS Titus clears ball from box.
102 min...SCT Pena backheels ball forward from 18 yards in crowd of players that's rolled to YRS goalie.
103 min...YRS Almeida on left 18 yard shot deflects off sliding SCT Majstorovic at 10 yards and rolls to goalie on left post.
106 min...YRS Humphrey cross on right end line is behind end line on bender that curls back into box that goalie gets hand on in crowd of players in box.
106 min...period ends 10:30pm.

2nd Overtime (15 minute period)...starts 10:33pm.
extra time subs...SCT Roberts replaces McNicoll.
...........YRS Brome replaces Almeida.
107 min...SCT Whiteman rush down left to end line where he holds up against sliding YRS O'Connor and crosses into middle of box where YRS Titus heads ball away at 3 yards.
107 min...SCT Nogueira runs down left to end line and rolls low cross from 15 yards that defender clears away from 6 yards box.
107 min...SCT Pena 15 yard blast from left is off jumcture of left post and top of bar and deflects for goal kick. YRS was behind end line injured from earlier in play.
109 min...YRS Humphrey 45 yard freekick from left has defender head ball away in crowd of players on edge of box.
109 min...YRS YELLOW card...Lord earns it for kicking ball away at 30 yards after SCT wins freekick call for Lord's shirt grab on SCT player's break out.
111 min...YRS Turner long throw-in from 20 yard line on left has defender at 10 yards head away from crowd of players in middle of box.
111 min...YRS YELLOW card...O'Connor earns if for shirt pull on SCT Pena at SCT 50 yards.
113 min...SCT Pena cornerkick from left is cleared back and SCT Pena recross is cleared and 22 yard shot down middle by SCT Majstorovic has flying goalie blocks on left post and rebound by SCT Mirabelli is roller from 12 yards from left that's smothered by goalie on post but flagged offside.
115 min...YRS Humphrey cornerkick from right has defender in box head ball away.
116 min...SCT Pena low 10 yard shot from right is caught by goalie.
117 min...SCT Pena cornerkick from left has SCT Whiteman at 8 yards head ball up middle that's stopped on right post by YRS Lord and he kicks ball behind line for another cornerkick.
117 min...SCT Pena cornerkick from right is high and behind net before curling into box.
119 min...SCT Badat gets ball when two YRS defenders crash together and fall over but flubs 15 yard shot up middle and ball is picked up by goalie.
120 min...period ends 10:48pm.

Game still tied 4-4 on aggregate.
Two 15 minute periods of Silver ball Extra Time resulted in no goals so the series would be decided on Penalty kicks.

Penalty shootout: (SC Toronto had already subbed out sure-penalty-takers Alexandros Halis and Massimo Mirabelli. York Region Shooters had subbed out Kadian Lecky, Dino Gardener, and Jason DeThomasis).
1. YRS Chris Turner—Turner runs at ball from the left and shoots down middle but over the net.
1. SCT Jarek Whiteman—Whiteman blasts ball down middle and goalie Adam Majer flies to middle and bats ball away.
2. YRS Fitzroy Christey GOAL...Christey blasts ball to right side of net over flying goalie.
2. SCT Alan Badat GOAL...Badat blasts low shot to right that goalie gets a piece of but it deflects over him into left side of net.
3. YRS Mario Orestano GOAL—Orestano runs at ball from right and blasts low shot to center left and diving goalie gets a hand to but deflects it into upper far left side of net.
3. SCT Adrian Pena GOAL—Pena blasts low shot down middle that bends into left side beyond diving goalie.
4. YRS Jalen Brome GOAL—Brome rolls ball to left side of net as goalie dives right.
4. SCT Dane Roberts—Roberts shoots ball to low right side of net and diving goalie pushes ball wide right of net.
5. YRS Adam Majer GOAL—Majer (the Shooters goalie) takes shot to low right side of net and diving goalie gets piece with trailing legs but ball pops up over them into center of net.

Shooters win Penalty shootout 4-2.

Final Score:...SC Toronto.......4.......York Region Shooters....3......
Series tied 4-4 on two leg aggregate. York Region Shooters win 4-2 on Penalties.

Attendance was about 100 people which swelled to 160 by the end as permit holders were waiting for the game to end so their rec league games could start. The night was cold and with a strong wind from the north effecting goalie punts. It eventually blew over two of the corner flags.

This game was the most exciting CSL game I've seen since the 2005 Final when Oakville Blue Devils won in extra time against York Region Shooters. This game was full of end to end action at different times of the game. SC Toronto used their 'best' lineup tonight as the York University team which about half the team plays for was not scheduled to play until Saturday. They had to play with ten men in the two periods of overtime because of the second Yellow card to John Louis Perruzza near the end of regulation time.

The two calls for awarding YRS Penalty kicks looked weak especially when played over in slow motion on the television broadcast. Ironic or not that referee Gianni Facchini awarded a Penalty kick against Antonio Zupan. Last year Zupan playing for Hamilton Croatia in a game against Toronto Croatia pushed Zupan after being ejected and the game was abandoned and Zupan was eventually given a one year suspension. There were a lot of deserved Yellow cards on both teams.

Best non-scoring chances were at 107 minutes when SCT Adrian Pena took a 15 yard blast from the left that was off the top of the bar near the left post. 113 minutes had Pena take a cornerkick from the left that was cleared back to him and his recross was cleared and a 22 yard shot down middle by SCT Jarek Whiteman had the flying goalie block on the left post and the rebound was flagged offside.

Shooters win the series and as the eighth seed will play their one game semi-final game on the road.

Rocket Robin

SCT starters

Shooters starters

YRS Kadian Lecky and SCT Gerard Ladiyou at coin flip.

SCT kickoff.

SCT Alexandros Halis scores on this Penalty kick at 9 minutes.

YRS cornerkick.

YRS Kadian Lecky scores on this Penalty kick at 38 minutes.

Chris Turner took the first YRS extra time spot kick.

Jarek Whiteman took the first SCT extra time spot kick.

YRS goalie Adam Majer takes the winning spot kick.

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