October 29, 2011 CSL--Toronto Croatia vs Capital City FC CSL Final (from CSL website)

TORONTO CROATIA WINS CSL CHAMPIONSHIP.. Eighth time in 55 year history 

Toronto Croatia won the CSL championship with a 1-0 victory over Capital City FC of Ottawa Saturday.

Midfielder Hayden Fitzwilliams scored the only goal of the match at 18 minutes, a  header from 15 yards off a strong right wing cross by Tihomir 
Maletic that left Clint Irwin in the Capital City goal with no chance on the save.

It was a close, even game throughout that could have gone either way. Capital City, in its inaugural season in the Canadian Soccer League, had its 
best opportunity to equalize with an attempt by forward Sullivan Silva at 23 minutes, a drive that went over the crossbar with Toronto Croatia 
goalkeeper Sandi Matika beaten. Capital City defender Andre Manders also came close at 77 minutes.

It was Toronto Croatia’s eighth league title since entering professional soccer in 1956 with earlier wins in 1970, 71, 72, 73, 2000, 2004 and 2007.  
It was also the second trophy win this season following a Croatian World Club Championship victory on July 2 when the Toronto side defeated teams 
from Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Australia in the two-week competition played in Europe.

Toronto Croatia finished second of 14 teams in the CSL First Division regular season just ended and had the best defensive record and just three 
defeats in the 26-game schedule. Capital City FC were not far behind in third position, conceding just one more goal and had just four losses.

Velemir Crljen, in his fourth year as head coach of Toronto Croatia said his team played well to win a very good game. “My team did a good job 
against a quick, younger side and the score was about right and we deserved to win,” he said.

Crljen said he was pleased with the season, close to winning the First Division, winning in Europe and now winning the championship. 
“I’m very happy,” he said.

Shaun Harris, head coach of Capital City, while congratulating Toronto Croatia for the win said he thought his side was on top in the second half. 
“Two teams with the best defensive record in the league made it a game hard to get a hit on goal, but I thought we had the better of the last 
45 minutes. They are a very experienced team, but we did well, just didn’t quite make it,” he said.

The CSL season started early May with 14 teams in each of two divisions and will announce its individual award winners November 13. 
Mississauga Eagles FC B, the club's reserve team in the CSL, won the Second Division championship by defeating Brampton City Utd B on October 22.

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