November 14, 2011 CSL--CSL Awards 2011 (by Rocket Robin)

Details of the Canadian Soccer League awards dinner held at the Mississauga Convention Centre in Mississauga Ontario
on Sunday November 14th, 2011 at 6:00pm.

Mississauga Convention Centre

hallway in the convention centre. CSL coaches from all 17 CSL clubs nominated and voted for the individual awards, a year-end highlight of the season Award winners in the order they were given out: 2nd Division winners:

CSL Second Division East winner: SC Toronto B SC Toronto exec Isac Cambas accepts on behalf of the team from CSL chairman Vincent Ursini.

CSL Second Division West winner: Niagara United Niagara United head coach James McGillivray accepting award from Ursini. McGillivray also was named Second Division Coach of the Year.

Second Division Goalkeeper of the Year: Ryan Pumier of Kitchener-Waterloo FC (other nominees were Chris Prouting of Mississauga Eagles FC B and Matthew Silva of SC Toronto B) Pumier accepts award from CSL League Administrator Pino Jazbec

Second Division Defender of the Year: Oliver Spring of SC Toronto B (other nominees were Nicola Paunic of Serbian White Eagles B and Robert Turnbull of Brantford Galaxy B) Spring accepts award from Jazbec

Second Division Rookie of the Year: Jeremy Caranci of London City B (other nominee was Lennox Stevenson of St Catharines Wolves B) Jazbec presents award to London City manager Ryan Gauss

Second Division Top Goalscorer: Jorgo Nika of SC Toronto B who had 16 goals. He also won the Second Division Most Valuable player award. Nika accepts award from Ontario Soccer Association President Ron Smale Awards that were not presented as part of the ceremony: CSL Second Division Champions: Mississauga Eagles FC B CSL Seocnd Division Runners-up: Brampton City United B 1st Division winners:

CSL First Division Winner: SC Toronto SC Toronto captain Gerard Ladiyou accepts award from Ursini this award was actually a plaque and not this trophy which was for the Second Division champs.

Top Goalscorer: Stefan Vukovic of TFC Academy who had 18 goals. Vukovic accepts award from Jazbec

Coach of the Year: Velemir Crljen of Toronto Croatia (other nominee was Carmine Isacco of SC Toronto) Crljen accepts award from Al Carrafiello, president of the Hamilton District Soccer Association

Referee of the Year: David Barrie Barrie accepts award from (on left) Director of Officials Tony Comacho and (on right) Tiger Liu from the Canadian Soccer Association the head of referee development.

The Harry Paul Gauss Award (for league service): Joe Pavicic of Toronto Croatia Award accepted by team manager Ivan Kulis from Ursini

The Fair Play and Respect Award: Niagara United player Derek Paterson accepts award from Jazbec.

Goalkeeper of the Year: Scott Cliff of SC Toronto (the nominees were were Clinton Irwin of Capital City FC, Mike Silva of SC Toronto, and Camilo Benzi of York Region Shooters) *I expect the original nomination press release had Cliff nominated and Silva was listed for the Second Division

Defender of the Year: Sven Arapovic of Toronto Croatia (other nominees were Mirko Medic of Serbian White Eagles and Jamaal Smith of York Region Shooters) Arapovic accepts award from Canadian Fifa executive and broadcaster Dick Howard

Most Valuable Player: Tihomir Maletic of Toronto Croatia (that's the second year in a row he's won this award) (other nominees were Stefan Vukovic of TFC Academy, Sullivan Silva of Capital City FC, and Jarek Whiteman of SC Toronto) Maletic accepts award from Howard Awards that were not presented as part of the ceremony: CSL Championship Winner: Toronto Croatia CSL Championship Runners-up: Capital City FC Rookie ofr the Year: Akil DeFreitas of Capital City FC (other nominees were Joe Melo of Mississauga Eagles FC and Wandrile Lefevre of Montreal Impact Academy)

A special service award was given to Jeremy Milani, TV producer at Rogers Communications Inc for his work for the league. Rogers produced 85 games throughout Ontario this past season.

The reception began at 5:00pm and dinner was to be served at 6:00pm but this was put off for half hour until more people arrived. There was 21 tables with 10 per table with very few empty seats. CSL Director of Media and PR Stan Adamson called the meeting to order at 7:50pm after all but dessert had been served. He introduced summarized the season and introduced the presenters and their positions (as I've outlined above) before any awards were given out. Then the awards were given out.

Dick Howard then gave a speech in which he saluted Toronto Croatia--reminding us how they won a world Croatian tourney in Croatia, their history since 1956. He outlined the importance of the stability of the CSL. He also stressed the importance of the structure of the clubs with First Division, a Reserves Division, and now teams for younger age groups. He reminded us that the CSL is Canada's only professional league (not MLS nor NASL). The CSL has provided the development structure for players, referees, coaches, and administrators to mature and move higher up. "But, we must continue to raise the bar!" he said.

Vince Ursini congratulated the award winners. This is the top league after the MLS. He thanked Pino Jazbec and Stan Adamson, Tony Comacho, and the Mississauga Convention Centre for their contributions. We must untilize Rogers to promote the league. The league has survived for 70 years because of the passion of the owners.

The meeting ended by 8:40pm and people immediately fled for the exits. The DJs were the same ones who supply the music at Brampton City United home games but only Rick Titus's four year old daughter did any dancing.

I talked to a few people during the night. Niagara United head coach James McGillivray confirmed that the team will have a First Division team next year. They're improving their facilities and he's looking forward to building a rivalry with nearby St Catharines Wolves. McGillivray was the coach of Wolves in 2010.

Stefan Vukovic of TFC Academy said he has no knowledge of being named to the Toronto FC pro team roster. I said I expect it will be like last year where he will be invited to their training camp and win a spot that way but it will be more difficult this year as the team has a full roster of players (unlike last year when four players were suddenly named to the pro team). TFC Academy head coach Danny Dichio was the only other TFC personality I recognized but left right after the awards.

I talked to Vince Ursini as I hadn't seen him at a game this year but he said he attended about five or six early in the season. He will have more time next season as his commitments to the CSA are now ending/over. He said he's not afraid of a splinter league starting up and grabbing five or six CSL teams (but what is he going to say?). He also doesn't expect that Capital City FC nor Montreal Impact Academy will join the Quebec league that's just starting up next year. MIA likes the level of competition provided by the CSL. Capital City FC doesn't mind the travel of the CSL and wouldn't be able to join the all Quebec league. Ursini said they have had interest from a few Quebec investors but doesn't think they will be allowed to join because of that province's political pressure. He can see a day when the CSL will revive the Canada Cup competition and have entrants from this new league. Right now the calibre of their league won't match the CSL.

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