November 15, 2011--Toronto Croatia's Tihomir Maletic MVP For Second Year...Annual Award Winners Announced Sunday (from CSL website)

TORONTO CROATIA'S TIHOMIR MALETIC MVP FOR SECOND YEAR...Annual award winners announced Sunday 
Tihomir Maletic, a prolific striker with CSL champions Toronto Croatia, was presented the league’s MVP for the second year in succession 
at the CSL awards night held at the Mississauga Convention Centre Sunday.

Maletic, who was league’s top scorer as well as being selected its Most Valuable Player in 2010, was voted the best player by the 17 clubs 
which fielded 24 teams in two divisions during the season just ended.

Toronto Croatia was dominant during the awards night with players, its head coach and president all receiving awards following their championship 
win of October 29, a 1-0 victory over Capital City FC of Ottawa.

Croatia’s Sven Arapovic took the Defender of the Year award, Velemir Crljen was named Coach of the Year and club president Joe Pavicic was chosen 
the recipient of the Harry Paul Gauss Award for his contribution and support of the league and its member clubs during 2011. 

Scott Cliff of CSL First Division winners SC Toronto took the Goalkeeper of the Year Award, Akil DeFreitas of Capital City FC was named Rookie 
of the Year, Stefan Vukovic of TFC Academy was the top goalscorer in the CSL First Division with 18 goals and the league selected David Barrie 
the best referee in 2011.

The complete honour list announced at Sunday’s dinner:

First Division
CSL Championship – Winner: Toronto Croatia
CSL Championship – Runners-up: Capital City FC
CSL First Division Winner:  SC Toronto
Most Valuable Player (MVP):  Tihomir Maletic (Toronto Croatia)
Goalkeeper of the Year: Scott Cliff (SC Toronto)
Defender of the Year: Sven Arapovic (Toronto Croatia)
Rookie of the Year:  Akil DeFreitas (Capital City FC)
Top Goalscorer:   Stefan Vukovic (TFC Academy)
Coach of the Year: Velemir Crljen (Toronto Croatia)
Referee of the Year:  David Barrie
Harry Paul Gauss Award:  Joe Pavicic (Toronto Croatia)
The Fair Play and Respect Award:  Niagara United
Special Award: Jeremy Milani - Rogers TV

Second Division
CSL Second Division Champions: Mississauga Eagles FC B
CSL Second Division Runners-up:  Brampton City Utd B
CSL Second Division-East  - Winner: SC Toronto B
CSL Second Division-West  -  Winner: Niagara United
Most Valuable Player (MVP):  Jorgo Nika (SC Toronto B)
Goalkeeper of the Year:  Ryan Pumier (KW United FC)
Defender of the Year: Oliver Spring (SC Toronto B)
Rookie of the Year:  Jeremy Caranci (London City B)
Top Goalscorer:  Jorgo Nika (SC Toronto)
Coach of the Year:  James McGillivray (Niagara United)
2011 Canadian Soccer League  

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